What Happened to Flight 77's Passengers?

What Happened to Flight 77's Passengers?
By Jerry Mills,  American Action Report, July 7, 2010
Commentary by a Vatic Project Contributor from Taiwan (an American living in Taiwan)

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Take, for example, the claim that one or more passengers on Flight 77, with the help of the U.S. Government, faked their deaths on September 11, 2001? Let’s start with what we know. That would require a high degree of evidence because accepting this claim would require some changes within our view of an event that affects us today.

Let’s separate the events of September 11 into causes and results. In the minds of most Americans, the results of 9/11 are beyond question. Around 3,000 people died (more or less), three buildings were destroyed, one other building—the Pentagon—was damaged, and three commercial airliners are no longer in service, at least not under the same call signs.

Causes are another matter. Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of events (apart from what was then the usual routine) causing 9/11, not one of them has been honestly reported by the 9/11 Commission. Not one of them actually happened.

Let’s look at only two of them. Flight 77 was supposedly hijacked by Muslims shouting Hollywood-style “Islamic extremist” slogans. The truth is, the flight manifest revealed that there were no Arabs or passengers with Muslim-sounding names on Flight 77. (Click here.) (Note: Since then, efforts have been made to indicate Muslim-sounding names on Flight 77 even though they weren’t on the manifest.)

Secondly, Flight 77 supposedly crashed into the Pentagon. It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the Pentagon was hit by a missile and not by an airliner. (Click here and here.)

That brings us to an uncomfortable question: If Flight 77 didn’t crash into the Pentagon, where is it now, and where are the passengers? For years, I had supposed that they probably were murdered and their bodies hidden where they’d never be found.

Believing that Dick Cheney, Halliburton, Blackwater, and others would do something like that must sound crazy to some people. It would be as crazy as supposing that they had deliberately lied about Iraq in order to get us into (for them) a highly profitable war that, incidentally, claimed the lives of over a million civilians, killed thousands of American servicemen, and ruined the emotional health of tens of thousands of other servicemen and their families.

In the pages of the Vatic Project, I ran across an article that suggested that one of the passengers, Barbara Kay Bracher Olson (attorney at law), has resurfaced as Lady Evelyn Booth Olson, attorney at law.

The photos above were posted by the Vatic Project. I used Photoshop to compare them.

First, I matched them for size so that one could be layered over the other. Then, to minimize color distraction, rendered them to black and white.

By changing the layer order (one over the other, then the other over the one), I could test each finding against the other. I reduced the opacity of the top layer to 50% so I could see the bottom layer photo beneath the upper one.

I then aligned the eyes. This allowed me to see how the rest of the faces aligned. I was struck by the fact that both women had unusually wide-set eyes; that is, set far apart. Lady’s eyes were wider than Barbara’s but that’s not surprising, since Barbara is flashing a fuller smile. The eyes still suggest differences that could have been due to plastic surgery.

The jaw lines on the two women, from the right temple to the left jaw, line up perfectly. So do the lengths of their necks. Below, take a look at how well the two faces line up. In this photo, Barbara’s face is superimposed over Lady’s and set at 50% opacity.

I took the comparison a step further by cutting and pasting each woman’s eyes and mouth over the others eyes and mouth with no change in opacity. I wanted to compare bone structures and underlying muscle tissue.

On the left, Barbara has Lady’s mouth and eyes; Lady has Barbara’s mouth and eyes. Look at the bone structure extending from the eyebrows to the base of the nose in both photos. You’ll see one continuous line.

When I superimposed Lady’s eyes over Barbara’s, I cut off half of the left eyebrow. Look at Barbara’s left eyebrow. Lady’s are a little thinner, but you can scarcely tell where Barbara’s eyebrow ends and Lady’s begins.

The fleshy part of Lady’s nose (the cartilage) is a little broader than that of Barbara’s, but the bone structures line up perfectly.

When I switched mouths, I included the nasal-labial folds (the folds extending from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the nose). The nasal-labial folds line up perfectly.

