Is Lady Booth "Olsen, wife of Ted Olsen, really Barbara Olsen?

* must see the facial overlay of barbara and lady booth here

Vatic Note:   The key arguement for me was the fact that they could not find any pictorial history of Lady Booth Olsen anywhere, so they are calling for anyone who went to school with her or knew her growing up or her family etc.  to contact them as soon as possible and that goes for the general public as well, add to that the fact that Baraba does not show up on the death list for social security as many others do not as well, and you have enough to truly start asking questions.  Anyone with any, ANY information, especially a pictorial history of Lady Booth Olsen,  please contact Phil at the Lets Roll 9-11 forums here
http://letsrollforums.com/.    There were others Phil had identified and researched and found the school photos clearly show that the person/victim listed was not the same person as that identified as a 9-11 victim.   They are continuing their work along these lines, so any help and information would be extremely helpful one way or the other.  

Title:   Are Some of the 9/11 Passengers Still Alive?...and other disturbing questions


By:   Staff, TV News Lies,  and Lets roll 9-11 Forum
Date:  April 7, 2010

[Are the two people in this photograph the same person? A nose job, some cheek implants and a little eyelid work and maybe we have a before-and-after image. Maybe.

I am the first one to admit that there are a lot of far fetched theories and allegations floating around about what really happened on September 11th, 2001, none crazier however than the official explanation. But the latest information to come my way, courtesy of our guest Phil Jayhan of the LetsRoll Forums, has left me stumped and thirsting for answers, which some of you out there may be be able to provide.

I am asking for your help. If you can shed some light on the disturbing questions that we are going to raise during our broadcast we may be able to put some of our suspicions to rest, or - if not - we may just have found some solid proof that the events of 9/11 involved more people than any of us could have imagined.

Out of respect for the victims of 9/11, some topics have been completely taboo, even among 9/11 researchers. Well, I have to tell you that I have seen too much disturbing information about the people on the flight lists for me to ignore this topic. And that information is the focus of this week's radio broadcast.

Please join me, Jesse Richard, as my guest Phil Jayhan, 9/11 Researcher, investigator and founder of the LetsRoll Forums, shares some disturbing discoveries related to the people on the 9/11 passenger lists. And like me, Phil is seeking more information that may serve to answer the questions raised by the evidence, and that is why he is going public on our radio show.


Is Barbara Olson back from the dead? An anonymous person sent me a photo of Barbara Olson (said to have died on 9-11) side-by-side with an image of Lady Booth, the wife of Theodore Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General. There is no doubt that these two women look nearly identical. The question is whether the Barbara Olson (born Barbara Kay Bracher in Houston on December 27, 1955) is the same person as Lady Evelyn Booth (born in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 26, 1960) - or do they simply look very similar? While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Ted simply chose a new wife that looked very much like his previous wife.

The similarity between the two wives of Ted Olson is remarkable. Is Lady Booth really Barb Olson after plastic surgery? The face on the right seems to have had cosmetic surgery.

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Anonymous said...

This photo is so disturbing. One website showed the two photos imposed on top of eachother, showing they CLEARLY have the same face. I too have tried looking up ANY info on "Lady Booth" and all I find are the same 4-5 pictures and the same articles comparing her to Barb Olson. Same height, hair color, eye color, body build, FACE (aside from the plastic surgery), same career even! It's ridiculous

Vatic said...

Well, check this one out here. It was an analysis done by The American Action Report and its excellent and compelling. It literally leaves no doubt.


Scroll down a ways and you can see the overlay, its indicting. She should be in jail and not walking around. It means she is complicit in the coverup and the crime itself. Time these people went to jail.

Anonymous said...

You really have to be stretching your imagination to believe that these two faces are the same. Look at the eyes, one set turns up, the other turns down. the length of the eyelid is totally different. And the teeth. Lady Booth would have had to have all her teeth straightened, shortened and capped to look remotely like Barbara. Sadly Barbara Olsen is dead and we have lost a brilliant commentator.

