Counter-Terrorism Expert Leaves The FBI to Defend Civil Rights

Vatic Note:   I am surprised at his ability to stick strickly with the facts without editorializing given his expertise on this subject.   He could have said torture was not for obtaining info, rather for creating mind control subjects similar to the panty bomber who was tortured and then released by cheney personally, so how come?  Why was he not on the terrorist watch list but hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans are on that list???  Lots of questions and still no answers, however, he resigned on principle and that at least carries with it value to reinstate the concept of ethics and morality.   What is morally right to do.  Its been a while since anyone in gov has done that except for Bernie Sanders from Vermont.  But then he is not a member of the two party group.  He is an independant.  Its a good interview and worth watching.  Good for him.  Mind control is the real reason for the torture since they almost never go to trial and there are young children still imprisoned after all these years and the torture is the only life they now know.  What a serious death penalty crime that should be.   Cheney, do you hear me???  Rahm, Obama, are you listening? 

Counter-Terrorism Expert Leaves The FBI to Defend Civil Rights

Not every federal law enforcement official puts
his paycheck above the rule of law.

The interesting - and heavily-censored story - of
the FBI counter-terrorism expert who quit to
supports civil rights and expose fraud in the
"war on terror."



Legitimate security experts know that full body irradiation scanners and sexual groping at airports don't improve security...but the Feds do it anyway in spite of public outrage.

Legitimate intelligence experts know that not only is torture illegal, it also doesn't work...but the Feds do it anyway in spire of public outrage.

In fact, these are their preferred way of doing things.


Criminals are as criminals do.

The people who advocate and direct these operations (and go along with them) are criminals.
- Brasscheck

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