Fake Moon Landing Was Filmed In London By Kubrick, Nixon, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, And Haig

Vatic Note:  AS I keep saying "The world is not as we were told or manipulated into believing it is."  The French disclosed this back when it happened and our press did not cover it.   No wonder we have such a bad reputation overseas.  Lots to see here and there are additional links after the video that are a must watch.  Check this all out.  Very interesting.  Wouldn't you know that Disney is even mentioned in this scam.  Fits with our disclosures on Disney and their control by the illums. 

This reminds me of 9-11 when Europe had CNN and they showed everything I saw that day on Raw live feed, and was never shown on American replay TV that night.   I had to go to London to see the footage I saw that day.  It was like two different events occurred and two different realities were in play.    Of course the fascists were heavily involved in all of this from the beginning as a result of their project paperclip.

What surprised me is these old government leaders actually believed in the law way back then.  I guess the killing of Kennedy changed all that.  Remember the moon landing was after Kennedy was killed.  This video shows why they faked the moon landing.  The military needed funding to conduct their black budget projects and their star wars military budgets,  and that was the reason for the moon landing.  The people supported a moon landing but would never support big military offensive war budget.   It also shows the conflict of interests of all the parties involved..... johnson, nixon, bush, etc.

Fake Moon Landing Was Filmed In London By Kubrick, Nixon, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, And Haig
By Greg Ericson

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