Vatic Note: Oh, this is a must listen to ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  This Greek guy reporting about what is happening in Greece but more important he has a incredible handle on exactly what is going on, including what is planned at various stages of this depopulation and take over of the globe.  LISTEN TO THE END AS HE MOVES INTO SOLUTIONS.  HIS ANALYSIS IS EXCEPTIONAL.

I am beginning to wonder if the USA is suppose to lead a global rebellion against the very few numbers of these global elite perverts and their Krazy Khazar operatives.  They are on the verge of pushing us over the top with their total violation of our constitutional republic and its governing document.

I get the feeling everyone is just waiting for them to make that first move so they can take them down.   If so, then the world could join in and make it happen everywhere and ensure that these cretins never gain a foothold to complete their agenda.  Boy this Greek reporter knows what is really going on and who is doing the dirty deeds. 

What he says is that all this is a false flag set up basically, by the NWO globalists.  This must have been what the Bilderbergs had been discussing at their last meeting and did not want any press into the area  to report this.  Looks like they authorized massacres, torture , mass confiscation of property, mass encarcerations in concentration camps.  THIS EXPLAINS THE PREPARATIONS IN LA.  MILITIA, GET READY, WE ARE GOING TO NEED YOU as our founding fathers envisioned.  What geniuses they were.

However, this greek reporter has family in Greece so he has first hand citizens stories of what these elitests are doing in all parts of Greece.   The horrors visited on these families in Greece are horrible, skinning them alive, cutting off old peoples limbs etc.  This is getting into the deep insanity of these insane perverts. That sounds like the khazar Israeli mafia.

You are not going to believe all that he is reporting that is almost hard to believe.  This is what is going to happen here unless we stand together against them, and after seeing what they did in LA in cutting off areas through fences and barbed wire, its already beginning.  This happened in Germany.  Remember when the priest said "First they came for the Communists and I was not a communist, so I did nothing, then they came  etc etc.  Finally they came for  me and there was no one left to protest. If we say nothing, do not protest what they are doing in LA, then we will next or last and on our own, with no chance of making it.  Best to speak up now.

The globalists are even using and paying mafia including russian mafia to intimidate the citizens of Greece.  He talks about the chemtrails, the addition of something radioactive material into the drinking water, which is similar to the DU dumping these foreign occupiers of our gov has done. I can't even believe all this crap they are doing to these Greeks, this ancient culture is being completely wiped out in the depopulation agenda of Genocide.

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Published on 1 Aug 2013 by Ron Van Dyke, One Vibration

The weak video feed from Greece resulted in a poor quality image of Aristo as he responds to a question Ron sent him earlier in the week regarding the situation in Greece. As part of Agenda 21, the cabal has launched what they call Project Zeus, which is a clampdown on freedom for the Greek people. Greece is overrun with immigrants from the Middle East and Central Asia that the rest of Europe refuses to help assimilate.


They are also overrun by various mafias creating a lot of crime and terror. In addition, the Greek people are not even allowed self defense, which is apparently true throughout Europe. The elite, like Henry Kissinger, hate Greece because the Greek people have a long history of not being compliant. For those like Ron who have been unaware of all this, what Aristo reveals will certainly be an eye opener.

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The One World Gov. from Hell is a big fan of eugenics~~their perfect world is with 500 million slaves to do their bidding !