Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World,

Vatic Note:   This is another blog that one has to read in the context of all other bits of information gathered to date by the reader and then decide for him/herself.   I am still on the fence on this one because I don't think its as simple as it may appear.   I believe there is going to be a false flag by our gov and the global elite to try and convince us we are under attack by aliens and thus force us into a global union to protect the planet which is COMPLETE BS, just like global warming.  I believe it because they are already leading us up to it with bits and pieces of disclosure such as UFO's that I believe are airforce developed antigravity planes that act as we would suspect an alien ship would act like.   I am sure we will see new age paid minions of the globalists coming out yelling "disclosure is here",  and we will have the UN Alien ambassador playing his part in the farce,  and then we will have everyone in fear and wanting to do war against them , but afraid so won't know which way to turn and the elite will rescue us from our cowardess.  

On the other hand, there is no explanation for the depth of evil and inhumanity we have seen by these elite and khazars except that they are alien and not human and therefore incapable of humane thoughts and acts.  So its possible there are aliens already here.  That is where I sit on the fence.   Further there is evidence historically that good aliens have been here as evidenced by the sumarian writings and other such writings.... so again,  read and decide for yourself.   At least knowing about the false flag planned using technology to trick us is a good beginning so we can watch and see if it plays out as disclosed by Bill Cooper and others who are all dead from being foolish enough to tell us about it.  In that sense it supports my conclusions above in the beginning about the false flag attempt and the goal to globalize.  Remember, Cooper made it clear that there are good aliens who believe in non interference, its whether he was also right about the bad guys as well who helped to develop this advanced technology at such a rapid pace.

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World,

Posted on Pakalert on February 14, 2011, source

Don’t ask me why or how, because I don’t know, but I think Pakistan is the powder keg or the goal. Something there is about Pakistan. It’s certainly not about terrorists. It certainly isn’t about intimidation and the killing of innocents, who don’t have two sticks to rub together much of the time. I suppose the argument can be made about threatening Russia and China, failing that, I don’t see what the tactical value is. You can’t hold on to these areas. They can’t hold on to Afghanistan and the parts of Pakistan that they are attacking are even harder to contain and there’s nothing and hardly anyone to contain there. There must be something more going on, only I can’t see it.

Over the years I have read and heard a great deal about the wild places on this planet. There are legends and myths that have to do with The Andes; the Himalayas, Mongolia, The Hindu Kush and sundry. It’s been rumored for a long time that remnants of more ancient civilizations, as well as alien residents, have quartered themselves in remote locales. I’ve heard tales of civilizations inside the Earth and of airships rising from and descending into portholes in the planet. I’ve no way of knowing how true any of this is. I just hear about it.


We know that there hasn’t been a Bin Laden around in a long time. We know that there’s no such thing as Al Qaeda, outside of CIA constructs. We know that terrorism is largely a weapon of established governments, whose main industry is domestic repression and year round Halloween mockups of the invisible straw man, who is looking to come in through the bathroom window.

When you think about how right everything could be, given all of the new technology, you have to wonder about the need to screw everything up beyond recognition. The level of government and corporate insanity is impressive, by any measuring device you want to use. It seems to me that there is another poisonous mist that has taken over the leaders and shakers of the world, the same way that one has taken over the minds of the masses in countries that don’t react like Egypt just did but most certainly should.

That’s all beside the point because revolution is coming everywhere, like it or not. It’s coming externally and internally. It’s going to grind your materialist dreams into dust and it’s going to shake the dreamer from his matrix-pod. It’s going to be hard as nails on those attached to the departing constructs of all the traditions and infrastructures of a time whose term has been reached and it’s going to go gentle on those who are striving in the moment to liberate themselves from these confinements.

I have occasionally used an image that dovetails with this whole engine of irresistible change. It features a prison house where the inmates have been confined for times past remembering. Suddenly there are noises and lights that have not been heard or seen before. There is confusion among the warders and fear of the unknown is palpable throughout. The liberator has arrived and he is going from cell to cell and releasing the prisoners. The prisoners do not want to leave. They wrap their arms into the bars to resist their deliverance. They climb under their bunks. They cry out in terror at the arrival of everything they have dreamed of and then forgotten was ever possible. Now it is there and no one wants any part of it.

Every age is held together by an integrity of being, which exists for the term of its scheduled time. Once that time has come to an end, the integrity melts away and a new schematic comes into play. Ages, cultures and periods of history are all on the clock and they come and go accordingly. Religious traditions extend through the period of an age and sometimes longer, although they are no longer religions at that point; only what’s left of the launch pad for what followed it; dead, empty words and toxic, mind numbing, sleep inducing, rituals. These are all passing away now. It’s all going.

I hear that the last time the magnetic poles switched was around 800,000 years ago. I hear hysteria in descriptions of what is to come. No one knows but that hasn’t stopped all these doomsday oracles from selling their books and theories on the back of it. Fear sells.

