Healing - Cancer is a Fungus

Vatic Note:  This is really very good.  This poor doctor has suffered for his work on this subject.  Please, watch this video and see what a credible person he is.   The problem is the drug and medical profession make more money on chemotherapy, both in treating cancer and "causing" severe side affects that create more need for more and different kinds of drugs.  Its just another banking scam only within the drug industry instead of the banking industry, but then they are both owned by the same psychopath elitests.   Anybody notice how all these industries get their turn at the trough???  First the energy companies like Enron, then the Chemical companies using babies, orphans, child protective services children and handicapped for experimentations that sell more drugs while costing little or nothing by using children who have no parents.  These children fed pesticides from 0 to 3 years old will be lucky to live a full and healthy life given this as a start to it.  Then it was the oil companies got their time at the trough, and finally coming up will be the food companies with this man made famine and thus high prices for greater profits for the food industry that the bankers finally took over back in 2008.    This is soooo crazy.  Now we have new info on cancer and what it is, which will affect the multibillion dollar fund raising industry for cancer, if this information is freely given to the public or given to good medical doctors that are true healers. 

Healing - Cancer is a Fungus
by Forbidden TV,

Cancerous Growths Are Always White

Oncologist, Dr. Simoncini began to suspect that cancer was a form of fungus or yeast infection, after performing hundreds of surgeries.

Yeast infections are acidic. Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a. baking soda is the "enemy of fungus" because it's alkaline.


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