VATIC ALERT: US Military Vets Being Called Back Up For Emergency? (distribute far & wide)

UPDATE - 4/2:   Just read that Haarp was spiking last night like it did before the Japan quake so keep an eye open and watch out for the evil ones and prepare to go after them if they do this to us now.  They must never be allowed to remain on our soil if they do one more false flag and kill Americans.  Its time to stop it. 

VATIC ALERT: US Military Vets Being Called Back Up For Emergency?  (Get ready!!!)

By Live Free or Die (Reporter), Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vatic Note: Get this out all over. He says this is serious. Do you get that the false flag war games in Japan were a success? Remember HLS run by the SPLC and the ADL here, ordered 14 million foods packets and body bags and blankets for something they are planning here in the US, too bad they have to "prepare" or we would never know about it until after the fact??? Yup, just another massive number of murders all in a days work for these two organizations who tried to tell us that the right wing were a danger. Well, they never killed thousands of Americans like the Israeli's have. COMMON SENSE SAYS THAT THE ONLY DANGER TO AMERICANS ARE THOSE WITH A HISTORY OF MURDERING US WITH IMPUNITY. Would you not say that is so???? WELL, HERE IS MY CLARION CALL TO ALL AMERICANS. IF THEY DO THIS DEEP AND DESTRUCTIVE A FALSE FLAG, GO AFTER THEM ENMASS WITHOUT MERCY. Its the only way to stop them at this point. If they use foreign troops which from all indications, is their plan, then its an invasion and its war against us, probably the first one we will be in that would be considered a legal war in defense of our nation. How ironic. THE ONLY LEGAL WAR WE ARE CURRENTLY FIGHTING,  ALL THE REST ARE ILLEGAL by MURDERING MILLIONS OF THE GLOBES UNARMED CITIZENS.  If we don't speak up now we are no better than the Khazars and just as evil for not speaking against such horrors.  I think they are calling up our soldiers to get them away from training our population and leading them in this soon to be fight.  I think they will go into FEMA camps.  DO NOT GO IF YOU ARE CALLED UP. 
Watch the video....


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Anonymous said...

they killed me in viet nam, so hell no pissant i won't go.
guess who

Vatic said...

OH, MY GAWD, ITS CHUCK.....WHERE ARE YOU??? ARE YOU IN EGYPT, SYRIA OR TURKEY???? Are you safe? Any trouble? Gawd, I am so glad to hear from you. I heard there are riots beginning in Syria, so be careful trying to get into that country and is your girlfriend OK???? Is she going too be safe there? The Khazars are on the move destroying lives, communities, everything they touch, so be careful.

Write back and tell me you got this. OK??? Take care of yourself and THEY DID NOT KILL YOU IN VIET NAM BECAUSE YOUR TOO DAMN ORNORY TO BE KILLED. LOL