The currency of corporate, religious belief is engaging the same devaluation mechanism as the currency of paper. Imaginary foodstuffs are being traded back and forth on the stock exchange for the purpose of raising the costs of basic foodstuffs all over the world. Those who have not been grateful for what they have had are going to learn the real currency value of gratitude. Nothing demonstrates the value of anything as much as the loss of it.

Evil and ignorance exist in as many multiples are there are ways to be misinformed and to get things wrong. Each of these is a religion that exists because of the faith invested in it by the worshipper, even if he/she is all alone in the church of their choice. Evil presupposes that one is not surrounded by abundance and cared for by unseen hands.

Evil necessitates the imperative that one must seize what one desires, or plot the means to acquire it. After awhile it becomes the natural and instinctive activity of everyone to have to conspire against the fortunes of their fellows, in order to guarantee their own. This is all passing away. This is all going but it’s not going easy or quiet. If you’ve thrown your lot in with these, then I expect to hear your cries of outrage, when everything you were after, sails away before your eyes.

It is understandable that most people would have little idea of what has come upon them. They’ve been schooled on lies since they learned to walk. They’ve been minded and indoctrinated by the television and given their moves by popular songs. They’ve adopted the outfit of the fool to insure the delivery of the undesirable, which only reveals itself as such in the experiences that follow.

Fatigue and disappointment are the dependable gifts of the world in which we live. Do they see this? Do they adjust to something deeper and more enduring? No, they do not. They are certain they got a dud but the next box will contain the real thing. The real thing does not present itself in a perishable item.

This is the unreal world and it hides the real world and that may be its most important purpose. Something immensely powerful is hiding in the wild and difficult to reach places of the world. Now this world is making war on that world and there is something in the wilds of Pakistan that is being warred on and it’s not for resources or geo-political advantage. It’s for the possession of secrets that are hidden in secret places. This is why there is a general hatred being directed at all secret societies without any differences made between them.

The rulers and shakers of the unreal world have discovered that there are powerful potencies and possibilities, hidden in places that are hard to reach and they want their hands on them before someone else gets there first. They’ve been playing with the wisdom of the ancients and the promises of things hidden for some time now and they realize that what they want must be contained in what is hidden in the remote locations of the world.

Somehow they think the possession of something guarantees an understanding of its use but… nothing could be further from the truth. All they will do is to very quickly destroy themselves, because these powers demand self mastery as the prelude to any positive application of their force.

It is not only the desire to gain these powers that drive them. They are threatened by their very existence. These powers are evidence that they will sooner or later be destroyed, simply because they do not possess them. They can’t win either way but they have managed to deceive themselves that they can. All wars are magical wars directed from invisible planes of existence into the manifest. Balance gone missing has reached critical mass and there is little time to set it right and little inclination to do so. The supreme quick fix is needed and then to the bunkers while turmoil rages without.

It’s not going to go down like this in any way that is reflected, in their painstaking planning and scheming, to survive at the expense of their fellows. They cannot even survive in a room with each other for long. You’re going to see it all but… from what perspective is it going to be revealed? Are you the student profiting from the lesson provided or are you the lesson that others are meant to learn from?

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

This is a clear example of our grooming by a foundation agent.


Vatic said...

Very good point, Incoming, very good point. A lot of money went into that site and given its Britian where the last science scam took place, I would not buy into a word he says. I think they are trying to set up for getting us to fight the good aliens for them since they would change things according to Cooper. Others that disclosed aliens are also dead, so they really didn't want us to know about this so they could control the entire disclosure discussion and event. Typical. Its good they have been exposed because now it won't be so easy to get us to globalize to this existential threat. lol

Anonymous said...

Very good article, the devil knows he has but a short time so he does have great wrath and a desperation.

In the myth of Prometheus it said Prometheus knew the Olympians could only rule for so long because when their hearts became cold, the rulership would be taken away and he (Prometheus) would then inherit the world.

There is a statue of Prometheus in front of the "Rockefeller" center however I believe they have the inheriters backwards.

The hidden is what's real, these people have spiritually and mentally been going in the other way so long there is question if they would even still have it in them to process and understand within themselves, dare I say thrive, in the hidden. They did not get in the habit of achieving and living in the positive spiritual. They pretty much know they're lost in the correct way however don't think they aren't looking at other options which will keep them in the same boat however possibly buy them some time. But their way is a dead end road and doomed to fail until the get with the righteous program (what we know as God's program). In order to succeed in the hidden you have to do things the right way, genuinely and whole heartedly. Do unto others as you will have others do unto you.

Matthew 24:35 "Heaven and earth (the physical)will pass away, but My words (the Spiritual/hidden) will never disappear.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, very very interesting an great comment. You have hit the spiritual nail right on the head. When you see the massive addictions these people have to try and "feel" and can't sustain it so they have to keep doing it over and over, then you realize they are spiritually bancrupt and unlikely to achieve the level of contentment a spiritually balanced person has that is "sustained" by its very existance.

Remember also that Thomas wrote that Christ said that if you do not release that which is within you, you will die, but if you do release that which is within you, you will live. Same thing. They are dead, and its clear from this commentary you are alive.