Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action, Not Fighting Colorado Fires

Vatic Note: The entire state of Colorado is on fire and no one is dumping fire retardant on it.  Watch the video of the potential that Jumbo Jet has to put out these fires well before they got to the point they are at right now.... and it shows what a  great job of dumping the fire retardant that system does, so why hasn't Colorado or the Feds called for leasing it to address the fire? I think its because the fire was intentionally set.  Remember the Iron Mountain report of 1966 recommending ecodisasters to achieve their agenda.  

The videos are a must watch to see how it all works.   Excellent in fact, but given it was probably the CIA who started the fires,  I find it unlikely they intend to put them out.   Remember,  Forests are essential for "hiding" things and the powers that be, Khazar Zionists controlled by the British MI6 are "Anal Retentive Control Freaks" as are all abused children when they become adults and they hate losing control, so probably  decided the west and south were: 

1.  Armed and willing to use the arms,  and 
2.  locals know the local terrain better than  anyone,  and could easily hide large numbers in the forest  with all the other warm blooded animals in there. and 
3.  Can hide their guns and ammo, and silver and gold in these forests as well, so the fires were really essential for them to garner back that control.

It would be impossible to identify the humans, so this was the next best option.   Its the only reason the CIA will not make money intentionally, by leasing out the jet to fight the fires,  because they have a bigger agenda. They are definitely getting more and more desperate, but here is the good news.  Its like a mass  timed awakening.   Everyone knows about the chemtrails now.  Its no longer a secret and they dump all the time.  I still think its for multiple purposes and one of them is to hide the pole shift and Nibiru.  Just my humble opinion. 

With rare exceptions, I find more are seriously waking up and I can't tell you what did it either.  Things are already getting out of hand for the bad  guys even after all this planning.    It still will require courage and action on our part, so be prepared to dig deep down and find that courage hanging around your heart somewhere along with the love for your children and fellow Americans and others around the globe.  

This government is ours and not Hitlers.  So we are responsible for stopping its international rampid crime spree of our foreign occupied government and we must do it soon before we kill anymore innocent civilians and destroy anymore property or crash anymore markets.  

Remember, it was the khazars in WW I that put that horrible reparations on Germany that destroyed their economy and I bet $20 that is what they intend to do to us as the designated losers.  We are the McCain of this agenda.    

Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action, Not Fighting Colorado Fires
By Harold Saive
July 2, 2012

On March 24, 2009 Evergreen International Aviation announced their B-747 Supertanker was certified to fly by the Interagency Air Tanker Board and ready to fight wildfiles.

The large-scale aerial fire fighting jet uses a delivery system  patented by Evergreen Air, capable of delivering large payloads of retardant at safe altitudes above terrain.
On June 29th Evergreen Air issued a statement on their website in response to numerous queries about the availability of their 747 Supertanker.
According to the statement, Evergreen is not using their 747 tanker(s) to assist in containing disasters like the Colorado Fires due to flaws in US Forest Service (USFS) policies.
a) Even though Evergreen’s 747 Tanker is capable of dropping a 20,000 pound payload of fire retardant the USFS allowable upper limit for “tank size” is 5,000 pounds.
b) Due to recent changes to the US Forest Service procurement policies only small businesses are eligible for contract awards concerning air tanker assets.
Evergreen alleges they’ve never been told why their tanker(s) has not been activated by USFS and can only “speculate” as to why.
The dark history of Evergreen Air as a CIA asset for covert chemtrail spraying may provide a clue as to why they have no contract with USFS.

While not fighting fires there is little reason to believe the 747 Tanker is sitting idle on some runway in Arizona.
The same system patent that allows disbursement of fire-fighting compounds is also rated for spraying “weather modification” chemicals…aka Chemtrails.
Cynics could call Evergreen’s released statement a cover story to hide the 747 tankers real, full time mission to spray and dump chemical aerosols for the pupose of covert  geoengineering and weather modification.
Fire Retardant Drop
High Altitude Drop – Weather Modification?

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