Exclusive: Ron Paul: Shutdown After Boston Bombings More Frightening Than Attack Itself and interviews of Victims Of Boston Police State Lockdown Speak Out

Vatic Note: Please, to appreciate this blog, you must first read the previous one just before this one at 1:30 am.  When you realize who did these and then this below, you fully understand why they did it.  It was to be just like the Reichstag false flag that Hitler did in Germany with the same results, only this time they got caught. So, no real martial law and now if they try it even one more time,  its time to arrest people no matter how we do it, it must be done.  Even if we have to call on our Military to do it for this one time.  Clean out all khazar dual citizens and place them in jail, til we sort it all out.

These were two different happenings at two different times but they went together so well, I decided to post them together.  First in late April, Ron Paul talks about what this lock down was and he does an excellent job of assessing what happened and what it means to us and our republic and way of life.

Then Alex Jones on May 3, and his reporters decided to go out, after criticisms of Ron Paul were laid by Lawrence O'Donnell, another overpaid MSM pigeon, and talk with those who suffered through the ordeal and what it was like for them.  Both definitely fit..... These are good reminders of why we must be ALWAYS VIGILANT AND PROTECTIVE OF OUR GOVERNING DOCUMENT AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR.  Look how easily we almost lost it.  Now we know Boston was a False flag, so we must always distrust government and never acquiese to their fear mongering.

And at least Ron keeps alive our experience with true patriotic elected officials with their one  objective being to represent and protect their constituents, which is so rare today, that its good to have someone still around, among the non caring and useless feeder reps we have today,  so we never forget what that looks like and can use that as a guide for our next election. 

Ron Paul: Shutdown After Boston Bombings More Frightening Than Attack Itself and Interviews by Alex Jones Reporter of Victims of Boston Police State lockdown Speak Out

Published by minnesotachris on Apr 28, 2013

On the heels of prestitute Lawrence O’Donnell labeling Ron Paul a “liar” when he called the manhunt and door-to-door searches in Watertown, Mass. a martial law exercise,  (See first video).   Infowars reporter Dan “The Kraken” Bidondi went to interview residents who were forced from their homes.  (See Second Video)

Video #1 - Ron Paul: Shutdown After Boston Bombings More Frightening Than Attack Itself


Video #2 Exclusive: Victims Of Boston Police State Lockdown Speak Out

Infowars.com by reporter Dan “The Kraken” Bidondi
May 3, 2013


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