5 Steps to Help Stop Forced Vaccinations and SB277

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5 Steps to Help Stop Forced Vaccinations and SB277
By Landee Martin, The Truth About Cancer,  June 6, 2015 

The vaccination debate is heating up in America with hundreds of bills sweeping across the nation to remove religious and philosophical exemptions and mandate all children receive every required vaccine or they will not be allowed in public school. Teachers, daycare providers and healthcare workers are all facing similar bills in order to keep their jobs.
The most concerning is legislation introduced in Indiana and Kentucky to mandate all sixth grade boys to receive the controversial HPV vaccine. Pregnant women are the latest target with recommended mercury-containing flu shots and pertussis (Whooping cough) vaccines.
Vaccines are epidemic with an exploding schedule and hundreds more in development to add to an already burdened agenda for children. Currently, the CDC recommends 69 doses of 16 vaccines from a child’s first day of life through the age of eighteen.
They are coming for the adults next with a CDC recommended schedule which contains up to a shocking 72 doses of 13 different vaccines from age nineteen to death. Along with this, many vaccine tracking laws are being presented where the government can easily track who is vaccinated and who is not with a nation-wide vaccine registry.
Although the government is moving at Godspeed to strip people of their medical freedom, there are some things you can do to get involved and stop these laws.
#1 – Action Alert – Stop SB277 in California
This is very important and going on right now. SB277 is a bill that would force all California children out of public school unless vaccinated with all vaccines required by the CDC. It has blown by three committees and passed the senate while thousands of protesters spoke out against it.

If you live in California, take the following steps to help kill this bill:
  1. Go to the CA Assembly website – Assembly.ca.gov, right in the middle of the page under Your State Assembly click on “Find My Representative.”
  2. Enter your address, and it will take you to your Assembly Member’s page.
  3. Click on Email or Contact Us, and there will be a form for you to fill out and submit indicating you oppose SB277.
#2 – Speak Out
If you don’t trust the government or are afraid to stand up, then it’s time to replace that government.  Contact your local leaders, your PTA, your school districts, etc. and let them know you are against laws forcing medical procedures of any kind on you and your family.

#3 – Connect With Like-Minded People In Your State
Visit StopMandatoryVaccination.com and click on the Take Action tab and find an action group in your state.  If there isn’t one, start one!

#4 – Find Out What Bills Are In Your State
You can register at The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) to stay up to date on what legislation is pending in your state.  You can also locate your personal representatives by entering your zip code.  NVIC has great talking points for you to use when meeting with or calling your legislatures.  Once you register, you will receive real-time action alerts with direction on how to help oppose certain bills.

#5-  Educate Yourself And Loved Ones
The sad reality is we’ve all been lied to by the US government when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. Vaccines are medical procedures that have little effectiveness with serious known risks, including death. They also contain known carcinogens such as aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and other toxins.

By taking action on the steps above you will learn the real facts. Then, share your knowledge with friends and family.
Isn’t it time for the public to become educated about what’s really going on? The time is now to stop vaccine mandates before we are all living with or dying from medical tyranny.

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