Israel Offers Bribe To Putin With Proceeds From Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

Contributors note:   How many years now have I been writing about "Manny" the GAIA-Ekkers "Angel"? How many years now have I connected Benjamin Netanyahu with the Chicago La Salle Banking Group? Lets see now.. Wasn't or isn't Obama a member of that "Chicago" Old Boys Club? Who knows what an indepth "Forensic Investigation" on the LaSalle Banking Boyz connection with Goldman, Rubin, Netanyahu, Israel and Russia of the 1991 Bank Frauds and Brady Bonds fiasco..Hmmmm?!
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Israel Offers Bribe To Putin With Proceeds From Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme
Posted By: Lion Date: Tuesday, 7-Sep-2010 20:57:01
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Russia and Israel sign military co-operation agreement on Monday 6th September 2010

Anatoly Serdyukov, the Russian defence minister, and his visiting Israeli counterpart, Ehud Barak, did not reveals details about the nature of the deal, which came after disputes over Russian arms contracts in the Middle East.

"I am sure the agreement we are signing today will give a new boost to our bilateral relations," Russian news agencies quoted Serdyukov as saying in Moscow.

"Our views on many challenges of today are close or identical. Primarily this concerns issues of terrorism and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction."

AB comment:

There is a difficult and covert history here.

In late August or early September 2009, the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, travelled to Russia on a secret flight from Tel Aviv to a base in the old Soviet province of Georgia, and then on to Moscow. Netanyahu went to great lengths to cover up his visit, which was kept secret even from members of his own staff.

He flew on a private jet hired for $20,000 from a company owned by the Israeli fixer, Yossi Maiman.

During a heated meeting in the Kremlin, the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, refused to sign off on an Israeli air strike against Iran, and Putin refused to accept a Netanyahu bribe in gold and Euros which was offered him in return for acquiescing to Israel's warmongering ambitions.

Netanyahu threatened to bring the whole world down and told Putin to watch his back - it would not be hard to create a mushroom cloud over Moscow.

Putin told Netanyahu that he could turn the State of Israel into an ashtray within 24 hours. He then personally and physically removed Netanyahu from his office.

The gold and Euros bribe offered to Putin by Netanyahu were Israeli proceeds from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

This was always under the control of Netanyahu and Stephen Friedman, former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Bernard Madoff was simply the front-man, patsy/enabler, for Israel's New York Madoff money laundry.

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