John Taylor Gatto - History of Education, Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System

Vatic Note:  This is up because its foundational to how we got where we are today.  I worked for a while as a volunteer in our school system as a tutor for forth grade math.   I was shocked at the methods required to teach in the classroom.  Fortunately, volunteer tutors were under no such restrictions.   I could use the system I grew up under to teach and bring these kids up to their math level for that class.  It worked.  In fact, it worked so well that they kept giving me more and more kids to where I was tutoring 6 of them when I was suppose to be tutoring only one at a time.   I have since run into these students who are now in  6th grade and they are all doing very well.   All I had to do was teach them "HOW TO LEARN" on their own.  Which they continued to do after we were through.  Now they are getting "A's" in math.  In discussing this with the teacher, I was told they are blocked from using what they learned in education degreed classes and have to teach according to strict rules and methods and they agreed that it was more "ALL STUDENTS LEFT BEHIND" RATHER THAN "NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND". 

Please read this,  this man is a hero for what he has done, since it has cost him dearly to stand in his integrity which most of us would not do.  I suspect he has suffered way more than we will ever know for exposing the social engineering he was forced to engage in.  Home schooling at this point or professional tutoring are the only choices parents have right now in this dumbing down SOCIAL ENGINEERING SYSTEM.  More of us should be willing to forgo personally in order to stand for principles and integrity.   Only that will save this country and its children.  If we do not then we are the villians for allowing all this to happen to our own children, along with the drugging that we have allowed to occur which prepares them for the illegal drugs when taken off the ritalin at 18 and that guarantees  feeding the bankers money laundering and drug running profits.

John Taylor Gatto - History of Education, Social Engineering & Indoctrination in the School System
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May 19, 2011

John Taylor Gatto was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. He attended public schools and a private Catholic boarding. As a boy he held many jobs from sweeping his grandpa's printing office to selling comic books. Later, he did undergraduate work at Cornell, the University of Pittsburgh, and Columbia and then served in the U.S. Army medical corps. Following army service he did graduate work at the City University of New York, Hunter College, Yeshiva, the University of California, and Cornell.

After college, Mr. Gatto worked as a scriptwriter in the film business, was an advertising writer, a taxi driver, a jewelry designer, an ASCAP songwriter, and a hotdog vendor before becoming a schoolteacher. During his school teaching years he also entered the caviar trade, conducted an antique business, operated a rare book search service, and founded Lava Mt. Records.

He climaxed his teaching career as New York State Teacher of the Year after being named New York City Teacher of the Year on three occasions. He quit teaching on the OP ED page of the Wall Street Journal in 1991 while still New York State Teacher of the Year, claiming that he was no longer willing to hurt children.


Later that year he was the subject of a show at Carnegie Hall called "An Evening With John Taylor Gatto," which launched a career of public speaking in the area of school reform, which has taken Gatto over a million and a half miles in all fifty states and seven foreign countries.

His books include: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling (1992); The Exhausted School (1993); A Different Kind of Teacher (2000); The Underground History Of American Education (2001); and Weapons of Mass Instruction (2008).

Gatto is currently at work on a documentary film about the nature of modern schooling entitled "The Fourth Purpose", with his friend and former student, Roland Legiardi-Laura. Gatto has been married for forty years to the same woman, and has two grown children and a cat. He hopes to build a rural retreat and library for the use of families pondering local and personal issues of school reform.

Don't miss this excellent interview with John Taylor Gatto as he discusses the school system both past and present, social engineering, and the dumbing down of our children. Topics discussed: history of education, industrialized schooling, justification, religion, protestant reformation, John Calvin, Calvinism, Spinoza, Johann Fichte, coercion, Pavlov, brainwashing the masses, Charles Darwin, "The Descent of Man", conspiracy, third world countries, the school ranks, China, world wide monoculture, collage degree, Francis Collins, LSD, creativity, creative technology, continuous boredom and more.

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