Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

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Lucid Dreaming:  Gateway to the Inner Self
by Zen Gardner

 Lucid Dreaming book cover (medium)

[While this is from a book promo, it gives a quick overview to a fascinating and important subject we'll cover more of in the future. Enjoy! - Zen]
In 1975, the author taught himself a simple technique to become consciously aware in dreams. Since that time, lucid dreaming has been proven by the pioneering research of Dr. Keith Hearne, University of Hull, and Dr. Stephen LaBerge at Stanford.
Lucid dreaming offers science a revolutionary psychological tool to experiment and investigate the deeper aspects of the dream state, consciousness and the mind. This book shows how lucid dreamers can explore the subconscious and its knowing. With fascinating lucid dream examples, thought-provoking questions and exciting techniques, this book has been hailed “a classic” by experienced lucid dreamers.
Iain McNay of ConsciousTV in London interviews author, Robert Waggoner, about lucid dreaming as a means to achieve an experience of non-duality.
[Hat tip: Antony - tx!]


See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/lucid-dreaming-gateway-inner/#sthash.cFgDwPBp.dpuf

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Paulo Pereira said...

For those wondering how to lucid dream, there are a few great ways to learn quickly and effectively. As with all skills in life, lucid dreaming requires some practice and effort, but once mastered is well worth the work that went into it.