How difficult is it to line up photos in this manner? I’ve been doing this for about five years, and this is only the second time I’ve found that close a match between one photo and another—any photos. I haven’t been able to match any photo of me with any other photo of me. There are too many differences in expression, pose, tilt of the head, the photographers, and so on.

The only other match I’d ever found was between the face of Saint John in Da Vinci’s Last Supper and that of the Virgin Mary in Da Vinci’s Madonna of the Rock(a.k.a. Virgin of the Rocks, painted several years earlier. I concluded from that that Da Vinci didn’t use a live model for Saint John’s face; he used his drawings of the model he’d used in Madonna of the Rocks. No match-up could otherwise have been the perfect match I saw between the two faces.

There’s one more objection to the theory that Barbara Olson and Lady Olson are the same person. Skeptics claim that Lady Evelyn Booth had a history that pre-dated 9/11. After a diligent search, I found only one indication that she even existed prior to December 2001. Records indicate that, in 1988, someone by that name was licensed to practice law in New York, and she was said to have practiced law for 21 years. (Click here.) The telephone number listed as hers, (703) 389-2842, was for an address in Vienna, Virginia, a few miles from CIA Headquarters in McLean, Virginia. (Click here.) During the early 1990’s, Barbara Bracher (later Barbara Olson) also lived in McLean. (Click here.)

Both Ted Olson and Barbara Olson were big neoconservative players. Ted was a solicitor general appointed by George W. Bush after Olson had successfully argued Bush's 2000 election case before the Supreme Court. (Click here.) Barbara was a neoconservative writer and commentator as well as a lawyer for neoconservative causes. They were both faithful players on the Bush/Cheney team. If you need further convincing as to Ted Olson's credentials, take a look at who was among the wedding guests when he married Lady Evelyn Booth. (Click here.)

Now go back to the question I asked at the beginning of this article: If Flight 77 didn’t crash into the Pentagon, where is it now, and where are the passengers? At least one of the passengers may be alive, well, and prospering.

To read the rest of the article, see the American Action Report.

Jerry Mills, Taiwan

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gunslinger748 said...

We all know 911 was a inside job most likely a space weapon as millions of tons of steel and concrete just don't go poof
leaving only a small pile. And trucks and cars blocks away burned to a crisp while the leafs on the tree's right next to a fried car remained untouched. Something is very rotten in Denmark as the old saying goes. Sorry only God can change or alter the laws of physics. Man sure thinks he can gezzz how stupid can we or have become.

Vatic said...

Somehow I missed this excellent commentary and idea that a space weapon may have been used. I had not thought of that. I know they used one on the oil rig to blow it out, but never thought about this.

Thanks, its something to seriously ponder.

Anonymous said...

if anyone can get a closeup of Lady's ear, preferrably the left one, then it's a clinch. Barb has a unique ear structure, and they likely would not be able to change it.

flipper4 said...

Your work is almost complete. Now you simply have to work backward. Get a recent audio clip from Lady Evelyn Booth Olson post 9/11/2001, now compare it to Barbara Olson's voice from multiple public events pre-9/11, Pre "death". Remember to get as many Lady and Barbara voice recording as possilble, and use the latest technologies.

If you want more confirmation, read below: (Note this will take more work, as they obviously covered Lady's tracks.)

I can find no reference to her trying cases as an attorney (only as a plaintiff in one 2000 case (cited below) -- not attorney) anywhere. You should look more closely at her outside wedding pictures, they look much more like Barbara Olson.

(Note, while the Court decision was written in 2000, the dismissal judgment was not entered until 30 days later in 2001). This means that this body/face double "lady", who "appeared" (through her attorney) only in the courts as a party, not the attorney, was first noticed in a court decision, (despite practicing for over 22 years), (again not present herself, but through her attorney) when her personal case was officially dismissed in January 2001. This means that Frisky Ted's new companion appeared (again through her attorney), in a published decision, within the same 12 months that Barbara Olson died! This means that "Lady Evelyn" the plastic surgery body double met Frisky Ted in Kentucky (at the derby), just shy of 6 months after Barbara Olson died! The bed was not even cold. This means that just 6 months later, Ted took her to see Scalia and the gang at the Supreme Court to get her certified to argue cases in the Supreme Court! Wow, the Court's bed wasn't even cold, as Barbara got Clarence Thomas Appointed to the Supreme Court!

