What are EMF/ELF's and How Do We Protect Ourselves Against Them? Part 1 of 4

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Vatic Note:  We published an article discussing the serious dangers of these high tech toys we have been feeling so good about.  They improve our lives in their usage and have made life simpler and yet more complex.   However, we have gone over the line as this below will prove and we must start back again, before we destroy ourselves.

This is not a fear piece, its a warning accompanied by a list of products that we can buy to help us avoid all this below and we will present them in part 2, so check back daily to see if its up.  I am still  collecting info on it, its important since we have been warned the PTB intend to use their space lasers to do these EMF's and blame it on the sun which is moving away from us at this time of year, and they will do it while we are distracted with the Ebola and the PTB will be underground and safe.

Within the link info below you will find a description of each and what they do.  In part 2, you can match the products with the descriptions we provided here in part 1.  If you already have some of it, then you simply have to determine what you have not covered and use the info to shop for what you need.  Its time for us to think seriously about researching these types of products and get that which is good for us and could well save our lives.

They did a trial run about a year of so ago and killed thousands, if not millions of birds, fish and sealife.  So take this seriously, and if nothing else it will protect you against those EMF items we are subjected to on a daily basis from Cell phones, IPOD's and smart meters,  that we use in every day life. 

EMF Protection Products
by Admin,  Safe Space Protection

What Does EMF Stand For?
EMF stands for Electromagnetic fields, which are often called EMFs, and invisible electrical and magnetic forces. EMFs are a type of radiation, that take the form of waves.

Types of Electromagnetic Energy

Natural EMFs - The earth produces an electromagnetic field (EMF), and so does the human body. Also known as "Extremely Low Frequency"  ELF’s. In fact, scientific research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF, helping to regulate important functions and keep you healthy.
Natural EMFs or ELF’s are low in intensity; for example, a healthy human body resonates with the earth's magnetic field at around 10 hertz.
Artificial EMFs - Human technologies - from hairdryers and cell phones to high voltage wires - create powerful EMFs. These strong EMFs have been shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field.

Fact: We’re exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than our grandparents were, and that exposure grows each year.  (VN: that is why we cannot afford Smart Meters.  We have no leeway anymore..... we must get back to as close to earth resonance as possible. That is why the ancients lived so much longer than we do.)

There are two parts to an electromagnetic field (EMF): an electric field and a magnetic field.

The electric field:
  • Created by electric charges, or voltage (the force of the electricity)
  • Always there when an appliance is plugged in (even if the appliance is turned off) 
  • Can be shielded or blocked by metal housing and other barriers.
  • Measured in units of hertz
The magnetic field
  • Created by moving electric charges (electric current)
  • Only there when the appliance is operating (when current is flowing)
  • Hard to shield: can penetrate steel, concrete and human bodies (human bodies have the same permeability as air when it comes to magnetic fields, which is why x-rays work so well).
  • The more powerful the current is, the more powerful the magnetic field it creates
  • Measured in units of gauss (G) or milliGauss (mG), which is one-thousandth of a gauss.
Both fields are invisible and perfectly silent: if you live in an area with electric power and cell phone service, some level of artificial EMF is surrounding you.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is the scientific name for types of photon radiation. Radiation is energy that travels and radiates out as it moves. Electromagnetic radiation consists of photons (light particles) which travel in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light.

The amount of energy found in these photons forms the various types of electromagnetic radiation in the spectrum expressed in terms of energy, wavelength or frequency.

Frequency is measured in cycles per second (which is called a Hertz), wavelength is measured in meters and energy is measured in electron volts. The strength of an EMF depends on its wavelength and frequency. A greater number of waves with shorter wavelengths create more energy as you move up the spectrum.

Electromagnetic Radiation Effects On People From Everyday Electronics

The technologies we use today, from our everyday appliances, cell phones, even our cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation that can penetrate and affect us, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our environments.
  • For years, scientists have conducted research linking EM radiation to serious diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others. (See studies.)
  • After an extensive review of 2,000+ such studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded EMFs “should be regarded as possible carcinogens.”
  • An international group of leading researchers recently came out stating, “the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect health.” (more on the Bioinitiative report below).
  • Forward-thinking nations around the world are starting to set stricter EMF safety limits.  (VN: Example, banning smart meters)
  • Even the EPA now cautions you to “limit your exposure.”