Vatic said...

Did you review the link above? You better check it out. Of all the blogs we have done, this one and the one in the comments section above had gotten thousands of hits in the short time they have been up. We are definitely educating people and they are seeing it for themselves especially that link in the comment section above. Check it out if you truly want the truth, otherwise hang out in your denial by yourself. Everyone else is waking up.

If not I can give it to you again, but wont' bother if you are not into "knowing" what is real. That link in the comment above yours shows the overlay of both heads and guess what you may not know?

Like fingerprints our head and facial structure cannot be the same exactly to another person, its impossible as much as its impossible to have two people with the same fingerprints and I say structure.... not the skin issues, but the actual bone issues which cannot be changed by plastic surgery.

If you checked it out then you know damn good and well, they match perfectly. The eyes and teeth can all be done by plastic surgery and it takes about as long as she was gone to do it right. but they could not fix the bone structure of her head, the space between her eyes, the check bones, not the check pads, but the bones, which show through the pads, etc....

They are the very same person without a smiggen of a doubt. Sorry to bust your fantasy bubble, but this was simply part of the cover up and game plan. She is alive and well and is now lady booth who no one can find any history on that goes back to school year books or anyone that knew her then who is not connected to the neocons. Sorry.... by the way, she is not the only one found who is still alive. lol

Go check out Rollon 9-11, he did a lot of work on others as well. Wake up and smell the treason and mass murder and someone will pay for it eventually.

Anonymous said...

If this is in fact True.These people are not neo-cons but in fact neo-nazis. This means the usa Gov is a modern day version of Nazi Germany. This would not surprise me in the least.

Vatic said...

I couldn't agree with you more. My problem is "Why can't we use language as you have to express pure truth?" What stops us from literally doing that?

Is it that when we do it means we have to do something about it and we don't want to face that fact??? Any suggestions on why we can't get people to speak pure unadulterated truth would be appreciated so we can maybe change that.

Anonymous said...

the olsons went to school together at a school in Israel "devish ? or something like that : The problem with telling the truth is , the media will not publish , televise , or anything else ... John Farmers book ", the Ground Truth ", is the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth ; He places blame on Kean, Zelikow, praises Clarke and Michael Brown (FEMA). the commission did their so called investigation from the top to the top . No one from the middle or bottom rung is interviewed , so if you add up all their lies , you get the 911 Report. The last 2 sessions (military and FAA )is wrought with lies and no real witnesses (everything is about history of ? ) take Sliney for instance ,just pure crap. the only way to solve 911 and kill the report is to work backwards ; interview (torture )the Commissioners and their Conflicts , which would fill a book .(see Congressional Laws regarding conflicts by a Commission appointed by Congress ;and they were appointed by congress. The promotions and lucrative jobs obtained by all these people leads to FRAUD , Felonies , Criminal activities .. esp Sliney and Lets roll ,the movie ... please . he consulted and palyed a role in the biggest lie of 911 : for a blow by blow ,of the top gang bangers , see ", Spitting the Sky ".. tremendous work .. and Richard Andrew Groves. joe bell

Vatic said...

Oh, what great information. Did you mean that the fact that both went to school in Israel is published in that book??? If so can you get that evidence for us so we can add it where appropriate???

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for my ignorance, but what is the significance of this? She supposedly died in the twin towers? Or, one of the airplanes? There is too little information about this persons story (made-up or true) to be able to gauge its importance, let alone think critically about it.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous Jan 30, its asking a lot to ask us to forgive you for your ignorance after 10 years of information out there for all to see. If you are still ignorant after all these years, it means you are not paying attention.

What does it mean? Really, you don't see it or know??? It means and proves there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of our government. Thats what it means. Go do a google search for Ted Olsen and Barbara Olsen and 9-11. Once you read what Barbara was suppose to have done on the plane that proved the official story, and now realize she did not die in that plane crash, then you know she was not able to make that call from that plane since she did not die and therefore, she is part of the conspiracy to bring down 9-11.