Bill Cooper: The UFO Deception

Vatic Note: What is amazing about this video is it was done before his death in 2001. Once you see this video you will swear that he gave this talk in 2010 instead of 2001 or earlier. He talks about the various documents that he has either seen or obtained and what the plans were even back in 2001. Seeing it will give you a sense of comtemporary history rather than "predictive" futuristic contention of the plans in the future. Its as if he just lived through all of it with us over the past 2 years. Amazing. The man knew. And because he called it right on the environment and on the military war aspect, I believe he is also then correct on the bogus alien invasion they plan on conducting. PLEASE, IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, You must WATCH THIS VIDEO.    Remember, in June 2001, he did a program predicting the false flag in a "few months" and he even said it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.   Shortly after reminding us of this call he made before 9-11,  he was murdered.   I have said in the past that he believed and wrote about the bogus alien invasion and as soon as I heard the UN appointed an "ambassador to space" or "Alien ambassador" for the UN,  I knew right away they were heading into their final last hope for global domination.  And here we are.  Let me make this clear,  we are not saying there are no  aliens etc.  We don't know for a fact if there are or not, but what we are saying is this issue is more complicated than just "are there or aren't there aliens?"  Its about manipulation and an illicit agenda.  He exposed it and even predicted 9-11 false flag months before it happened and after it happened he reminded up he predicted it.  He was then killed shortly after that reminder.   It was the first immediate question as to who did 9-11 and the first serious attempt to show it was an inside job.  So he died.   

Bill Cooper: The UFO Deception
Uploaded by kronik193 on Sep 27, 2010

Bill Cooper talks about the upcoming ufo deception that illuminati has kindly shown us in their card game from 1985.


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