Princess diana The secret Tapes Part 3 and 4 of 6

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Vatic Note:  The video #3, gives a great indication of just how bad things were for Diana in the loveless marriage she was about to enter.   Camilla was still in the picture and Charles was doing all the communication with her in front of Diana.   At that point, I would have called the wedding off and let Charles deal with his mother who would have had a conniption fit.  Diana designated as the brood mare for the royal family and they would have forced Charles to give her up or for go the crown as king.

But Diana was too insecure to do what was right for her.   She puts all of it on tape, which includes all her insecurities, especially those brought on by Camilla's involvement with Charles.  She was very candidate about all her own failings and Illnesses, and her cry for help that was completely ignored by the family.  But then that is the same Khazar family that rejected their own sisters and children who were mentally handicapped due to incestuous breeding and hidden away in isolation from the general public.  .





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