Princess Diana The secret Tapes Parts 1 & 2 of 6

Princess Diana The secret Tapes Part 1 & 2
uploaded by  LadyDianaBaksh

Vatic Note:   This is part 1 of a series and I am not even sure, just how many parts it has.  So far I am up to part 5.  This is an important series for understanding the occult/satanic nature of Diana's death and the underlying foundation laid for her death and how it will affect us in the long run.  This gives us the inside story on the pain and agony that Diana went through with that Khazarian royal family.

Remember, recently Charles admitted they were decendants of Val the Impaler from Romania, which was part of Khazaria at one time.  I personally believe that is why the Royal Family and the Rothschilds are so tight.  They are both khazarian.  Anyway, enjoy these first two foundational videos and be sure and watch the rest of them as they come up. 

Part 1


Part II


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