Vaccine Injection Room, You are being poisoned

Vatic Note:  Why do we think WalMart is giving away cheap flu shots enmass???  Well, that is a very good question, given the owner of Wal Mart is part of the Elite with their depopulation agenda.  That alone should worry us and refuse to take their shots.   There are natural ways to prepare yourself for any of these horrors they intend to visit upon us.  Just remember, there are 89 dead microbiologists and they were not killed for nothing.   They had DNA  sequencing, which is a specialty that can identify which bioweapons facility the bug in question came from.  CDC also retreived and started manipulating the black plague virus that was completely eradicated until they dug it up (Rockefeller funded the dig) and revived it.  Why do that? Just asking.   We all need to start asking a lot more questions of a lot more people. 


Dr. Andrew Wakefield speaks at the American Assoc. of Physicians and Surgeons

Date: 2011-10-11


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. The news is also out that Gardasil has hpv recominant dna in it, also.

Vatic Master said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but what is hpv??? And if its what I think it is, then its worse than we thought. If you have a link to that fact, I would love it so I can put it up on a blog. Thanks.