Newtown School Board meeting May 6th 2014. Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and many others confront the Board about the Sandy Hook Shooting

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Vatic Note:  We got so distracted by the atrocities occurring over the world lately, that we have been neglecting the "TRUTH" being sought about 9-11, the various shooting false flags in trying to get our guns, with Sandy Hook being one of the big excuses to do so.  Now its time to revisit these issues and see how far we have come to reaching "Truth" in these instances.

We did a blog on the on going investigation into 9-11 and are now revisiting Sandy Hook and it appears those nasty conpiracy bugs were right on.  There are things in this video that I did not know.   For instance the remaining children who were not injured or killed, numbered about 600, so where were the buses hauling them out of the danger zone?

Where were the parents and their cars to come and pick them up, if they had left in that manner?  Why weren't the parents allowed to see their childrens bodies, or view the kids or even identify them at the hospital or morgue?   No answers.

Newtown School Board meeting May 6th 2014. Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and many others confront the Board about the Sandy Hook Shooting
by Admin,  Sherrie Questioning all,  May 6, 2014

Excellent School Board meeting.  The Newtown board got an earful from many people.  What an awesome board meeting.  I wish I had been there!  Listen to what they say and how they confront the school board for the Truth.

Of course at the very end a man who appeared to have a middle eastern accent said how offended he was by everyone there full of 'conspiracy theories' and how dare anyone question what happened that day.


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