“God’s House”: Muslims saved Jews from Nazis

Contributors Note:  From this computer, I'm not able to watch any films, but the Jewish historian who made the film says that, when he was eight years old Albanian Muslims saved him from the Nazis. He goes on to say that  Muslims in various countries rescued as many as 100,000 Jews. By contrast, 150,000 KHAZAR converted Jews (vn: practicing Satanism) served in the Nazi army; and the World Zionist League sat on their hands when they could have helped. The writer of the article gives much of the history of Jewish/Muslim cooperation over the past 1,000 years.

Vatic Note:   This makes the Khazars even more damnable than they were before.  They have no human emotions, gratitude, compassion or anything else we would recognize.  They are slaughtering millions of muslims without a shred of gratitude for what was done to save the lives of a 100,000 Jewish people.   I am impressed more and more every day as I find out the good that the muslims have done for both Jewish people and Christians.  Remember, we have a blog up about how Mohammad himself gave sanctuary and safety to the nuns of the Convent of ST. Catherine.  I am going by memory, but will try to find the link so you can read it again yourselves. (I found the link, its above as indicated)   But these are not the Muslims that we are being told through the khazar owned MSM by the Khazars, are radicalized murderers.   Remember, Israel has killed many more Americans than all the muslim countries put together and there are more of them than there are isreali's, so how did that happen?  Just a reminderthe USS Liberty, the USS Cole, and 9-11, not to mention all the domestic assassinations they did like JFK, JFK JR., CARNAHAN AND WELLSTONE.    Well, this and the other blog explains it all.  Its all just another false flag game to create a bogie man enemy to manipulate us into doing all the killing for the khazars on their behalf for thier empire building agenda, war profits and loans for war weapons and armies so the bankers can make another killing.  That is literally and figuratively.      Well we are not going to play anymore, are we ????  NON COOPERATION IS THE BY WORD.  

I had wondered where the Khazars gratitude was for saving Jewish people from persecution and remembered, it was the khazar zionists bankers in Switzerland (Rothschild's headquarters during the war) who saw to it that the Jews were in fact prosecuted by Hitler, by refusing to meet Hitlers terms which were easily met if they had been passed on to everyone, but they were not.  These bankers sitting in Switzerland (Rothschild headquarters) negotiating with Hitler wanted Palestine as the only place the Jewish people could go (Rothschild had invested millions in land purchase in Palestine BEFORE WW II, SO HOW DID HE KNOW IT WOULD BE NEEDED?  Because he PLANNED IT THAT WAY AND caused it all to happen, remember, the bankers controlled Hitler, for he was a Khazar, by blood) and Hitler offered the Isle of Mann off the coast of Britian, and other such places to send the Khazars and Jews, and the Zionist Khazars said "No where but Palestine" and we have subsequently seen why as his plan worked,  all Jews headed for Palestine after the war out of fear and settled in to act as slaves to build Rothschilds land in Palestine,  we hear this first hand from REAL JEWS from other arab countries who returned and were treated as slaves...   So millions died for Rothschild empire building and its continuing today since Jews are not his people, but khazars are and that is who is filling the settlements in Israel right now, Russian immigrant Khazars.   The rest of the world is being slaughtered at the hands of Rothschild and his minions and control over the power that is the United States.  

“God’s House”: Muslims saved Jews from Nazis
Posted on January 20, 2010,  Contributed to Vatic Project by Gerry Mills of American Action Report, Taiwan

“Islam is an act of God’s Mercy upon Jews,” Shelomo Dov Goitein (1900-1985), a German Jewish historian in his book ‘Jews and Arabs’.

“God’s House”, is a film by American Jewish photographer, Norman H. Gershman that shows Muslim tolerance towards Jews during the time when 150,000 KHAZAR  Jews served in a Nazi Army and the leaders of the World Zionist movement refused to help the European Jews being persecuted by the Nazis. Gershman chronicles the stories of Muslims, especially in Albania, who saved the lives of the Jews during WW II.

Albania, Muslim country with a population of 3.6 million gave refuge to and hid 2,000 foreign European Jews. “These Muslim people in this small little country did something miraculous,” Gershman says in the film.Fritzi Weitzman 85 – then 13-year-old, was one of the Austrian Jews saved by the Muslims.

The film (watch two videos below) is a behind-the-scenes look at how Gershman tracked down the heroic Albanians, that rescued Jews and their progeny for his book, “Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in WW II”. Fritzi was thrilled that she had finally been able to share with the world the story of how a Muslim man faced up to anti-Semitism and saved the lives of her and her entire family. “For 70 years I’ve been trying to tell the world what King Zog did,” she said.  (Please watch the videos below... they made me cry)

Part I


Part II


Part III


However, it’s not an isolated case. According to Stanford J. Shaw, on the orders of Turkey’s president Ismet Inonu (a Crypto-Jew), Turkish ambassors in Germany and France issued vissas to 100,000 European Jews to escape Nazi regime. In the past, Muslim armies liberated Jewish communities living under Church’s yoke in Jerusalem (638 CE), Spain (711 CE) and Greece (1450 CE).

It was Sultan Slahuddin who after giving a crushing defeat to the Crusaders occupying Palestine in 1186 CE – allowed the Jews to resettle in Jerusalem after nine decades. On June 10, 2005 – The Israeli mole, Abraham Foxman, national director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) presented organization’s highest award, Courage to Care Award, to Turkish prime minister Recep Tattip Erdogan in appreciation of its diplomates for saving the Jews under Nazi regime.

While accepting the award at ADL headquarters in New York, Erdogan assured the ‘Islamophobe’ Jewish leaders that there is no anti-Semitism in Muslim-majority (99.7%) Turkey. ADL was taken to task for accepting the Muslim tolerance by Muslim-hating Daniel Pipes and his fellow Zionist creeps. Interestingly, since Erdogan has called Ahmadinejad “a good friend” – Foxman has been complaining about persecution of Jewish minority (26,000) in Turkey.

Karen Armstrong recollected Muslim tolerance towards non-Muslims especially the Jews during Islam’s second Caliph Omar’s entery to Jerusalem without a war. Not only that Omar refused to pray inside the city’s main church – he also sent some of his senior officers to locate the ruin of the second Temple of Mount. To his great surprise, the ruin were used as city garbage dump by the Christian authorities. He helped his soldiers to clean the site and later handed it over to Jerusalem’s Chief Rabbi at no cost. For this great generosity, the Chief Rabbi declared Omar as the “Promised Messiah”.

The British Crown Prince in “Islam and the West”, wrote: “Islam was a religion of remarkable tolerance for its time, allowing Jews and Christians the right to practice their inherited beliefs, and setting an example which was not, unfortunately, copied for many centuries in the West. The surprise, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent to which Islam has been part of Europe so long….”

”To me Islam is poetry. is science, is to be with the Divine. Islam is beauty,” – Norman Gershman, founder of “BESA, a code of honor” project.

“I am a Jew of Islam becuase Judaism under the rule of the Crescent took a different course than that under the rule of the Cross. The Jews of Islam, although decreed by the Pact of Omar as dhimmis or second-class cirizen, never experienced the same level of hatred, anti-Semitism or persecution, which were their daily bread in Christendom.

They were not demonized as god’s (Jesus) killers and did not have to defend their religion in public deputations. They were not expelled en-masse on religious grounds from a Muslim country as they were from England, France and Catholic Spain,” Rabbi Haim Ovadia, Kahal Joseph Congregation in Los Angeles, California, January, 2008.

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