Bill Cooper: UFOs Are Not What You Think "You've Got to Learn to Use Your Own Brain"

Vatic Note:   We have done numerous blogs from different perspectives on this subject and in fact dug deeply into the Nazi's, and UFO's in Antarctica, along with  profiling the 30 nations with Research facilities down there that make no sense.  In fact, we profiled one scientist murdered in such a controlled environment that nothing has been done to find the murderer and New Zealand has begged the US to allow them to investigate what happened to their scientist.  We also profiled Phil Schnieder who died a tortured and brutal death and that was after exposing the evil aliens in Dulce NM.

We also have said that internal spiritual work was important  but was not the answer to all our problems.  We cannot just pretend they do not exist and I agree with Bill 100% on his take on that issue.  But this interview was very very special and very very good.  I wish I had seen it sooner.  Remember, Bill was Killed by our government.  Also remember we had a blog on a whistle blower from the 1966 iron Mountain report telling us they are going to use aliens to globalize us (whether real or not, they intend to do this not because they are a threat, but because they are in cahoots with them) and he also mentioned using ecoterrorist acts to globalize against major eco destruction like the Gulf, Fukishima, etc.... its all been planned as we proved.  This is one of the best interviews by Bill that I have seen. enjoy!

Being Spiritual Means You're "Mature Enough
and Responsible Enough to Look Problems in the Face"

Alexandra Bruce
July 7, 2012

In this late 1990s interview, Bill Cooper describes a dramatic experience he had while in the Navy, where he and and several shipmates observed a UFO shoot out of the ocean and take off into the sky. He said that the question of whether UFOs are real had been resolved for him but the question of who was driving them remained in question.

Interview with Bill Cooper


Quotes from this Interview:

"A lot of times, my message is misconstrued as being 'not spiritual' or being 'overly negative.' I think they miss a lot of what I say. Because my point is that to be a spiritual person; to be a person who really matters, to really keep your power - which is your spirituality - and not become a slave, you have to know what the problems are. You have to identify them. You have to be mature enough and responsible enough to look them in the face and say, 'I've got to do something about this.'

"And unfortunately, a lot of things that I talk about, if we don't do something about it, it's not going to amount to a pile of beans whether you're 'spiritual' or not - you'll be somebody's slave in the future New World Order...

"It's human nature to want to believe in a benevolent race of 'Space Brothers,' that come and save us from ourselves - but it's not logical...


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