124 F.Supp.2d 452

"Lady Evelyn BOOTH, et al Plaintiffs
VERITY, INC, et al. Defendants

No. CIV. A. NO. 3:00-CV-83-H.

United States District Court, W.D. Kentucky. at Louisville.

December 19, 2000.

Robert A. Florio, Louisville, KY, for Plaintiffs.
Phillip W. Collier, Stites & Harbison, Louisville, KY, for Defendants."

There is no indication that "Lady" actually practiced law. No New York or Virginia Telephone Book references from 88 to 2000. Until after 2001.

Her alleged background goes like this.

a. Allegedly Born in 1955 or 1960 in Kentucky. Announcement in hard copy newspaper?

b. Alleged Parents Howard and Evelyn died sometime. Death Certificates? Newspaper Notice? Pictures?

c. Where did she go to grade school, high school, college? Pictures?

c. Allegedly went to law school at Georgetown U. from 1984-87. If so, look at old hard copy 1st year - 3rd year photos. Talk to friends. You need more than a tax law section reference.

d. How do Barbara's Law shool photos from Yeshiva University's Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, compare with "Lady's From Georgetown?" How do Barbara's college, high school and elementary photos compare with "Lady's"? Remember, Georgetown prides themselves in placing students into the FBI, CIA, NSA, Etc.,.

d. She allegedly got her New York Bar License in 1988. Her bar # is 2240315.

d. Allegedly practiced in Virginia with a New York Bar License from 1988-2000.

e. Where was her home and office while she practiced before she met Ted. New York, Virginia, Kentucky or all of the above?

Good Luck.

Again, Those outdoor "Lady" wedding pictures seem like a dead ringer for Barbara Olson.

And hey, what would a beautiful woman "lady" like that be doing marrying for the first time at 46, and why marry Olson....Oh, that's right, she's not 46, she's 51, and she married Ted in 1996 when she was 36....and, oh yeah, 2006.

Maybe we deserve to be fooled if we are indeed so easy to fool.

Vatic said...

Thanks, flipper4, this is fascinating. I knew there was little if any record of her legal practice, but what you point out is she did it through her attorney and if she is Barbara then they had this all planned well before the 9-11 event. Premeditated murder is a death penalty in any state a victim of 9-11 resided in, I just don't know if you can prosecute from another state different from where the event took place.

Lots to look at here. Thanks Am passing this onto the commentator who wrote it for us. Thanks again. Good job.

American Action Report said...

Pardon me for taking several days to get back to y'all. I've been chasing rabbits, some of which turned out to be wild geese.
There are almost as many different photos of me on the internet than there are different photos of Lady.
None clearly show Lady's ear at a usable angle.
Interviews or audio recordings? I'm writing from Taiwan. Latest technology? No way.
College or high school photos? I found a black and white photo of Barbara from the class of 1973, but that's it. I found a post 9/11 photo of Lady with an alleged sister, who works at a hospital in Texas.
As Agent Dana Scully said, "The truth is out there, but so are lies." It has been a challenge separating them.
While chasing wild geese I ran across some curious items. Ted, who was a federal prosecutor for most of his career, was the defense attorney for Jonathan Pollard. Barbara's grave is in Minnesota. Daniel Lewin, with the Israeli Special Forces, was allegedly on Flight 77. According to Ted (reporting Barb's non-existent phone call), this Special Forces operative was killed by a misfit with a gun that miraculously morphed into a knife or a box cutter.
I'd never expected or wanted to revisit the article "What Happened to Flight 77's Passengers?" As it turned out, it was the most-viewed article in the American Action Report, and you've brought up some fascinating questions.
If I come up with anything, I'll post it on my blog. I just hope I don't go crazy with all these loose ends and red herrings. The disinfo agents have made it quite nerve wracking.

