Vatic Note:   This author of this article, is direct and not politically correct, but then truth is like that.   It makes us face realities that we would prefer to have go away and disappear forever....so it doesn't disrupt the controlled world we inhabit.  I don't see  how anyone can watch this video and not feel complete shame for what was done in our name, even though the Rothschilds coordinated all this with the khazar leaders of the western nations, its still the peoples responsibility to disavow any such behavior and to refuse to do what these soldiers were told to do. 

This is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen.  What bothers me about it, how could we be part of such animal perversion?   It was one thing to think that someone Else is doing these things, but to find out it is us, was a real shocker.  Then I discovered and posted a blog proving that Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower,  and other western leaders were, in fact, KHAZARS and in on the scam of WW II.

What they did after WW II to the German people,  deserves a late revisit and nuremberg trials and punishment based on international law. I believe the announcer, who said that they wanted the spiritual decimation of Germany and its people.  But also, I personally believe it was to rid the planet of the pure blood RH negatives, which are blonde haired and blue eyed and RH neg blood. Did the powers they have truly create fear in the drago hybrids?  It appears so. 

Reminds me of the massacred millions of Russians after the Russian revolution, who were in fact, Christians.  Why the massive hatred of Christ and his followers??? Was it because he was AB negative?  Blonde haired and blue eyed? It should be the khazars that should be paying reparations to Germany instead of the other way around.

This below is so barbaric and inhuman, that is what has lead me to start to believe I maybe right about that.  These lizards, are definitely not human.  History is being completely rewritten and re-exposed for the barbaric animalistic perversion that it has proved to be and the khazar Zionist bankers are and were a big part of it.  Its time to stop it all now.  Someone needs to do as Iceland did and take these bankers down internationally, individually in each country. 

By Admin,  Icenrising, May 3, 2015 (Luke Fraudkowski)

I am Me, Myself, without the State of England, I removed my consent to be governed in 2010, I will not pay income tax, road tax or council tax to fund traitors inside the gates, illegal wars, state sponsored false flags, war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, I am white, indigenous to British shores, with celtic blood in my vains and proud.

I am not proud of Britain, England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland in their part in said crimes; historically or contemporarily. However, once the wakening spreads from a ripple to a tsunami, the pathetic little scum from Churchill to the Camerons and MIlibands of today, inclusive of their puppets like Russell Brand et al, will be washed out to see, and be seen by all.
If you’re not outraged, you’re either a psychopath or you’re not paying attention.
Brilliant, Brilliant film by Kyle Hunt at Renegade Broadcasting, truth fears no investigation, only the Jews fear it, tough shit.  (VN: khazars....)


The traitors and war criminals of yesterday are no different to the traitors and war criminals of today, they are unequivocally Zionist Jews, (VN: khazars)  intent on the genocide of the indigenous peoples of Europe, and the world, to destroy  our way of life, our customs, laws and ancestry; get on board and fight, or shut up and step aside.

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