Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico

UPDATE: 3/20/11Additional confirmation of the facts below is at this link

Vatic Note:   Now this is one, that you are going to have to research and confirm yourselves, but I am putting it up to get us ready in case it is real.  I added this to several other facts..... please review and then let me know what you think....This could be the "new" fear feeding by the khazars, so please keep that in mind now that we know there is nothing to fear from the Japanese radiation threat. 

1.  Homeland security was asking for 14 million meal packs, body bags etc...
2.  Homeland security was indicating a big earthquake on the madrid fault.
3.  The NAU did not materialize, nor did the NAU SUPERHIGHWAY, which means they cannot militarily cut off one part of the country from the other, thereby preventing the military from taking our guns region by region without risk of the entire nation rising up at the same time, thereby overwhelming the forces.
4.  A military survey indicated that US military would not fire on unarmed civilians if ordered to do so, there fore they would need some other military.  Canada and Mexico would be firing on their own citizens given the huge number of both who live in the states both legally and illegally.  So which foreign army would not have that much of a trouble firing on their citizens as we have seen historically???  Right, China!
5.  The President has recently indicated that the Chinese could place a claim on the nations assets due to the debt levels that are deliquent. 
6.  The first TARP bill gave foreign nations banks the right to come in and forceably foreclose on properties used as  collateral for the debt.   Hmmmmm,  beginning to make sense yet???
7.  The UN passed and Obama signed and the senate approved the GUN CONFISCATION TREATY BY THE UN..... now that is exactly where the rubber will meet the road.  I believe that is why they are here since there is no other way to get those guns and live to tell about it.

We will update as we receive more proof of this situation. 

Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico
looking for additional confirmations
March 14, 2011
Steve Quayle

A very worried trucker, spent time in relating to me his account of delivering a tractor trailer load of food to a Chinese military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. When I questioned him this is what he stated.

The camp is 2 miles wide by 3 miles long. There are 10,000 armored vehicles. It blew my mind! I asked him how he calculated the number of armored vehicles and he said he had time to physically count the rows of armored vehicles as the Chinese soldiers unloaded his trailer.

He further stated that each armored vehicle could hold between 8-10 men. He went on to relate that he was escorted into Mexico from Texas by Mexican Federal Police so that the truck wouldn't be hijacked by bandits. He stated that living quarters were shipping containers modified to accommodate the soldiers and were positioned neatly in rows. Water tanks, generators and communications complex, a full military base was operational and in place.

It should be obvious that this contingency of Mexican pre-positioned Chinese troops and the Chinese troops pre-positioned in Canada are ready to roll North and South when given the command to do so. Under the UN Security Council mandates it doesn't take much to analyze their purpose.

Maybe it was a Freudian slip when the President of the United States stated "it would be easier to be the President of China". Kind of looks like he may get his chance! Before dismissing this eyewitness account I suggest every believing follower of Jesus seek him in prayer for discernment and guidance! We are out of time!

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Steve Quayle has been posting this kind of BS for years. It helps to keep the fear level up, so that hopefully the reader will buy gold and freeze dried food from Steve and his sponsors. He blathers about the Islamic menace, but never speaks a word about Israel and the Zionists.

The trucker in question would have gotten a bullet in the head and a shallow grave, if he had unloaded at a real Chinese camp. His story would have never been recounted of course, if he had spoken of Israelis in the desert.

Vatic said...

You could be right, and that is why I asked for confirmation and I received at least verification of a military base 60 miles south of texas into mexico. That will be up tomorrow morning at about 9 pm, we still need proof that the base is Chinese, but even if it were mexico the size should bring deep concern over their intentions that close to our border. Something is going on, and the chaos these khazars are creating globally is for a reason. Some movement toward finalizing their agenda of depopulation and take over of the planet. So, its getting harder to follow all the simultaneous ratcheting up of drama and choas so we will just have to see. Steve is not the only one who refuses to discuss the khazars, Alex Jones has become a major disappointment for me for the same reason, but that does not make some of his stuff valid. Same with steve.

Vatic said...

I just thought about what you said and I may well take down that update because that could also be a set up to add to the chaos and drama. Thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

I saw a vid on youtube and checked it out my self of what appear to be masses of military trucks parked nose to nose just north and a hair east of Monterrey Mexico. They appear to be parked in careful configurations to mimic large buildings. Can't remember where I saw the video but easy to search for yourself

Vatic said...

Anonymous, yes, I not only saw that video but I have it all set to post it, but did not have any evidence it was chinese, so I have to wait til I can find a way to confirm that it is a chinese military base and that the video was done during this 2011 year. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this has anything to do with what your talking about but there is a spot on the map on google thats labled china in mexico. Its to the right of montery and if you see mex40 road it passes to the north of a white blured out spot and right next to that it says china twice

Anonymous said...

I spoke with an Hispanic friend of mine today, whose family drives back and forth from Austin to Monterey at least monthly; she confirms it and says it is big talk in the Hispanic communities all over south/central Texas.

Anonymous said...

A municipality in the state of Nuevo Leon, just north of the city of Monterrey is called China, but that does not meen that it belongs to china, or that it's a Chinese occupation. Do a search on China, Nuevo Leon.

