Viewing Khazar History in Occult Terms so We Can Understand War

Vatic Note:  This is very well done and in a scholarly manner as well as  historical perspective.  As we have said many times, this is not a fast food information site, rather an educational journey of discovery.  Its a bit of a long read, but it is well worth the journey.  I know a lot and I learned tons from this slice of history that I did not know existed.  I now understand the Khazars obsession with Syria.  Wait til you read this below and how long they have been brutalizing Syria.  No wonder the arabs hate them so much.  I had no idea.

He makes the very important point that this is a small fraction of Jews that have engaged in this but they are almost all from the banking industry.  Remember,  the 12 tribes of Israel are not the same as the ashkenazi Jews of Rothschild fame.  Rothschild was a khazar that goes all the way back to the offspring of cain and esau, both life long enemies of God and subjects and worshippers of Lucifer.

War is the ultimate human sacrifice, due to its numbers and emotions that go along with the state of war, which is usually, fear, hatred, cowardess, and inhumanity.  Below they state the definition of holocaust, which war is, means "Burnt Offering".  Hows that for satanic.  Please read and digest and even follow up on the sources and see for yourselves if this does not fit the picture of perpetual war that we are experiencing today.

Our soldiers are aging, they are homeless,  damaged with little to aid in helping them through the illness, and indoctrinated to be brutal.  We saw a video of military vets discussing how their commanders told them  to shoot unarmed civilians, women, old people and children.  We even saw one soldier throw a small cute puppy over a cliff and laugh about it with his cohorts.  That is not the military I grew up with, but its the military that Israeli soldiers grew up with.

Today we are foreign occupied and you can tell.  We are beginning to look just like them.  For that I am sorry, truly, since they are totally inhuman and without a soul or spirit.  See what you think after reading this. I believe we have an obligation to stop them from using us, our nation and our wealth to brutalize others they hate.   Talk about terrorists, my gawd, its unimaginable what these khazars have done to others over all these centuries.

Viewing Khazar History in Occult Terms so We Can Understand War
May 3, 2013
It is bad enough the Illuminati bankers own the money supply (currency & credit) and consequently
indirectly control everything & everyone.

But their historic role in covering up ritual human sacrifice is a bad omen for mankind.  Arnold Leese (1878-1956) recounts "The Damascus Affair," (1840) the most famous of many events he thoroughly documents in Jewish Ritual Murder (1938). Perhaps, if we view history in occult terms, we can understand war.  After all, "Holocaust" means "burnt offering."

(Editor's Note - Only a tiny minority of Jews are aware of these depraved acts, let alone partake. Satanists of all ethnic and religious backgrounds engage in ritual abuse. The problem is these Satanists, the Illuminati, control Western society due to their control of credit and the medium of exchange.) 

by Arnold Leese

(excerpt from Jewish Ritual Murder)
Edited by henrymakow.com

The Damascus Case, now almost completely forgotten by Democracy, convulsed Europe for a considerable time owing to the agitation induced by the Jewish Money Power which left no stone unturned to misrepresent and vilify the individuals responsible for bringing the Jews to justice.

Achille Laurent, a Member of the Société Orientale, brought together the full details of the trial of the culprits as reported in Arab newspapers at the time, and he published the whole facts of the case in Relation historique des Affaires de Syrie, 1840-1842 (Historic Account of Syrian Affairs, 1840- 1842), which was produced in France as a Yellow Book in two volumes, in 1846.

The Jewish Festival of Purim fell on 15th February, 1840. Father Thomas, a Catholic monk disappeared in Damascus on 5th February. His servant went to look for him and disappeared also.

(Arnold Leese, courageous opponent of the Money Power)

The French Consul, Comte Ratti-Menton, began to make inquiries, and got the Sherif Pasha to investigate. After a while, seven Jews were arrested. They confessed, some after receiving chastisement with the bastinado, to having murdered Father Thomas for the sake of his blood. 

