Aussie journalists may end in jail for reporting on terror

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Thank you all so much for your continued support in our efforts to educate and update during this time of crisis in our nation and around the globe.   Stay strong and have courage.... we will prevail. Good has always prevailed, historically, over evil and this is no exception. 

ISIS was created by the west and Israel to do exactly what it is doing.  making money for the military industrial complex and bankers. They will lose that war.

Vatic Note:  Oh, my, the international globalists have control over Australia.  It is beginning to look like the USA in that respect.   Time for Aussies to wake up before they lose their nation and end up both depopulated and deprogrammed to serve as slaves to these zionist khazars.  Now they know why the government confiscated their guns a while back.  This is exactly why we will never give ours up.

We knew their government was co-opted, but not the people, as reflected in their elected officials.   Now I am wondering if the chemtrails have messed with their DNA or brain or both.   I know they are doing that here right now as we speak.   We are catching it, but have not yet done what it takes to stop it.

If we are still able to think,  we will continue tracking the progress of this effort.  The Georgia Guidestones just had a new block of granite put up and all it says is "2014".  I assume that is their "drop dead" time frame.  Remember, this was all suppose to be completely done by 2007, so they are 7 years behind.  "It's now or never, come hold me close, etc."   That was a song in the 60's.  My favorite period for music. 

The alternative news reporting has been excellent in reporting what is going on, but in Australia, they had a problem controlling their MSM, so this must be in response to it and adopted in order to control the uncontrollable.  We will see. 

In America all they had to do was buy the press, and that was the end of our MSM.  Now all but 19% go to the alternative news sources for the truth.

Aussie journalists may end in jail for reporting on terror
By Admin,  Press TV,  Sept 25, 2014
The Australian Senate has passed new national security laws that could put journalists behind bars for up to 10 years for merely reporting on terrorism-related subjects, Press TV reports.

The bill, proposed by the government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott,  was unanimously adopted by the Senate on Thursday and is to be sent to the House of Representatives for final approval. (VN: Wow, looks like Israel controls both the house, senate and the executive branch.  At least here we still have some good Americans, though not many,  in the legislature and White House.)

The legislation, dubbed the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill, will give Australia’s spy agency, ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), stronger powers to access personal computers and spy on Australians overseas.
According to the anti-terrorism law, anyone – including journalists, whistleblowers and bloggers – who “recklessly” discloses “information...[that] relates to a special intelligence operation” faces up to 10 years in prison.
Analysts believe the new legislation, if adopted, would not only affect journalists who are simply trying to do their job, but seriously infringe on the privacy of all internet users in Australia.

In an interview with Press TV, Tim Anderson, a professor at the University of Sydney, criticized the new laws proposed by the Canberra administration and warned against the gradual “destruction of liberties and the expansion of the police state in Australia.”   (VN:  What we all have to realize globally, is that there are no terrorists.   Every single terrorist act committed so far beginning in 9-11-2001, in America,  Australia,  Israel, Britain, France, Ukraine, etc.  were all done by MI6, CIA, and Mossad, using hired operatives who are either not Muslims and are Israel's or have been working for Saudi Arabia and the small arab emerites and the goal is global world domination by both Israel/Rothschild and the nazi's/Britain/USA.)

In June this year, Peter Greste, an Australian journalist, was jailed for seven years in Egypt after being convicted of aiding the country’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, a sentence slammed as “chilling and draconian” by some Western states.  (VN:  Worse, its a back door way to stiffle dissent without the average voter understanding that,  since the Muslim brotherhood was created by Israel and controlled by them,  we even did a blog on it.  That means that poor reporter doing his job in a supposedly free country is the first victim in a global repressive police state and his arrest made it official.  We just haven't picked up on it yet.  Its time for Australia to demand their guns back..... this is why we can never give up ours. )

The sentence was sharply condemned by the Australia at the time. However, the new bill approved by the Senate could see the journalists in the country facing the same fate.  (VN: it could also see some politicians who passed it and signed it into law in the same boat only a different sentence enacted..... Death penalty!)

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