Vatic said...

Under normal circumstances, anonymous, I would agree with you on that and in fact I still have not confirmed for sure that camp that is massively huge, is chinese. HOWEVER, I just put up a whole bunch of confirmations that have come in and videos that I had not seen before, many of which date back, except for the 2nd video with the massive huge military base, which is recent. Go check it out by hitting the "Home" button and it will take you there til 2 PM. I highly recommend you watch all three videos to the end. These were gutted three times already s soon as I put them up and I had to go back put them up again. Let me know if they are down, but if up. YOU BETTER DOWNLOAD THEM, SINCE THIS IS HUGE, WHAT HAS COME IN TO US.

Vatic said...

Andre, I got enough confirmation to put it up. It appears the video has exactly the same description this guy who is the driver described along with the other person on here who also had some exposure. So better to be informed and wrong than not informed and right, because if right and no one was informed, its too late to do anything, at least this way the various militias can prepare as can all civilians.

There are many teenage girls adding themselves to the ranks of good shooters, so being prepared is better than not. I see what these animals who control our gov do in their own country and I would rather fight to the death than to ever live like those poor people they control, live. No bloody way. Khazar bankers need to be brought down quickly, top guys in jail and the rest kicked out of the country. IF ICELAND CAN DO IT, THAN SO CAN WE. Remember we posted a blog on here about what Iceland did and its titled "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED" and we are much more capable in roaring much bigger than Iceland.

Anonymous said...

I agree that posts on some sites are for self promotion, but like you are tired of Steve Quayle fanning the flames of fear, I am tired of hearing you and others screaming Israel and Zionists! Wake up, the enemy is not Israel but those that surround her, look at a map for a change. Ask yourself, who cuts the heads off of unbeleivers, wo stones women for even the accusation of adultery, who straps bombs to their sons and blows up innocent women and children, who viciously stabs three month old children in the heart, who continually threats to push the Jews into the sea? Wake up, you are being deceived!

Vatic said...

Anonymous, who save over 100,000 Jews during the second world war at the cost of thier own lives? Who signed a manifesto to protect Christians from the persecution they were receiving from the Jews? Who shoots teenage palestinians and then harvests their organs and sells them to the west for $160,000 per organ?

Who rapes small palestinian children while they are in prison? Who controls our US gov by having 32 dual israeli citizens in key positions in the white house, pentagon, intel services and now SPLC is controlling Homeland security??? You need to either wake up and smell the coffee, or stop pretending you dont' know all this and try to get the rest of us who see well, to disbelieve "THE FACTS" in front of our faces.

ain't gonna happen. Don't forget, Israel did 9-11 in conjunction with dual israeli citizens in our government..... they are Khazars, not real Jews, whom the Khazars hate as much as they hate us and muslims. Sorry, but TRUTH IS MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN AT ANY TIME IN OUR HISTORY AND IT MUST BE SPOKEN IF WE ARE TO HAVE ANY CHANCE AT RECLAIMING THIS NATION. Israel is taking immigrants if you wish to move along. That way you won't have any problems with loyalty as you may well have right now.

Anonymous said...

I have received at least 6 separate eyewitness reports of foreign troops in mexico, that were not Mexican, since 1992. I publish the Priority Report, which was called the Patriot Report for many years. I received reports from airline pilots that saw the military camps , i received eyewitness reports from tourists that were driving through areas, and had their cameras stolen to prevent them them publishing photos, i received photos from others of unusual buildings on the mountains that could have been missile sites, pointed north, or communication centers, I also received hard copy secret reports in spanish,revealing foreign troop gatherings and movements in mexico(from a listener of short wave radio in mexico) Those are just a few I remember, and I am sure there is more info out there. However, it is highly possible that Mexico, looking for money, leases out its large areas for foregn troops to do war games. It is obvious it has been going on for many years, even decades, and we have not been invaded yet, and it may not amount to anything. but, it does mean we should continue to be on guard anyway. there have been reports of foreign troops in Canada as well, and nothing came of that either. The conspirators for a NWO want to take over our nation, and would not hesitate to use foreign troops to do so. But, that is only a desire on their part, not reality. George Eaton

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, about all those reports and how long and how old they are. First of all this we are going through has been in the planning on a general level since 1776, and revised and finalized in 1897 and printed in 1906 and the first implementation occurred in 1917 with the Bolshevik revolution headed up by zionists. Since that time and over the years whistle blowers have come out of the closet and gave us even more detail.

Then we had hte 1966 Iron Mountain report giving us their intentions and what choices they had to use to globalize.

Just because its happening now, does not mean that proof of the original planning is invalid because its old. Further, these plans require those that are stationed on foreign soil, be there long enough to become used to the terrain, geography, climate, social protocols and intel gathering and assessment.

Just because you have heard reports for years only means that something foreign is occupying their soil and its military in nature. That is all it means, however, when more and more evidence accumulates, its time to ove past coincidence and start into preparation as fast as you can.

It doesn't mean you have to move on it, but it does mean "Prepare". you can never lose by doing that.