Why Is EM Radation Exposure So Dangerous?

EM Radiation Exposure EffectsYou may not realize it, but your own body uses electromagnetic fields to function properly. In fact, research has demonstrated that every cell in your body may have its own EMF.

In his book “The Body Electric,” researcher and author Robert Becker demonstrates that our cells actually communicate with each other via bioelectrical signals and electromagnetic fields.

These natural EMFs help regulate important biochemical processes of all kinds. Maintaining balance in those cellular electromagnetic fields is crucial to your physical health.

What Are The Dangers Of EM Radiation To Humans?

Unfortunately, your body can also be influenced by the powerful artificial EM Radiation around you. That’s where the trouble starts.

How Does Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation Get Into Your Body?

When it comes to magnetic radiation (which is part of any EMF—see EMF explained for more on that), the body is as easily penetrated as air. This means if you are near a powerful EMF, electromagnetic radiation isn’t just around you, it’s inside you.

According to Dr. Becker, your body’s electrical signals are well within the range of those that can be stimulated by ambient radio waves, microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. That harmful, unnatural type of stimulation can seriously impact your body.

EM Radiation Can  Cause Health Chaos…

Artificial EMFs change the frequency of your body's electromagnetic fields through a process called entrainment (or sympathetic resonance). Entrainment is the tendency of an object to vibrate at the same frequency as something outside of it. In other words, powerful artificial EMFs overwhelm your body’s own electrical fields, changing their frequency and distorting the balance of the body's electromagnetic field and its communication systems. This causes physical, mental and emotional chaos.

The danger doesn’t always pass once you get away from the strong electromagnetic field. That’s because biological systems have been proven to store electromagnetic radiation within the cells in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations can stubbornly remain inside you, wreaking havoc with your body’s most important processes.

Compounding this problem, metallic objects all around us act as antennae. These include electrical circuits, telephone wiring, water and gas pipes, even your keys and jewelry, which collect and re-radiate these disorienting energy waves.

The highest frequency energy waves (X-rays, gamma rays and others) can break chemical and molecular bonds, and can literally rip atoms apart, disrupting the basic biochemical structures of life.
The healthy human body resonates at around 10 hertz. Frequencies above that create biological stress, tissue damage and serious health problems.

Have There Been Any Electromagnetic Radiation Studies?

Yes. Thousands of studies worldwide have shown that overexposure to EMFs can lead to weakened immunities, lowered resistance to bacterial and viral infections and devastating illnesses like cancer.

The BioInitiative Working Group sounds the alarm

An International working group of leading scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals is bringing scientific concerns about the radiation to light.

Their 2007 report, the BioInitiative Report, concludes that the existing standards for public safety are completely inadequate to protect your health. The report includes studies showing evidence that electromagnetic fields:
  • Affects gene and protein expression (Transcriptomic and Proteomic Research)
  • Has genotoxic effects – RFR and ELF DNA damage
  • Induces stress response (Stress Proteins)
  • Affects immune function
  • Affects Neurology and behavior
  • Causes childhood cancers (Leukemia)
  • Impacts melatonin production; Alzheimer’s Disease; Breast Cancer
  • Promotes breast cancer (Melatonin links in laboratory and cell studies)
Other well-known studies link EMFs to:
  • Enzyme changes that affect DNA and cell growth; possible result is cancer and birth defects.
  • Changed metabolism and increased cell growth.
  • Fetal abnormalities, probably caused by enzyme changes.
  • Gene expression changes, which creates stress on your body and even result in cancer.
  • Increased production of stress proteins within cells, linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Chronic stress, which can lead to heart conditions.
  • Neuro-hormone changes, which can result in memory loss and impaired brain function.
  • Electro-smog disturbs the growth of cells and the information flow between cells.

The Higher The EMF Frequency, The More Serious The Health Effect.

The fields that appear to be of most concern are those that are very strong, near the body, or of high frequency.

Electromagnetic Spectrum In My Home

 Part 2 will cover the types of equipment that are available to us, that could mitigate these EMF fields in various situations.

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