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Vatic Note:  I was totally surprised by the quality of this video and the analysis done on a big picture basis.  Most of this video tells us in detail who, what and why in a way I had not heard but had speculated before.  It truly is an "Obama Deception" but probably not in a way you have been led to believe.  So give it a listen all the way through.  Its worth the effort.

In this video, he lists all the advisors that Obama selected for top key positions within his white house,  most of them are Khazars and all of them are members of the private elite groups that have planned all this and are now trying to bring us down.   What surprised me was how many behind the scenes in the Bush administration are now in the Obama administration.

There is nothing more evident about the lack of difference between the parties, than these appointments who are all members of the Bilderberg group, the CFR, including its chairman, and the Trilateral Commission.   But worse, is the inclusion of Henry Kissinger, that we never hear about and he is the Secretary of STate to Rockefeller and the globalists.

Then they listed Voelker and Greenspan, whose appointment is in violation of the Constitution since he holds a high position with the British monarchy.   He not only was knighted by the Queen of England, who said, it was for the work he did internationally for the "Bank of England", which is Rothschilds bank, but he was also hired by the Queen of England to her Treasury dept, while also being hired and serving the Rothschild Bank of England.

And, while doing that,  he is also getting paid to advise Obama.   (The truth is "advise" is not the right word,  rather "handle/manage" Obama), which is a conflict of interest and treason.   Like I said, this is an excellent summary big picture and I could not have done this as well as they did, but I can confirm the truth of it, since I verified their respective positions at the time.  Read, verify and decide for yourselves. 

Published by Nick Mercer on Sep 16, 2014
Obama deception


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