Witness said...

We need to know the height of each woman. Don't forget, high heels can change your height. We need her voice to compare it with Barbara's.

I studied what pictures I could get. This woman has had some major plastic surgery. She's 50 years old? She doesn't have a line on her face.

Her eyes: Barbara's upper lids have been tightened and pulled down over her eyes. This surgery pulled the eyebrows down. She has had extensive dental work. It looks to me like she's had small cheek implants.

I think there's something to this matter. Too bad we couldn't get DNA on both women.

Vatic said...

He did a very good job on this, the best one I have ever seen and we can get DNA on her and match it to Barbara's DNA as I am sure her fingerprints have been removed from her fingers as well.

Anonymous said...

Get your hands on each individuals dental records and match them up. I know easier said that done.

Anonymous said...

why are we focusing in on just ONE person?

i mean, ive thought about this...if you were to fake this, it would mean that 50+ individuals needed to vanish, really NOT that hard...BUT to me, it would have made a lot more sense, to never take that risk. Fly the plane over the Atlantic, blow it to vapor thousands of feet above the air, and let the particles float down into the ocean to be never seen again.

Steve B said...

We can focus on the stocks the CIA and FBI agents shorted. We could concentrate on the bombs going off and all about how the towers fell after being hit, but tower seven poses a problem, but the government has no problem. But Barbara Olson should be arrested. I hope to get someone to find out where a relative of her's lives maybe out in the country and take this bitch and tie her up in a basement somewhere and then see if she wants to talk. This is a travesty of justice. If this is the same bitch. The FBI are doing nothing. They have been told. This woman can't come out of nowhere. They can create a past for witness protection people, but where she went to school and her relatives she can't just create them out of thin air. I hope someone gets real pissed and gets her. What could they do? She is a criminal. She has changed her identity, but more important we can prove the whole 9/11 thing was a total lie. So someone please be the hero and take out the weakest link.

Steve B said...

If someone isn't tailing her and gettting her dental records. She has changed her teeth somewhat and gotten veneers. It looks like they even moved her eyebrows, cheek and chin implants. They would spare nothing. I would say she's had a tit job done. But one thing her family must live around Washington. This woman would have no reason to visit Barbara Olson's mother. She should be arrested by civilians and then put a camera on this bitch. This pisses people off. This bitch if guilty of conspiracy, murder, treason and crimes against humanity. There is a lot you can do. Email all law firms in Washington Ted does business with. Email the politicians about this woman just so down the road they can't say they didn't know and email the FBI. This woman doesn't know what kind of danger she could be in if she was exposed.

df said...

Sorry It was fl77 that hit the Pentagon. .

Wt said...

Until you brought it up...

Wt said...

Until you brought attention to it...

B-ri said...

Passengers of flight 11 out of Boston were led to an empty room at the airport and killed before the flight ever took off.

Unknown said...

In her books, Rebekah Roth states that all four planes were safely landed at Westover AFB on the morning of 9/11. Eyewitnesses saw the planes fly low over their neighborhoods and land there.

The calls were made as soon as they landed. They were inside a hangar. She also believes they were gassed to death inside the planes. Several crew had recently joined the CIA and told family they would be disappearing forever.

Anonymous said...

Uh...hello nut bags. Lady Booth lived in my neighborhood as a child with her three siblings, mother and stepfather. This was in the very early 1970s, maybe even 69. She's as real as rain - find something else to freak out about.

Unknown said...

You need the world to see it

Anonymous said...

Who names an infant baby girl "Lady"?

Anonymous said...

I can supply Barbara's DNA; my roommate is her sister's hairdresser. She and I were given some of Barbara's clothing. I have a silk scarf. I've kept it bagged. Let me know how to proceed. (she wears this same scarf on TV; it's a fashion accessory,not a winter scarf)

Anonymous said...

None of the passengers filed suits; also, why tell your mother your last name when you call home? That was weird.