Four of them were promised pardon if they would speak the truth; these were Mousa Abou-el-Afieh, who became a Mahomedan, explaining that that was necessary before he could confess about the crimes of other Jews; Aslan Farkhi; Suliman, a barber; and Mourad el Fathal. They confessed very fully. Sixteen Jews were involved, and all were arrested.

Several of the Jews, including Mourad el Fathal, Mousa Abou-el-Afieh, Isaac Arari and Aaron Arari, described how the blood was required and collected from the cut throat of the victim to send to a Rabbi for use in preparing ceremonial bread (pains azymes).

The Grand Rabbi was brought before the Court of Investigation; his name was Yakoub el Entabi. He was required to listen carefully to the examination of Mousa Abou-el-Afieh, and to confirm or deny each statement made by Mousa. In this way, the Rabbi admitted that blood was required for the ceremonial bread. He also confessed to having received Father Thomas's blood.

According to the Turkish custom, the bastinado was freely applied to make the Jews speak. The Jewish Money Power has endeavored to make the world believe that it was only the torture which enforced confession from innocent men.

Unfortunately for the Jewish Money Power, one of the questions asked was about the place where the remains of Father Thomas had been disposed of; and the remains were found where the prisoners said they were -- that is, in a covered conduit. These remains were identified by European doctors as being those of Father Thomas.

Further, the wretches confessed to serving Father Thomas's servant in the same way, i.e., cutting his throat, collecting his blood, and disposing of the remains, this time in a latrine.

No amount of bastinado or torture could wring from an innocent man information as to the whereabouts of the remains of the victim of a murder.

We spare the reader the sickening details of the crime according to the confessions and admissions of the depraved Jewish murderers; long extracts from the trial's proceedings can be obtained in the following French book: Le Crime Rituel chez les Juifs, by A. Monniot, prefaced by the celebrated Edouard Drumont, 1914, from P. Tequi, 82 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, price 10 francs. This book shows that the confessions made by the culprits agreed in every detail, and that the questions they had to answer were not "leading questions".

Fourteen Jews were found guilty, and ten were condemned to death, two having died.

Our business is not to horrify; it is to expose the methods of Jewish intrigue and corruption which were used to conceal the guilt of the culprits in fear of the natural reaction of the Gentile to the facts if they became generally known.


As soon as the first reports of the case reached the West of Europe, the Jewish Money Power rose like one man to try and cover the obvious tracks made by the obvious criminals. Money can, as we know only too well, accomplish wonders on a democracy as also on the findings and policy of Eastern (and alas! often also Western) potentates....

It will perhaps be best to deal with each of these matters separately:

1. The Press Agitation. This was on the usual Jewish lines; Ritual Murder was "a Gentile invention"; Comte Ratti-Menton, the French Consul, who had insisted on the investigation, was attacked from every angle; the Jews were being persecuted, and so on and so forth.

2. Agitation by Public Meetings. For example, in London, the gullible democracy was induced to flock to a big meeting at the Mansion House in London, there to denounce the Blood Accusation of which they knew nothing at all, and to offer the Jews the sympathy of the British Nation! Paris, New York, Philadelphia and other towns followed suit!


3. Bribery of the Khedive of Egypt by Money. The rich Jews, Moses Montefiore (left) in England, Cremieux and Munck in France, went off hotfoot to the East. They applied to the Khedive of Egypt, whose regime included Damascus, for a revision of the sentence. He was offered and accepted a huge sum of money and released the condemned Jews.

Note the result. The Jews proclaimed everywhere that the Khedive had reversed the verdict! He had done nothing of the kind. There was no reversal and no re-trial. The words of the Khedive's firman which he issued to release the Jewish murderers give the whole thing away:

"From the account and demand of Messrs. Moses Montefiore and [Adolphe] Cremieux, who came to us as delegates of all Europeans professing the religion of Moses, we have recognized that they desire the liberation and safety for the Jews who have been detained or who have taken flight in the case of the examination of the affair of Father Thomas, monk, missing in Damascus; he and his servant, Ibrahim.

