Book of Enoch The Book for the Final Generation

Vatic Note:   Well, here we are again, faced with proof that these giants did, indeed exist, and that history, now in religious form, has been denied, hidden, and otherwise changed to suit someone’s agenda.   What I did not know, was  that the bones from these giants have been found all over the earth in different countries.  Now how can that be, if these are just stories??? 

If these are just stories then it proves the enormous power of the creative mind that humans were endowed with, and made good use of,  but if these are not just stories, then we have much to contemplate and study to understand who and what these beings were, where they came from,  who sent them, and what their various missions were.  Last but not least, what is their relationship to man and how is that to be manifested?

This is one of the most elaborate productions I have ever seen, and strikes the imagination tremendously.   The elements of this is very well matched against the text of both the Bible and the book of Enoch, and is very complex.  I am now going through this a second time, as it is so dense, it needs to be viewed at least two times, if not more.  But it is definitely worth the journey.  We did some previous blogs on this, but this was far more detailed in describing the angels, who they were and their standing within their community.

Book of Enoch, The Book for the Final Generation
Published by Edgar Eddie on Aug 30, 2013

I wanted to clarify. I didn't make this video and so I don't want to take credit for it. For some reason the original one was taken down from youtube a while ago. I was lucky enough to have downloaded it before that and I reaploaded it from my channel. This is a great video and needs to be around. Peace and Blessings

Book of Enoch intro content by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell - from Enoch documentary at http://youtu.be/mtBz1roiQR8

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