Chuck Todd: Obama Administration Wants To Criminalize Journalism

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Vatic Note:   Well, "finally",  the press is speaking up for a change.  I wonder if that is planned by the evil ones to take the heat off of the reporters or if its for real.   I suspect it was to take the heat off since this was done in May of 2013, and nothing has changed during that period and its why we decided to post it to show you just how little it means for the press to complain.

Did they file a suit in court on Constitutional grounds?  NO?  Well, then I guess it was only for our consumption.  

Chuck Todd: Obama Administration Wants To Criminalize Journalism
by Admin,  The Liberty Crier

Chuck Todd talks about the damaging effects the spying done by the Obama administration is having on journalism. He says that spying is an attack on the 1st amendment.

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