VATIC ALERT: 'Oilfield Igniter' Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15: Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag

Vatic Note:   that is the best thing Texas could have done.   I love it, sending out a false flag alert because Jade Helm was in the area.  NOBODY TRUSTS THE GOV ANYMORE.  Not a single person that I talk to who used to be a sheep and didn't want to hear anything about it all.  Now they are true and deep believers and even the libs are pulling out their guns and getting them ready along with their ammo.

Heck this proves even main stream media doesn't trust the government either or they would not have posted the story.  You know, the safest place for these banksters and government shills, RIGHT NOW, is underground.   They best hurry up and get down there, so we can lock them in and then take down the cover buildings they are using to hide entrances and exits.  This could be a test run to see how we would counter them, so don't do anything at all until its confirmed by a reliable source that they are ALL GONE UNDERGROUND. 

They can become the true underground trolls that will physically begin to look like the zombies they are, due to a lack of sunlight caused by their own hand, through geoengineering.  Now how ironic is that? This headline that goes with this article does not have any evidence that Texas has sent out a warning about a Major false flag, red flag warning.   So, I  have ignored that part of the title until we get confirmation that a warning was issued.

Until then, I am going to assume this was  a test run to see what we do know about their undergrund facilities.  DO NOTHING until we know this is real.  Do not give away your intel or strategy, until they are truly gone.  Then dig up their fibre optics that we all watched them put it in order to watch us and manoeuvre their space weapons against us,  while they are down there.  Once you dig them up and cut them up, then we can proceed with our own strategy on how to "depopulate" them.  lol  Oh, and the next thing to take down are the cameras on every street intersection and anywhere else you can see them.

VATIC ALERT: 'Oilfield Igniter' Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15. Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag

Staff Report, NewsWest 9,  Updated: Apr 23, 2015 3:24 PM MDT


VN:  It won't let me put up the video of the news report, so go directly to this link above this sentence and watch it there.  Notice in the report not a word about the connection of Haliburton to Dick Cheney and to the gulf blow out.  Remember it was Haliburton that did something down in the water near the pipe to the oil field and the next thing we knew it blew, supposedly anyway.  I, personally still believe they used their space lasers to blow it out since they needed testing without anyone knowing they even existed.  This was a perfect way to accomplish both objectives.... test the lasers, and cause an eco disaster as recommended in the 1966 Iron Mountain report recommendations to get the world to accept globalizing command by the PTB                                                        

ODESSA – A report of missing explosives was made to Odessa Police on Thursday morning.
Odessa Police tell NewsWest 9, the Odessa Police Department Bomb Squad Unit was made aware of an undetermined amount of explosives that were reported missing from Halliburton.
The explosives were supposed to be transported from a Halliburton yard in Ector County to a location in Reeves County.
Officials say it is unknown if the explosives were misplaced or stolen from Halliburton.
The explosives are described as oilfield igniters that are approximately 2” in length and a 0.5” in diameter. There is no printing on them to indicate that they are hazardous.

The Odessa Police Department would like to warn the public that if you come across the explosives to use caution and immediately make a report with police.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Odessa Crimestoppers at (432) 333-TIPS or Odessa Police at (432) 333-3641.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating, thank you. As everyone is aware the other name for underground "enclosure" is TOMB !