“Boozing, pot-smoking Islamic fundamentalists wreak havoc”

Vatic Note:  Sometimes, I feel like an innocent, when I discuss these things with others.  Many simply do not want to know, or they are so trapped by the false history’s of the past, that they "can't" view any other truth but that which has been fed to them for years by the cabal.

I bring this up because, once again, we get something that totally throws our entire view of Canada, the history of war in Canada, the sell out of the Canadian leaders, no less damaging than what we are experiencing.   So there is a lot more to this than is reflected in the title and its very much well worth the listen to and read. Kevin and his co host are doing a great job on this historical view of the past that we had never been exposed to.

Moving on, they also cover the ridiculous accusations and black ops operators posing as Muslims to get the American and Canadian public into a frenzy of hate of Muslims, who have really done nothing to us.  We all know who did 9-11 and its now confirmed, it WAS NOT MUSLIMS..... it was DANCING ISRAELI'S better known as Khazar Jews.    This below shows why it was rediculous to either use the false Muslims they used or to even blame Muslims in the first place.

The points this co-host makes are excellent and so true.  Fortunately Mohammad Atta was outted early on in the exposing stages of 9-11 and its been quiet about 9-11 ever since.   Yet, that was the event that Netanyahu said was "GOOD FOR ISRAEL".  So much and yet so little time.  Read, watch, listen and you decide.

“Boozing, pot-smoking Islamic fundamentalists wreak havoc”
By Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today, Dec 24, 2015

It's the "Mohamed Atta school of 'Islamic extremism'"

Watch today’s False Flag Weekly News (above) for coverage of these and other stories!
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
We are told that “Islamic extremists” commit acts of terrorism due to an excess of religiosity.
Yet the pathetic individuals blamed for spectacular “Islamic extremist” terror attacks virtually always turn out to be . . . extremely un-Islamic.
“Mohamed Atta” (or whoever was using his ID) was a coke-snorting, booze swilling, lap-dancer-dating, gambling-junket-loving, Hebrew-speaking psychopath who never set foot inside a mosque, worked for CIA-Mossad drug smugglers, was a regular visitor to Jack Abramoff’s casino boats, lived surrounded by “dancing Israeli” Mossad agents, and only pretended to take flying lessons. (Source: Hopsicker, Welcome to Terrorland.)
Yet despite being the most un-Islamic person in the state of Florida, “Atta” virtually walked around with an “I am an Islamic extremist terrorist” sign on his back. If only for laughs, be sure to read  the amazing story of his pro-Osama-Bin-Laden temper-tantrum at a Small Business Administration office during the run-up to 9/11.
They somehow got away with blaming 9/11 on “Islamic extremist Atta.” So now they’re bringing out more and more radically-un-Islamic “Islamists” to take the blame for mass murders staged by the Deep State and its privatized mercenary armies.
For instance, we learned this week that Salah Abdeslam, the supposed mastermind of the 11/13 Paris attacks, was pulled over not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES while making his getaway. Despite being the most wanted terrorist in Europe, with his face plastered on every wanted poster and TV screen even before the attacks, the police repeatedly let him go…even though the “getaway car” was “reefer madness on wheels”:
…they were stopped ‘not once, but three times’.
The first time ‘the policeman asked us if we had consumed’ drugs, Attou told detectives, the Parisien newspaper reports.
Attou and Mohamed Amri, another Belgian friend of the terrorist who has also been charged, were both smoking a cannabis joint in the front of the getaway car, while Abdeslam ‘remained silent’ in the back.
‘The police said it was not good, but it was not the priority today,’ said Attou. On the other two occasions, the men were asked to show their identity cards.
Source: Daily Mail

Even Jim Dean’s line “you can’t make this stuff up” hardly does justice to scenes like this.

Enrique Marquez: Pathetic patsy or mind-controlled provocateur?

Enrique Marquez: Pathetic patsy or mind-controlled provocateur?

Now fast forward to San Bernadino, where “drunken Islamic fundamentalist” Enrique Marquez was supposedly “radicalized” by watching videos of my friend and mentor Shaykh Imran Hosein—who makes no bones about the fact that it is CIA-Mossad Zionists who are behind all of the big so-called “radical Islamist” attacks, whose purpose is to damage Islam.

So apparently Enrique Marquez wanted to join the CIA-Mossad terrorists who are waging war on Islam. Some “radical Islamist.” The LA Daily News is puzzled:

His life also seemed to defy Muslim standards. A religion that forbids drinking, Marquez got so drunk one night at the tavern he passed out in the back room. He was rarely seen at the Islamic Centers for prayers.

The NY Daily News informs us:

Another pal told ABC that Marquez seemed to have some knowledge of the impending terror attack a few months before the shooting began.
“He said something along the lines of, ‘There’s a lot of Muslims in our own backyard, just ready to go haywire and attack,’” friend Michael Stone told ABC. “He was drunk, so I don’t know.”

America averages more than one mass shooting per day. But virtually the only ones we remember — due to Zionist media hype — are the ones blamed, however absurdly, on “extremely un-Islamic Islamic extremists.”

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