Video: Japan's New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic

Vatic Note:  I simply have no words.  (THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THEY HAVE GUTTED MY VATIC NOTES ABOUT JAPAN BECOMING SCARY AND HOW THEY NOW MUST COMPLY FULLY WITH THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS ROTHSCHILDS OR ELSE.  YUP, FREE SPEECH IS A SCARY THING WHEN YOU ALSO HAVE MILLIONS OF GUNS, I always tell you when they do it, and if they do it again, I will simply copy this blog and email it to my extensive list).    Well, maybe a few.  Imagine what you could do with something like this robot, if your a psycho with power and money,  who looks real and sounds real with some refinement.  No more need for mind control subjects. 

Video: Japan's New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic
By Dan Nosowitz Posted 03.07.2011

Geminoid, Skin On and Skin Off Geminoid

The latest Geminoid robot is one of the most realistic, and thus creepiest, android we've ever seen. The skin, hair, goatee (!), and facial expressions are real enough to fool you for a few seconds while it sinks in that something very, very weird is going on.

This specific model is called the Geminoid DK, and it comes from the same studio that gave us the robotic actress, Geminoid F. The DK is the first Geminoid model that's based on a non-Japanese person (in this case, Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Denmark's Aalborg University) and also the first bearded model (if you consider a goatee a beard, which in my full-bearded opinion is debatable).


Like its Geminoid siblings, the DK is controlled remotely with a motion-capture system in which the Geminoid mimics the movements of the person being captured. Future uses are kind of secondary to the basic goal of making the most human-like robot possible, but it could be a step forward for human-robot interaction--paired with, say, Watson's brain, the Geminoid series could be used in some pretty interesting ways. That being said, here's a terrifying picture of the Geminoid's hair- and pupil-less visage.

                                 Geminoid, Hair/Pupils On and Hair/Pupils Off: Geminoid

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