Bloomberg Wants 'Big Brother Britain' For NYC.

Vatic Note:   How NY goes, so goes the nation, so hopefully NYers will be screaming bloody murder over this.  I was not surprised that the Brits put up with this because they are so polite, but not NYers, since that is the last vestige of privacy we had left, if that goes up in NY, there will be no privacy and they can even spy in your house using those cameras that are remote controlled.   Sorry, but that should not be acceptable.  I guess we are becoming a survellience society, but then don't owners like to keep an eye on their cattle???  One might get away.   Then you have to go round them up, which is a lot more expensive.  Cheaper to just have a camera there and then you go for just the one.  This is getting so ridiculous that I can't believe we are even seriously going to let them do this?  

Bloomberg Wants 'Big Brother Britain' For NYC.

Mayor In London, Meets With Police Chief And Examine City's Security System Consisting Of 500,000 Cameras.  Fact: Average Person Can Be Filmed 300 Times In A Single Day In London
Monday, 03 May 2010

LONDON (CBS) ― Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his eye on more security against terror attacks (VN: then he need not worry about NY, except for Wall Street, rather focus on Wa DC, since that is where so many of the terrorists operate from). He went to London Tuesday to check out their surveillance camera system, one of the largest in the world. Mayor Bloomberg was in London on May 11, 2010, to meet with the city's police chief about ways to enhance NYC's security.

Ever since the Times Square car bomb scare on May 1, the mayor's been looking to build up New York's camera network.  That means adding to the ring of steel in Times Square, similar to central London's. The mayor said more NYPD surveillance cameras may prevent another terror scare.

London has 500,000 surveillance cameras, more than any other city in the world. (VN:  Then if that is the case, the British are the biggest sheep on the planet, and I love the British, I married one)

Bloomberg visited London's mayor to see how these help Britain fight terror.  "We live in a world of suicide bombers (VN: yes, and they reside in Washington DC and Wall Street). We live in a world of international terrorism," Bloomberg said.

And a world where both cities have been targets. Bloomberg came to take a closer look at the sprawling security network throughout London -- known as the "Ring of Steel." The mayor's hoping to beef up New York's own surveillance system in the wake of the failed car bomb attack in Times Square.

"It's not clear that they would have helped in Times Square. Other than if the perpetrator knew there were cameras, he might not have tried to come into Times Square," Bloomberg said.

London's about the same size as New York and its transit systems handle roughly the same number of people every day.

Nearly everywhere you look in London, there's someone or some "thing" looking right back at you. In fact, you could be caught on camera as many as 300 times in the course of one day.

Cameras record the license plate of every single car that enters the capital. Yet it didn't stop terrorists from planting a car bomb outside this downtown nightclub three years ago. It failed to go off.

"Nobody's going to make the world perfectly safe, but wouldn't you rather be somewhat safer?" Bloomberg said.  He's banking on it as he plans to take "Big Brother Britain" back to New York City.

London's "Ring of Steel" was the inspiration for the 3,000-camera network being installed in lower Manhattan and Midtown. The NYPD hopes all the cameras are installed by the end of 2011.


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American Action Report said...

The history of the 20th century has shown that government is 4.5 times as deadly as war. That's the difference between the number of people (civilians and military) who died as a result of war and the number of people who were deliberately killed by their own governments. Giving more power to government isn't going to make us safer. If anything, it will do the opposite.

Vatic said...

I can guarantee you when this crap is over, NO ONE ON THE PLANET WILL EVER TRUST ANOTHER GOVERNMENT AGAIN AND I GUARANTEE YOU THEY WILL TEACH THAT LESSON with examples to their children, and they won't forget, unless they are brainwashed, but somehow, I can't explain it, but they are not going to achieve their goal.

The best they can hope for is destroying the planet with all of us and them too. See, I would prefer that to what they have planned for us if they survive and these lizards should never be allowed to survive on any planet. So if it would rid the universe of them, then i would be all for going.

You know, I never, in my life, ever, thought I would say this, but, now I can understand Hitler and where he was coming from. Finally. I get it.

Boldarn said...

Vatic master , you got it and I share your stand :
Give me freedom or give me death ! This is the time of the great divide and we the people for peace & freedom cannot and will never surrender ,
never ever ! Death is better than surrender to the beast . The beast is provoking terrorism to the max , yet it is the biggest terrorist !
The wolf in sheep's clothing ...twisted , sick to the core and must be defeated .It needs to be under surveillance by the people who don't need surveillance cameras . If Germany had not lost the war , the truth about the holocaust would have made for a very different history ...

Vatic said...

Boldarn, I believe there was a holocaust, but it wasn't as presented, having said that, here is proof that the Zionists were actually the cause of it in concert with Hitler who tried to avoid doing it.

The Zionists who were resideing in Switzerland at the time, sold out the Jews of Europe for the purposes of obtain Palestine as their land and using the Holocaust as the justification.

Ten Questions to the Zionists

Rothschild had purchased about 200,000 acres in Palestine BEFORE THE WAR, so this was on the books for a long time. This above was written by a Rabbi and it was done in 1948, and was a public letter to the Zionists, so that there would be a record of what horrors they had purposely done to their own people.

If they would do that to their own, you can not imagine what they would willingly do to us if given half a chance. They already have shown that by intentionally killing Americans for political puposes such as the USS Liberty, the Levon Affair, the USS Cole, and 9-11.

They have killed more Americans than all the Muslim countries put together.