Witness and Whistle-blower With Ties to Jimmy Savile Case Survives Car Crash After Brake Failure, Sabotage Suspected

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Vatic Note:  The Jimmy Savile case was covered by us prior  and this is a follow up to that disclosure with respect to the Crown Monarchy of Britain and more on their satanic penchant for Pedophilia satanic ritual.  I just hope and pray that Diana's children were not brainwashed into becoming as their lizard grandparents.

It would add insult to injury on her death physically, by having the death of her children spiritually.  That would be almost too much to bear by a loving mother.  In that sense, its good she is not around to see it, if true.  I suspect they did them like all illum families do to their children.

It explains the abject insanity these people exhibit  and are totally unaware of how they are seen.  Its like your underwear is showing and everyone sees it, except the wearer of the underwear.   You almost feel sorry for them since they can't see their own insanity... while we can, after all, its like a bright red flag they do not know they are wearing on their backs.  Just another murder to add to their claim of being productive.

Car Crash After Brake Failure, Sabotage Suspected

By JG Vibes
November 22, 2012

Although the mainstream media didn’t recognize the crimes committed by Jimmy Savile until after his death, there were many instances throughout his career where he was accused or implicated in child abuse cases.

In most cases he was able to avoid a whole lot of legal trouble and public scrutiny due to his media celebrity and his close ties to the power of the royal family.

The fallout from the Jimmy Savile case has probably just begun, but the backlash has already been considerable for anyone who has dared to speak out on the issue, with some people at the BBC even losing their jobs.

In the midst of these revelations there has been an increased attention on pedophilia in the entertainment industry and in state institutions like charities and children’s homes.  There has also been an increased attention on old cases that Savile may have escaped from during his career.

One case for example, involves a pedophile ring that was being run through multiple North Wales children’s homes in the mid 1980’s.  This ring was exposed when Labour councillor Malcolm King blew the whistle after learning of the child abuse through working so closely with the schools.

Just this week Malcolm King survived a car crash that happened under extremely suspicious circumstances.  While driving a car that had no prior issues, his brakes mysteriously failed, causing the car to lose control in a busy intersection and crash into another vehicle.  Luckily Mr. King only suffered minor injuries, but foul play was suspected enough for the police to impound the vehicle so it could be examined for signs of sabotage.

According to the UK Daily Star:
“THE whistle-blower who exposed the Welsh children’s home sex abuse scandal has cheated death in a suspect car smash ­after his brakes failed.  Police have seized care boss Malcolm King’s motor to see if it was sabotaged.  The car, a regularly-maintained Volvo S60, careened across a busy A-road and was hit side-on by an Alfa Romeo.  Afterwards Mr King, 68, who suffered a broken leg, found his brake pedal unattached and lying on the car floor.”

 Mr. King told the Daily Star that:
“I pushed my foot down hard on what I thought was the brake pedal but nothing happened….I’ve no idea whether the pedal was attached at this stage or not…The car flew across the junction and a car coming from my right smashed into my side…If I’d shot across the junction a split-second sooner I’d be dead because it would have hit where I was sitting rather than the bonnet.
It doesn’t bear thinking about. My car, which is a write-off, is now in the hands of the crash investigators…It’s a good car and I’ve always maintained and serviced it regularly at the best garage in town.  The police officer at the scene told me they’d examine it very thoroughly. They said they’d go over it with a fine-tooth comb.’’
I want to be clear that by pointing out these circumstances i am by no way saying that foul play was absolutely a factor, however these circumstances are extremely suspicious and it is well worth pointing out them out.  It is possible upon further examination that even more clues will pop up to either prove or disprove claims of foul play.

Either way it is still incredibly important to point out situations like this when they happen, because for so long throughout our history people in power have been able to make human beings disappear without anyone asking any questions or pointing out any suspicious circumstances.

Last week Brandon Turbeville of the Activist Post wrote a very revealing report on how high up this Jimmy Savile scandal goes.  In his report, Turbeville lays out the long personal history between Savile and the royal family, and discusses in detail the royal families connection to various pedophilia networks.  Not only that, but the article shows how their relationship seemed to develop through working with children’s homes and charities.

Turbeville writes that:
“Although Prince Charles’ friendship with Jimmy Savile, allegedly begun when the two met in the 1970s during the course of working with children’s wheelchair sports charities, is now well-known, the extent to which the Prince and the Pedophile were connected appears to go much deeper than the mainstream media reports let on.
Of course, the two having come in contact at a “charity” event for the disabled is not too far-fetched, even if it is being reported by corporate outlets. After all, using children’s “charities” as a hunting ground and a cover for his true motives was a notorious method used by Savile who actually lived in children’s homes and hospitals so as to be closer to his victims.
This method is by no means specific to Savile, however, as many other sexual predators and pedophiles know exactly what areas of society to be involved in and what careers to pursue in order to gain access to their victims. Jerry Sandusky stands as a perfect example.”
The royal family’s connection to children charities and Jimmy Savile make this recent accident of whistle-blower Malcolm King all that more suspicious.
To add an even deeper level of suspicion it seems that there have been a long list of mysterious deaths surrounding these particular children’s homes.

Mutliple sources have listed the following deaths:
Robert Chapman, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, fell to his death from a railway bridge.
Robert Arthur Smith, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, killed himself in May 1978, aged 16, by overdosing on painkillers.
Barry Williams, former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre, Clywd, found dead in a flat where he lived in poverty, aged 21.
Peter Davies died 1985.
Adrian Johns, former resident of Bryn Alyn, died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, Sussex. Verdict – unlawful killing.
Heath Kelvin Jones, former resident of Bryn Alyn, found dead in 1992 in a bedsit, aged 18. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse.
Peter Wynn hanged himself in January 1994, aged 27.

Brendon Randalls, former Bryn Estyn resident, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse in April 1994. Allegedly the victim of a serious sexual offence. 
Richard Williams was found dead in a car aged 18 in July 1994. Alleged to have suffered maltreatment while in care.
Craig Wilson hanged himself in November 1994 aged 16. 
Lee Johns, also known as Lee Homberg , former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused. Died in February 1995 aged 37.
Mark Humphries hanged himself in February 1995 aged 31.
Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers
Simon Birley, former resident of Bryn Estyn, was found hanging in May 1995 aged 27. Allegations he had been sexually abused by care worker.
Tony Wallis found dead 1996.
Again, I’m not precisely sure what is going on here, but where there is smoke there is fire, and it gets even crazier than this.

The report that came out about the abuse at these homes was never released, and although many people think that it should be made public, The Independent reported last week that copies of the report were destroyed because the council that commissioned it feared it might be sued.

There are still a few copies that remain but they have yet to be made public.
Mr. King is one of the few people alive who have actually seen these official documents, which implicate many of the abusers with definitive proof and testimony.

As of right now, Mr. King is in recovery, but has said that this recent encounter will not scare him from getting back into the case to reexamine new ties that were uncovered with the Jimmy Savile Scandal.
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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 
You can keep up with his work, which includes free podcasts, free e-books & free audiobooks at his website www.aotmr.com

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