"And as, because of their numerous population, it would not be convenient (convenable) to refuse their demand and request, we order that the Jew prisoners shall be released and that the fugitives be given safety for their return. And you will take all possible measures that none are badly treated and that they are left undisturbed everywhere. Such is our will. Mehemet Ali."

He released the Jews therefore because of the numbers of Jews in the population . . . and undoubtedly for cash received. He knew their guilt, and never denied it. Yet the Jewish Encyclopædia (1903, Vol. IV, p. 420) actually ventures to assert that the three rich Jews secured from the Khedive a "recognition of the innocence" of the condemned men. 

The Khedive's price for releasing them is stated to have been half a million piastres. A converted Rabbi, Chevalier P. L. B. Drach, wrote in his The Harmony between the Church and the Synagogue (1844, Paris, p. 79): "Money played a great role in this business."
(Adolphe Cremieux, left) 

4. Bribery of the Sultan. Having won the first round with the Khedive, the Jew Montefiore went on to see the Sultan of Turkey, and secured from him a decree that the Blood Accusation was baseless and that the Jews henceforth were to be on the same footing in the Sultan's dominions as other non-Muslims. The price of this was a huge bribe from the House of Rothschild.

The Sultan Abd-ul-Mejid's firman said  

"that a thorough examination of the religious books of the Hebrews has demonstrated the absolute prohibition of the use of either human or animal blood in any of their religious rites. It follows from this defence that the charges against them and their religion are calumnies." 

This, as shown in Chapter III, is mere sophistry, but even in 1936 a Miss C. M. Finn had the effrontery to bring forward the firman as "evidence" that the Blood Accusation is false; this was in a letter to the Jewish Chronicle, 2nd October, 1936. The wording of the firman is quoted in the Jewish Encyclopædia, Vol. I, p. 47 (1906).

On his way home, Montefiore tried to get an audience with the Pope, Gregory XVI, but was refused an audience.
First Comment by C:

I like to read books from people who lived in the world before ours (ours being the modern world) as they are generally not as blinded as we are by all the PC crap and sex imagery coming from the media and advertisers.  Their world was slower and filled with contemplation.  The technological world we inhabit doesn't allow for contemplation on what truly matters ... truth, god, beauty. 

That said, I liked the excerpt you posted as the author exposes how the Jewish money power works to cover up their satanic rituals at any cost.  It is almost a template for what is happening in the UK and the Jimmy Savile pedophile scandal.  The public is horrified and many other famous perpetrators are being exposed.  However, the network of higher ups and its satanic fabric will be protected at all costs.  Their goal is to contain this scandal so that the public only remembers a few guilty personages thus protecting the satanic network.

What I found most interesting in the article, though, was the comment you made that we should perceive war in occult terms.  In one of Michael Tsarion's talks he mentions that war is a blood sacrifice to the demonic.  Soldiers have occult symbols of crosses, stars, stripes, etc., on their uniforms.  They are the sacrificial victims to the demonic who feed off their suffering and are identified as such by those symbols emblazoned on their arms and chests.

Another comment he has made, that I wholeheartedly agree with, is that these wars have another function and that is to cull from humanity the best of its stock.  WW1 and WW2 were extraordinarily successful in destroying the real men of the finest character and genetics who would stand up against these satanic forces.  

These were the men who embodied objective reasoning and an objective sense of self.  There are fewer and fewer real men left to stand up against the NWO.  I suspect that this next chapter will remove the last of the real men and thus complete the collapse of Western civilization.

In the kabalah there is the teaching that man is spirit and woman is form.  I think that one of the agendas of this NWO is to destroy the spirit in man through trauma, destruction of the family, race and nation.  The Holy Spirit in Christianity is Man himself.  Perhaps that is where the true goal of their agenda lies.  

The overwhelming materialistic society we live in is a result of the feminization of our planet and has come as a result of the depletion of real men through the continuing war against the Holy Spirit in Man. - See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.tNnnVCsA.dpuf
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