With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread U.S. military might to cyberspace

Vatic Note:  Well, well, it will certainly make it easier for Israel to spy on America, Americans, and steal our military secrets,  not that they haven't been well endowed with that ability prior to this plan.  After all, they just got caught shipping our patriot missile technology to China that they "SOLD" to them and made money off of that act of treason.  If it hadn't been for Finland, we would  never have known about it.

They also stole (or the dual Israeli citizens in the Pentagon "gave"...)  them our advanced technology plans for the F-22 fighter plane that will out perform our F-35 that they also stole the plans for.  They sold the F-22 to the Chinese who then modified it to out perform our F-22 and we have not gotten copies of those plans so we could fix our inadequacies now resulting from that small act of treason.

Remember, Romney just named 32 advisors and appointments to his cabinet who are dual Israeli citizens and many are from both the Bush and Obama administration which tells you all will be as if there was no election.  The same psychopathic criminals will be running our government.   No  change, so why bother voting since we no longer control our elections.  Lets call this what it is and act accordingly.   Its a full blown oligarchy with no freedoms or illusions of freedoms anymore.  Once we accept that, we can act accordingly.

Amazing, with allies like that, who needs enemies.  Right?  Add all this to the murder they did of thousands of Americans over the past 30 years with the USS Liberty, the  USS Cole, and now 9-11, and you have a reason why I think I just joined Iran in inviting the Ashkenazi, Zionist Khazars to go back to Europe where they came from.  Or better yet, we give you Mars to relocate all khazar Zionists, with our blessing.  Arrivaderchi, adios, Chow, Bon Voyage, etc.   Sorry, no children up there for you to pedophile, murder, and drink their blood.  So sad.  But if you are lucky, Satan will be there to greet you and give you his kiss of death.  LOL



Date: 2012-05-30

The Pentagon is turning to the private sector, universities and even computer-game companies as part of an ambitious effort to develop technologies to improve its cyber-warfare capabilities, launch effective attacks and withstand the likely retaliation.

The previously unreported effort, which its authors have dubbed Plan X, marks a new phase in the nation’s fledgling military operations in cyberspace, which have focused more on protecting the Defense Department’s computer systems than on disrupting or destroying those of enemies.

Plan X is a project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a Pentagon division that focuses on experimental efforts and has a key role in harnessing computing power to help the military wage war more effectively.

“If they can do it, it’s a really big deal,” said Herbert S. Lin, a cyber-security expert with the National Research Council of the National Academies. “If they achieve it, they’re talking about being able to dominate the digital battlefield just like they do the traditional battlefield.”

Cyber-warfare conjures images of smoking servers, downed electrical systems and exploding industrial plants, but military officials say cyber-weapons are unlikely to be used on their own. Instead, they would support conventional attacks, by blinding an enemy to an impending air strike, for example, or disabling a foe’s communications system during battle.

The five-year, $110 million research program will begin seeking proposals this summer. Among the goals will be the creation of an advanced map that details the entirety of cyberspace — a global domain that includes tens of billions of computers and other devices — and updates itself continuously. Such a map would help commanders identify targets and disable them using computer code delivered through the Internet or other means.

Another goal is the creation of a robust operating system capable of launching attacks and surviving counterattacks. Officials say this would be the cyberspace equivalent of an armored tank; they compare existing computer operating systems to sport-utility vehicles — well suited to peaceful highways but too vulnerable to work on battlefields.

The architects of Plan X also hope to develop systems that could give commanders the ability to carry out speed-of-light attacks and counterattacks using preplanned scenarios that do not involve human operators manually typing in code — a process considered much too slow.

Officials compare this to flying an airplane on autopilot along predetermined routes.

It makes sense “to take this on right now,” said Richard M. George, a former National Security Agency cyber-defense official. “Other countries are preparing for a cyber-war. If we’re not pushing the envelope in cyber, somebody else will.”

Military initiative

The shift in focus is significant, said officials from the Pentagon agency, known by the acronym DARPA. Cyber-operations are rooted in the shadowy world of intelligence-gathering and electronic-spying organizations such as the NSA.

Unlike espionage, military cyber­attacks would be aimed at achieving a physical effect — disrupting or shutting down a computer, for example — and probably would be carried out by the U.S. Cyber Command, the organization that was launched in 2010 next to the NSA at Fort Meade.

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