Homeland Security - Safeguarding the Jewish Community

Vatic Note:  If you listen to the video carefully, you will discover its not to protect the Israeli's, its to keep the Israeli traveller from suffering the same humiliation and sexual groping assaults that the goyim have to experience.  That is the only reason for this.  It must have been a drop  in income for El Al airlines, for them to do this.   Its always about money when it comes to the Khazar Zionists.   Notice Nepolitano says that Bilderbergs country, the Netherlands, is next for getting this special treatment.  LOL .  Yet, Americans are to continue being humiliated and treated like cattle.   This distinction needs to be noted and recorded along with those identified who are  given a free pass.  Remember them, record them and never forget when the time comes.  If possible take photos.  

Reach down deep into your belly and bring up the courage, love for your country, your countrymen, your nation, and your culture and begin the process of nurturing "righteous anger" at the chuzpah they practice in thinking they can bring down this nation.  Not without a fight, we have the numbers and they have technology, but humans deal with the technology and that is a weakness for them.  

I am not surprised. Like the Gestapo,  Homeland security was created by the infiltrated foreign occupiers of our nation and they control the citizens Quote "Advisory Board" End Quote.  Which is nothing less than the controller of the agency.  ADL and SPLC sit on that advisory board and control everything that comes out of there.  Remember they are the ones that called Constitutionalists "DOMESTIC TERRORISTS" WHEN IN FACT THEY ARE THE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.  Why do you think its smacks of Palestine and a dictatorship?  I am just waiting for them to bull doze our homes down, but then maybe setting fires using HAARP  is much more effective and less costly.  They are refusing to use fire retardent to stop the fires.   Sounds like Palestine indeed.  They are so damn obvious. 

Homeland Security is the biggest abortion we have ever let loose upon our free Republic to bring it down.  Its much more sophisticated than the gestapo were,  but then they were more arrogant now, then they were then.   They are still very very arrogant, and its what will be their down fall, just like it has been every single time they have tried this crap over so many centuries.

I don't care how many overt attempts they try for their anal retentive control over our population, it simply will not work for so very many reasons I can think of, which is way less than they have pondered.   They are so arrogant, they refuse to look at the weaknesses inherent in such a policy, but then, I am all for them bringing themselves down, such that I won't share what those weaknesses are.  For this to work for them, they would have to control every single aspect of our lives including going to the bathroom.   

Even if they managed it, then you have the human factor of pentagon spy watching pornography on the tube rather than the object of their assigned observation.  They can't control the controllers.  hahahaaa.   There aren't enough of them to do that.  Heck our hunting population alone,  armed, exceeds the entire Russian and Chinese army combined.  That does not include the 5,000% increase in women buying, training and shooting guns.  It does not include all the ex vets,  ex CIA, ex officers purged under the Bush administration.  It also does not include all the seniors who have nothing to lose since they are being threatened with cuts in Soc Sec and medicare.  We are up to 100 million already and all of them armed.  

That is only one of the weaknesses.... ironically  in the protocols, it was that pornography the khazars decided to use against us and it might just turn around and bite them on the toosh since the entire pentagon has been written  up for watching pornography instead of doing their jobs.  What irony and pure unadulterated justice is that?  That would be worth being a fly on the wall to watch.  LOL  If I can think of the weaknesses then so can those being observed.  NOTICE IN THE MOVIE, "SOLDIER", ALL THE CHILDREN WERE BAR CODED???  Just did a blog on that subject and here we are with the movies telling us in advance what they have planned for us.  GOOD LUCK!!! You lost in the movie and you will lose here as well.  

Finally,  the American Jewish Community does not have to be safeguarded IF THEY ACT AND STAND WITH AMERICANS AS THE AMERICANS TO WHICH THEY WERE BORN.  AMERICA FIRST, ISRAEL LATER IF THEY DESERVE IT.  RIGHT NOW WITH ALLIES LIKE ISRAEL WHO NEEDS ENEMIES.  If they decide to act and stand with Israel, then they need to pack up and move there to be honest and forthright which we can accept.  If not, there is nothing you can do to safeguard any community as the underground proved in WW II.  COLLABORATORS WERE DISPATCHED POST HASTE AFTER A TRIAL WITH THE UNDERGROUND.  

Homeland Security - Safeguarding the Jewish Community
by Maasanova, The 12160 blog, June 29, 2012

Forget the rather unsexy Forward editor, Jane Eisner. This video is full of good information, straight from the horse's mouth on Homeland Security grants funnelled into Jewish communities for no apparent reason, 

Israel is pilot nation for Global Entry Program US to fast track Israelis into US (Israel not required to reciprocate), US special relationship with Israel, zero threats to the Jewish community according to Janet Napalitano, chicken twirling plus laugh track.

Thanks to Anthony Lawson, Brother Nathanael and Destroy ZOG for source video 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah,we have a special relationship with Isarel,we lick there boots and they screw us every chance they get.What a bunch of lames are goverment must look like to those zionist.They will find who the real Americans are when the they try enforce all the bs theyve managed to get on paper,Theyve only won paper ,not in real life Ha!ha!

Vatic Master said...

Boy, I am with you. Right now, I am so mad at the satanists, occultist, illuminati families, Israhell, Zionist bankers, child molesters, pedophiles, sex slave traders, torturers, assassins, Child Protective Services who have become the new breed of pimps. You can tell I am thorough ticked off and you are so right.

Even our founding fathers made that point. We will take this shizha for only so long and when we are totally and irretreivabley fed up, then watch out. I, personally, am almost there especially when I read what they are doing to our children. I just can't believe we are letting them. I get as mad at us as I do at them.

Jenifar said...

There is no security for Jewish community. if you want it, please see this Jewish video goo.gl/DT6FN. All the best.

Vatic Master said...

Thank you, Jenifar, that was an excellent video. Its also very very true. Its also very very hard to do when you are hurting, so this video is a must keep and replay often. Thanks again for your contribution.