The "Official Story" of 9/11: A Fairy Tale

Monday, September 6, 2010
by American Action Report

[This is the second part of a four-part series addressing the motives, the means, and the opportunity for the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. In this part, I address what has come to be regarded as the “official story” of the events. Notwithstanding that the FBI, the 9/11 Commission Report, and other official sources have debunked certain aspects of the “official story,” the “official story” persists as the established version of events. In this article, I present to you a presentation of the “official story.” Pardon me if I Clancy the story a bit; but certain technical points should not be omitted from the story.] Not very long before the infamous destruction of the World Trade Center and the damaging of the Pentagon, a cave man on the other side of the world from the United States brooded over America’s freedoms. He hated America because of its freedoms; so he decided to destroy the World Trade Center and put a big hole in the Pentagon. That sounds perfectly reasonable, don’t you think?

Of course, he would need help if he were to destroy both towers and mess up the Pentagon all in the same day. To help him in his crusade, he managed to find nineteen misfits who were so stupid that most of them didn’t even know how to fill out a visa request. (Click here .) As it turned out, they got lucky; some of them wouldn’t need the visas anyway. The student visas for Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi were finally awarded in March 2002. (Click here .)

So how does a person as dimwitted as those misfits learn to fly a Boeing 757, navigate a course reversal, and read the instruments well enough to chart a course for New York City, locate the World Trade Center or the Pentagon, and hit all three buildings dead center?

If you’re Hani Hanjour, you spend $40 for lessons on how to fly a Cessna 172. Take a look at the composite photo comparing the cockpit of a Cessna 172 with that of a Boeing 757. There's not much difference, is there? The next hurdle was coordinating their take-offs, hijacks, and attacks. These guys who couldn’t fill out visa forms, fly planes, or even spell Washington managed to do all that. Then the nineteen misfits who couldn’t seem to do anything right had to get their weapons past security guards at two airports. That’s nineteen chances of getting caught. According to the official story, it was easy because there was no ban on cardboard cutters and the sort of plastic table knives served with airline meals. After all, the knives they used were less threatening than the airline meals that came with them. Oh, how do we know that they used cardboard cutters and disposable plastic knifes rather than machetes, AK-47’s, and bazookas? While the hijacking was in progress, Ted Olsen’s wife Barbara called Ted on her cell phone and told him this—no, come to think of it, it was the seat phone on the plane—no, the plane didn’t have a seat phone—come to think of it, it was her cell phone after all—no, cell phones didn’t work at that altitude in those days. Oh, well, when and if Ted makes up his mind which, I'll let you know. (See here and here .)

No, come to think of it, the FBI confirmed that the call was never made. (See here .) (For call records for passengers on that flight, see here .) The hijackers of all four planes remembered to—and knew how to—turn off the aircraft transponders. (See here .)

Let me digress a moment to tell you who Ted Olson was. He was the Elena Kagan of his day. He was the lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court, in effect, that the Florida vote recount in the year 2000 should be stopped while Bush was ahead. Bush seriously considered rewarding him with a seat on the Supreme Court, but, already in his sixties, Olson was considered too old for consideration. Instead, he was appointed United States Solicitor General. Ted Olson, then, was a key player.

Some people thought it strange that, only minutes after his wife supposedly died in the crash of Flight 77, he called a news conference that served only one purpose: to absolve airport security personnel of any blame in the 9/11 deaths. Olson was the only source of “information” that the hijackers used disposable plastic knives and cardboard cutters to terrify dozens of passengers (including the pilots and co-pilots, all of whom were military trained) into submission. Isn't that what you would do only minutes after hearing that your spouse had died? Immediately call a news conference and make excuses for the airport security personnel whose negligence got her killed? Or did she die? (See the American Action Report’s “What Happened to Flight 77’s Passengers? Click here .)

Getting back to our fairy tale, our three novice pilots managed to turn the planes around and navigate hijacked planes hundreds of miles. Two located the World Trade Center and one located the Pentagon. The fourth novice pilot reverted to type and crashed the plane in the middle of a field. He must have been a Boy Scout because he was true to the Boy Scout outdoor code: “Leave No Trace.” There was barely a trace that a plane had crashed there.

The military has a strict policy about airplanes that stray off course. Of dozens of planes that had strayed off course before September 11, every one of them was intercepted by military planes that had scrambled within fifteen minutes of their straying off course. Of dozens of planes that had strayed off course since September 11, all of them had been similarly intercepted.

The September 11 hijackers got lucky; nobody intercepted them. It was a little early for a coffee break, wasn't it?

Each plane that struck the World Trade Center hit it dead center. The plane that struck the Pentagon brought it straight into the building. On December 1, 1984, the Boeing deliberately crashed a 720 in a controlled impact demonstration (CID) and they didn't do it as well as those novice pilots. (Click here to see the CID, and here to see a professional forensic simulation of Hani Hanjour's feat.)

According to the “official version” of the events of September 11, 2001, the heat from burning jet fuel melted the steel framework of the twin towers. Upon melting, the towers collapsed in a manner called pancaking. That is, each successive collapse of a story caused the next story to collapse until both towers collapsed straight down, almost at free-fall speed, into their own footprints.

That’s the “official version,” anyway. You see, in several respects, the 9/11 Commission Report is like the Bible: You’re not supposed to question it, very few people have actually read it, we have priests (in the corporate-owned media) to tell us what it says and means; and, if you have the temerity to present facts that contradict faith, the Inquisition will get you.

It just so happens that some people have read the 9/11 Commission Report, and their findings were reported in a peer-reviewed article in a science citation index (SCI) journal. (Click here .) The 9/11 Commission Report says that the “heat theory” is “not supported by the facts,” and that “pancake theory” is “not supported by the facts” either. In short, the 9/11 Commission Report admits that the commissioners don’t know what caused the twin towers and Building #7 to fall.

Of course, the 9/11 Commission Report is not the "official version" of events. If we want to hear the "official version," we have the high priests, scribes, and Pharisees of the corporate-owned media to tell us, and plenty of crosses to support their views.

Another peer-reviewed SCI journal article reports that military grade super nano-thermite was recovered from the site of the World Trade Center less than ten minutes after the buildings fell, and other samples were recovered over the next few hours. (Click here .)

Engineers use thermite to cause tall buildings to implode as a low-risk means of demolition. The form of thermite recovered from the World Trade Center was far superior to that used by even the best demolition crews. Unlike ordinary thermite, it can be painted onto building surfaces.

You may have been taught in high school that church cardinals refused to look into Galileo’s telescope because, as one cardinal remarked, “I’m afraid of what the devil might make me see. The high priests and Grand Inquisitors of the Official Version of 9/11 religion take the same view of peer-reviewed, SCI journal articles. Thus, proven facts are called “theories,” and disproven articles of faith are called “facts.”

Faith and fact don’t have to contradict one another. It was Jesus of Nazareth Who said, “And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”

More recently, George Washington wrote, “The Truth shall prevail when pains are taken to bring it to light.” Oh, but every fairy tale must have a "happily-ever-after" ending. Remember that, according to the "official version" of this story, the caveman and his nineteen misfits attacked America because "they hated our freedoms." After the attacks, President Bush signed the USA PATRIOT Act into law, effectively abolishing those freedoms; and the terrorists lived happily ever after.

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