Quo Vadis Echoing in the Darkness.


By: Dog Poet
Date: 2012-09-05

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, weird is weird and strange is strange and many the twain shall meet. I can see I am getting too Frank for some people and since there is no Frank in my name, that could lead to an identity confusion. What all of this tells me, is that the pressure of the planets upon the individual psyche, is getting fairly intense. The pressure is operating equally upon the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Crunch time is around the corner and as much as I would personally advise everyone and myself, to endure and bear with the situation, well; what are the odds of that taking hold in every heart and mind? The thing is that madness is afoot and it is pushing all of the darker subconscious garbage to the surface, where we don't want to see it but do see it nevertheless.

Of course, into a climate of such confusion, comes the agents provocateurs who feed off of this kind of thing. My position is to placate and faux agitate at the same time because that is the only way I know of to get things to expeditiously reveal themselves. Sometimes acting out of character, causes characters to reveal themselves unintentionally. There's nothing like a good piss up to, get people to reveal their real intentions. Unfortunately, this can paint things in a bad light temporarily but, temporarily is the operative word. Breaking eggs to make omelets, is one of the occasional conditions that arise in the process of getting breakfast on the table.

The tension and uncertainty are palpable. Of course, this leads to anger and outbursts. Something is coming and our lack of awareness of what exactly that is, makes for a dicey emotional state. Unlike a lot of people, I have no great investment in being liked or loved, for anything other than true and lasting reasons. We're all about convenience in this day and age and that leads to a lot of superficial necessity, which we use to justify and define our value in our own minds. It's less important what others think about us than what we think about ourselves, independent of that and that is less important than what our creator thinks about us and all too often we don't know what that is. Going by our recollection of our thoughts, words and deeds, we often like and respect ourselves less than we think we do. This is why we need all that superficial recognition and reassurance.

Sometimes in the end and certainly along the way, we are often deserted by everyone and everything, when we fail to meet their needs and demands upon us. We like to tell ourselves that this will never happen but it does happen. It's hard to take. It tears apart our sense of self worth. At the same time, we don't even know who we are, so what are we basing this self worth on? Life can be very fickle. We don't like that one bit. We explain ourselves by our possessions and all those we consider to be our possessions, as well as our professions; the size of our dicks, the fading flower of our all too brief beauty, our momentary physical power, our status in the pecking order. That's a big deal. The closer we sit to some imaginary seat of power, the more we find out what we are really like, when we are called upon, or think we are called upon to defend it. Life arranges all sorts of conditions, where we think ourselves challenged, just to show us the sort of fools we are. We operate on paranoia and defensiveness. This is all about showing us how little control we have over anything. That's what aging, death, the loss of fortune, mobility and a host of other things is all about.

Some of us flourish through entire lifetimes. Especially in Kali Yuga you see monsters like Rockefeller, Kissinger and a vast list of names, go from one outrage to another, with seemingly no hindrance or opposition. These are all faithkillers for the rest of us. There's a reason for that too. There's a reason for everything. Often there is a very, very good reason. We don't get told or shown what these are, so we assume they aren't even there. We latch on to the limited knowledge and information that we possess and we use that as a template for understanding and that template is such a tiny thing placed over an incomprehensible vastness, beyond limit or measure. This is all discussed in the chapter of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It has zero impact on the cognitively dissonant, who can read the whole thing and nod their heads in understanding and understand nothing because, otherwise, why would so many people go right back to what they were doing before they read it? How can people read so many books and have so many informing experiences and remain so unchanged? There are so many mysteries that attend the human experience and this is one of them.

We believe that we can get along with everyone and that may be true, if we are aware of who to avoid, who to keep silent with, who to tell what they want to hear ,so that we can get past them and on our way, to wherever it is that we are going and they are not, at least in the short term; “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. There's always more though. There is so much more than what we think we know and there will always be so much more than we think we know, which is why admitting that we do not know, makes it possible for another mind to know and to inform us, at any time, of all we need to know in any given moment. A recognition of our helplessness and the imperative for surrender and reliance is job one in these times. It doesn't matter what was true or what might have been true at any other time. You are not in those times, so it is irrelevant. All the pretty words; the white suits, the new age thousand yard stare, the ridiculous religious outfits, the collection plates, the limousines and private planes, the exceptionalism, the exclusivity, the hubris and arrogance of chosen status, the endless lies, the appetite for gain, the terrible industry and crimes of self interest and on and on and on; none of these things mean anything. Nothing gained or lost by any of them means anything.

Only one thing means anything and that is who the regent is that is seated in your heart and mind. Who has the rulership of your being? To what do you owe your allegiance and to what degree? This tells the whole story of the degree to which you can be compromised, at whatever point the test for that possibility presents itself. “All have sinned and come short of the glory”. There are a lot of ways to understand that and that is the often overlooked key. All scripture has more than one meaning. All the cryptic things could well be even more cryptic and every time you think you have figured out the meaning of something, there is an equal percentage that says you might not have.

Some things can only be understood through divine revelation and via the medium of the intuition. All the study and all the powers of the intellect go only so far. These are the vanities of the mind and the uncompleted heart. We hear lies and we tell ourselves lies. They satisfy us according to the rationalizations we require to appease the self interest that we tell ourselves we do not have. “All our righteousness is as filthy rags”. These things come out of the book of those we have convinced ourselves have nothing to say but we have to remember who was saying these things and who this power was talking to. Not everyone is doing ring around the rosy with the Golden Calf.

Nothing is so fatal and misinformed than when we tell ourselves that we have all the information and that our comprehension and facts are complete. Fundamentally we do not know and until this is visceral we are running around in circles like a chicken with it's head cut off.

It is not my position to tell people they are wrong about something. It is my position to tell people that they might be wrong and not completely informed about the real meaning of things. This is not to say that I know the real meaning of things and I do not pretend to either but I do know someone who does know the meaning of things and is willing to tell me what that might be, within the narrow window of whatever applies to me personally, or whatever it is I am supposed to say and do about any of it, insofar as I am empowered to say or do anything about any of it.

Well, we've come to the end of another posting, more or less. They just go on and on and where they stop nobody knows. Everything you will ever need to know is in fables and fairy tales, if you know how to extract the meaning from them. Real meaning is often to be found in what appears to be nonsense and very often there is no meaning at all to be found in what seems reasonable and rational because our interpretation of reasonable and rational is often askew. What, after all, is rational and reasonable in an irrational and unreasonable world?

Sooner or later the dawn rises in the consciousness and that light illuminates all of the things we have been surrounded by for so long and imagined that we understood. Until that time, we are simply feeling our way in the dark with the echo of Quo Vadis, everywhere in the air around us.

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