Tulso city 10 Commandments Monument removed under cover of darkness

Vatic Note:  Its amazing what these elected reps are doing behind our backs.... When reading this below, remember this is happening in towns all over the country.  Remember the big bruhaha when Alabama removed their 10 commandments from their state capital?  I just read that one town, substituted the statue of Baphomet (Lucifer), for the 10 commandments that were removed.

Add this to the signing of the TPP agreement and its proof that the entire NWO movement is a Satanic fascist one and that is why, in the past, millions of Christians were murdered, similar to the Russian Revolution, before WWI and millions of Germans post WW 2.  Neither worked, so now they are trying to eradicate Christianity using a restructuring of our culture and its symbols.

Eventually, subsequent generations will not have been exposed to these things that are an integral part of our culture.  Clever indeed.  I suspect that is also why they are destroying our educational system to dumb down our children so they won't ask or go against this restructuring nor will they resist the destruction of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.  At least they "THINK" that will be the case. 

Do you also remember, in 1991,  when Bush Sr, signed a resolution that took the American legal system off the 10 commandments and placed them under the " NOAHIDE LAWS".   I remember it well.  Why?  Because under Noahide laws, its a crime to believe in Christ and the punishment is decapitation.   That was how I knew that it wasn't arabs or Muslims that decapitated Christians in Syria, it was the khazars who are living under the Noahide laws in Israel and now its part of our system, but just not implemented yet.

I believe they intend to start decapitating us, as soon as they have total control since the laws are already in place waiting for the chance to put them to use "legally", which that resolution does for them.  That proves that Bush Sr was a traitor, and should give back the medal of freedom that Obama gave him.  DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS AND STOCK UP ON AMMO FROM SOMEONE YOU TRUST.

The Noahide laws are Khazar laws they passed in Israel and now we have them in the US.  Its a much more effective way to deChristianize this country.  Killing off all Christians does not get them all and we saw in Russia how vibrant the underground church was when Russia freed them up to practice their faith.

What other reason is there for removing those 10 commandments?  They set a moral base for our civilization.  The khazars are trying to decivilize our society and make it into the barbaric system they have in their country.  We should resist any such removal, and if its done anyway, then find out who authorized it and do  a recall election on that politician, and get him/her out of office.  Religious freedom is one of our most basic freedoms.  The right to practice as we wish.

Its now time to serious consider our situation and begin preparing MENTALLY for what is to come.  They need world war III to save their corrupt fiat currency system, and this time they need it globally,  and in every previous WW, it was preceded by a revolution, which is what they are trying to get us to do prior to WW III TO WEAKEN US SO WE LOSE THAT WAR.  Lets fool them and do something unexpected and something they cannot prepare for.  I will ponder on it and update as soon as I come up with something.  Stay tuned...... 

10 Commandments Monument removed under cover of darkness
By Admin,  The Tulsa Beacon,  October 8, 2015

OKLAHOMA CITY — Under the cover of darkness surrounded by armed security, government workers removed the Ten Commandments Monument from the State Capitol Monday night.
The liberal Oklahoma Supreme Court had ordered its removal because the justices believe no religious symbols can be displayed on public property. 

Earlier on Monday, barricades were placed around the monument. A large number of members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol stood guard as workers lifted the monument and hauled it away to the nearby offices of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (1401 N. Lincoln Blvd.), which promised to take care of it until legislators can find a way to have it returned to the Capitol grounds.
Protesters watched and asked why this wasn't being done in the daylight. A group of pastors in Oklahoma had promised to surround the monument if they tried to move it but they were not informed of the clandestine action.
John Estus of the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services, said the decision to move it secretly at night to minimize disruptions.
State Rep. Mike Ritze and his family paid for the monument and the bill that authorized its placement was signed by former Gov. Brad Henry. Polls show that more than 70 percent of Oklahomans want the monument to stay at the Capitol.
The state still owns the monument. It cost more than $4,000 to move it.

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