Life After Death Aliens Are Creators Of Paredise And Hell

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Life After Death Aliens Are Creators Of Paredise And Hell

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Date: 2018-02-12

In a previous article, I discussed about the Creators of humanity on the planet Earth came from outer space and founded their own colony hundreds of years ago – the people . In order that mankind has developed its own way and there was no one else like civilization, they do not interfere, just watch.Our Creators found the way to eternal life in the course of technological development. They learned how to transplant the consciousness (soul) from body to another body. They invented and created semimaterial-eternal-imperishable body (we call it the astral) that remains with you forever after death. This “astral” body is attached to the consciousness from the moment of birth and remains until death.Our advanced creators has created a “Kingdom” for the souls with astral eternal bodies so they can live in their world, to feel, to love, to enjoy, to communicate.Much in this “Kingdom” it seems home planet: mountains, sea, meadows, flowers, animals and cities. It is created by skilled creators, artists using high technology. All translucent and shining at the same time as diamonds and gold… This world is in outer space, star system, where there is civilization. It is surrounded by a protective dome, and the passage there is only possible “souls” of the civilization, accompanied by a mentor (we call his the guardian angel).

But the Creators considered it not fair to send evil people in this world of eternal freedom and joy. For them was created another world – Hell.

It is a prison where not just wasting time, but get unbearable physical pain for their misdeeds in life. The creators have made in that world all the most horrible, disgusting for a man, everything that is worthy of those who got there. Instead of the beautiful animals there are the monsters that torture people, boilers with fire which burns the body. Pain no less than in life of the physical body. These sufferings continue without stopping for long decades, centuries, until the end of the sentence. The sentence is at all different, from one day to many hundreds of years. After the term “soul” with the astral body is sent to Heaven. Hell is real, sorry that people don’t believe in that and aren’t afraid. The death of the body is inevitable, and the inevitable hell for those who deserved it.

This world of punishment has been shown to each man of the civilization of the Creators. And people have changed, having experienced the incredible horror of retribution for bad deeds. Everyone began to control their words, actions, thoughts. Their civilization began to live in peace, love, kindness.

Heaven and Hell was also created for all colonies of the Creators, including our Earth.

The laws by which they are judged, common to all, no favors for anyone. To the people of Earth were sent many famous missionaries, who talked about “Creators”, Heaven and Hell, and taught how to live, not to go to Hell.

Some people from civilization of the “Creators” live on a giant space ship in our Solar system. They protect the Earth from invasion and violations of the law of non-interference in people’s lives. Their lifespan is about a thousand years. After the death of the material body and the transition in the “essential world” they continue to work on the desire. Workers of the etheric world control life in it, watching the prisoners time in Hell, and take the souls of the dead from the Earth and escorted to heaven or hell. Information about each person on Earth (whether man is Russian, Chinese, European and so on without exception) with the help of high technology is transferred to their “computers”, the information store, which recorded all the deeds and thoughts of man, and the causality of his actions and their consequences, both good and bad.

For each individual man of the Earth there is one employee of the etheric world (Angel). At the Angel may be a few people, over whom he watches. His responsibilities include: reviewing information about a person (actions, thoughts, the consequence of his actions) and the selection of good and bad, for later determination honest to heaven or hell, if hell for how long. Angel is forbidden to communicate with man and to intervene in events on Earth, except for some moments.

Many people heard someone else’s voice in their head before danger or stupid, in some cases, the voice could comfort or to make a point. Most people consider it intuition or their own thoughts and rarely listens to the advice of his angel.

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After doing some basic research I think, at least the youtube video, is off base. The tall whites (Pleiadians)are benevolent. Plus the video is all over the place and seemingly opinion based.