U.S. Electricity Bills Keep Rising Despite SHARP DECLINES in cost of fuel used to produce it

Vatic Note:   Does SMART METERS ring a bell?  They are dual purpose meters.  It records the energy you use, but it also spies on you as part of the paranoid globalists psycho plan to use a global smart grid to spy on us.  And as  usual they want us to pay for their insane paranoia.   Screw them.   Lets make our own energy and generate it and in the long run we will save a ton of  money.  This is why they have raised our electric rates outrageously, to pay for the smart meters that we refuse to pay for installing.  iT WILL ALSO BE SAFER, SINCE THESE METERS EXPLODE AND CAUSE FIRES AND DEATH.

These evil demons never pay for anything out of their trillions of stolen dollars from everyone, instead they make us pay for our own imprisonment, and destruction.  That is perverted and insane, and that is proven almost daily with these evil creatures who are not human. 

Natural Gas isn't much better either.  In fact, even water has gone up and now utilities are almost or more than our rent.  This was one of the prongs for making us into slaves without it being obvious.  We have to work all adults in the family, or hold down two jobs just to pay to live.  That is called slavery.  Well, they can kiss my booty, since the way I will save money is by NOT PAYING MY INTEREST PAYMENTS ON DEBT I DID NOT ACCRUE TO THE ROTHSCHILDS. THEY CAN COLLECT THEIR INTEREST PAYMENTS FROM THEIR PUPPETS IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

U.S. Electricity Bills Keep Rising Despite SHARP DECLINES in cost of fuel used to produce it
Submitted by IWB, on April 21st, 2015

Families in New York are paying 40% more for electricity than they were a decade ago. Meanwhile, the cost of the main fuel used to generate electricity in the state—natural gas—has plunged 39%.

Why haven’t consumers felt the benefit of falling natural-gas prices, especially since fuel accounts
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for at least a quarter of a typical electric bill?
 One big reason: utilities’ heavy capital spending. New York power companies
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poured $17 billion into new equipment—from power plants to pollution-control devices—in the past decade, a spending surge that customers have paid for.
 New York utilities’ spending plans could push electricity prices up an additional 63% in the next decade, said Richard Kauffman, the former chairman of Levi Strauss & Co
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. who became New York’s energy czar in 2013. It’s “not a sustainable path for New York,” he said. New York is no outlier. Capital spending
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has climbed at utilities nationwide—and so have their customers’ bills. http://www.wsj.com/articles/utilities-profit-recipe-spend-more-1429567463

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