The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Alien Hybrids, New Genetic Study Suggests

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Vatic Note:  This is a very interesting piece and is possibly accurate, or not.   Just a word of caution,  remember, the Iron Mountain Report, done for the globalists recommended using aliens invadington as a manipulation to justify globalizing.  Having said that, lets also remember the psychos also use some "truth" to validate their manipulations in getting us to do as they want and this could well be the case.  So be careful, but do not dismiss it all.  Try to ferret out what is true, from what is not.  

After doing all the research we have done on RH Negative blood and the fact that its found no wher watce in nature, except humans,  we had decided there was sufficient probability of truth to this to a point, that it was important enough to put up for your consideration.   I also remembered that Bill Cooper, an ex Navy Intel Officer discovered documents that suggested the aliens were good guys and the globalists were going to say they were bad guys and thus get us to fight them for the globalists and use that argument to get us to globalize the planet with the Khazar Zionists running the show.

That means we may well have some exciting news here, and watch out for the globalists attempts to turn this into an agenda that they would prefer, that would be detrimental to us.  I hate having to constantly watch our backs where they are concerned.   Enjoy the read.   

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Alien Hybrids, New Genetic Study Suggests
By Admin, Humans Are Free, May 2015

A new genetic study suggests a lineage of Egyptian pharaohs were subjected to willful genetic manipulation by a technologically advanced civilization.

Some would call this definitive proof that the builders of the pyramids had a strong connection with beings that originated elsewhere in the universe.

Stuart Fleischmann, Assistant Professor of Comparative Genomics at the Swiss University in Cairo and his team have recently published the results of a 7-year study that mapped the genomes of 9 ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. If proven correct, their findings could potentially change the world’s history books.

Fleischmann and his team subjected the precious samples of ancient DNA to a process called Polymerse Chain Reaction (PCR). In the field of molecular biology this technique is often used to replicate and amplify a single copy of a piece of DNA, giving researchers a clear picture of someone’s genetic fingerprint.

Eight out of nine samples returned interesting but typical results. The ninth sample belonged to Akhenaten, the enigmatic 14th century BC pharaoh and father of Tutankhamun.

A small fragment of desiccated brain tissue had been the source of the DNA sample and the test was repeated using bone tissue but the same results were obtained.

One of the culprits was a gene called CXPAC-5, which is responsible for cortex growth. The anomaly is visible in the image below.

Akhenaten DNA

It appears this increased activity in Akhenaten’s genome would suggest he had a higher cranial capacity because of the need to house a larger cortex. But what mutation would have caused a human brain to grow? We have yet to discover such a technique despite years of breakthroughs in genetics.

Could this 3,300 year-old evidence point out to ancient genetic manipulation? Was it the work of advanced extraterrestrial beings.

Is the mythology of ancient Egypt more than a collection of allegoric tales? Prof. Fleischmann explains:
"Telomerase [a genetic enzyme] is only expended by two processes: extreme aging and extreme mutation. Genetic and archaeological data suggests Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten lived to about 45 years of age. That is not nearly enough to consume all the chromosomal telomerase, leaving behind one inconvenient but possible explanation.

"This hypothesis is also backed up by the fact that electron microscope analysis revealed signs of nucleotidic cicatrix, which is a telltale sign of the DNA helix healing after being exposed to strong mutagens."
Does this suggest that Akhenaten, one of ancient Egypt’s most mysterious pharaohs, was subjected to genetic modification during his life? If anything, this allegation supports the theory that ancient aliens once visited the civilization that lived along the banks of the Nile.

Another interesting piece of evidence provides backing to this hypothesis. The image below shows two microscope photographs of osseous tissue sampled from the skull of Akhenaten and that of a different mummy of the same age.

The bone tissue on the left is far denser and fundamentally different at a nanoscopic scale. Could this increase in strength of the skull bones be an indicator of increased brain development?
"This is an exciting finding, to say the least,” Fleischmann told press. “My team and I have submitted the papers for peer review and we’ve done and redone the tests enough times that we’re confident they’re accurate.

"I don’t know the full implication of our findings but I certainly believe they should at least point the scientific community in a direction that would have been immediately dismissed just a few decades ago."
If this study is correct, it will trigger an unprecedented paradigm shift. If aliens were actively involved in the life of the most powerful individuals thousands of years ago, does that mean they’ll return? Perhaps they never left at all.

But the most important aspect would be the existence of individuals, direct descendants of ancient Egypt’s royal lineage, that still posses the alien genes implanted in their ancestors’ genomes.

By Locklip

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