Ratigan: "We Spent Four Times More On Clinton's Blowjob Than We Did Investigating The Financial Crisis"

Vatic Note: These videos are a "must" watch just to show how blatantly the law is disregarded by all in authority. Listen to our elected reps as they sleeze by their duties and responsibilities with such penache. However the second video is really rewarding as the whistleblower who called all this well before it happened, had suffered greatly for trying to do the right thing..... ends up questioning the "VAMPIRE SQUID" blood sucker, Blankfein and puts him on the spot. Some satisfaction there, but more would be coming if he could spend serious time in jail which is where he belongs.

Ratigan: "We Spent Four Times More On Clinton's Blowjob Than We Did Investigating The Financial Crisis"
Dylan Ratigan, Fox News, provided by the Daily Bail,

Video - Dylan Ratigan with Michael Lewis - Comparing the cost of the largest federal investigations versus that of the FCIC - Feb. 2, 2011   (VN:  There are two videos and the second one shows the seriousness of the Wall street hold on our financial health and it was satisfying to have a harmed whistleblower asking the questions.  She addressed the derivatives which   everyone has chosent to ignore while concentrating on the bad loans which were not even a trillion dollars  while the derivatives were well over 200 trillion.... big difference.  This was  Well worth the watch)


Vatic Note: Now watch this and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes in covering up and repressing this information when someone tried to whistleblow and warn us what was coming. This is the reason we wanted you to see the difference between what was a distraction and what was a real crime and cover up.   Greenspans "royal" fingers were in this repression of this woman who tried to do the right thing way back when under his thumb and he stopped her.

Brooksley Born Questions Lloyd Blankfein Over AIG And Derivatives Risk
Daily bail, march 26, 2011

Video - FCIC Hearings - Jan. 13, 2010

Since we can't watch Lloyd on trial in the Galleon case, we present the next best thing - a few minutes of last January's FCIC hearing with Brooksley Born, who warned more than a decade ago about a derivatives nightmare before being professionally silenced by Greenspan, Summers and Rubin.


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Brock Canner said...

So it cost us the taxpayers 40 million for Bill to get his willy slick.It's kind of hard to swallow(pun intended.)I wonder what a $40 million BJ is like. As for the rest, I will never understand how we the people put up with the BS that these banksters get away with. Are we that dumbed down that we don't see this! It's time to put these scumbags behind bars! Brock