I Love It!!! This is the RANT of the Century!!!

Vatic Note:  I seldom plead with you to read something all the way through, but this is a must.  Buried in here are the guts of who we used to be and can be again.  I loved this rant..... I never knew this site existed, but I will be visiting it often.  LOL

Read it and see if it doesn't feel familiar.
Try to get that memory back of when you were incensed and outraged at true evil, psychopathy, and criminality and destruction of human life and liberty.

Try to remember, when reading this,  what it was like to be in charge with public servants responding to you as if you paid their salaries.... oh, thats right.... you do pay their salaries.
Well, this will remind you of how you should feel about that fact.

Try to remember the murderous rage, as a society, we felt when our children were viciously attacked and damaged for life by the sick perversions of other adults who proudly call themselves Satanists,  and now focus on  how  in the world did we allow those in the sewer to became those residing in the hallowed halls of industry, banking and government!

Those same Thomas P Crapper, perverts pervade the top levels of our society.  How did that  happen?  How did we allow the Pond scum of the earth, to rise up like cream to the top of the strawberry shortcake???  

This is the best rant I have read in a very long time and its motivating to read it.  We will prevail once we become reaquainted with our integrity, morals and character and hold full DISDAIN for those lacking in all those areas.   They should be brought down with a vengence and thrown into that same Thomas C. Crapper where their integrity & their inbreeding induced insanity resides.

Worship the Beast and we are the Feast!
posted by boomerangcomesback | June 11, 2012, Coto Crew

The Cult of Personality is Society’s “Achilles Heel”.

Sell the Sizzle!
The examples in our lifetimes are rife, here’s one of the latest: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2012/06/hillary-clinton-coming-under-fire-in.html
Here sits the Peasantry of the World…
At the bottom of the foul bird cage. Weeping and reading the headlines and storylines written by the vultures and rabid vampire bats who publish the drecht for public consumption. Shat upon and sat upon by a puffed up conglomeration of inbreds, idiots, and psychopaths. A sadder sight could not be imagined for sentient beings.
Witness the throngs of sheep attending and adoring the “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”
(VN:  especially knowing what she did in Canada murdering 10 children "that we know about"  for Satanic payoffs.  If she murdered 10 per year as part of her satanic ritual, then that is 450 children over 45 years of her reign. And she wants to rule the world???  Over everyone's dead body... including ..... you know.  Now I understand why the French used the Guillotine. )

See…Stevie’s BLIND! Are YOU?!
According to the “corrupted and owned” Wikipedia, “The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins, is a classification of objectionable vices (part of Christian ethics) that have been used since early Christian times to educate and instruct Christians concerning fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. The currently recognized version of the sins are usually given as wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony”.
I’d like to name #6 (ENVY) as the “Achilles Heel/Hell” of today’s de jure culture circa 2012.
I believe “THE CULT OF PERSONALITY”, i.e. ENVY, is the Root of civilizations’ problems. Go back into history, stop at Today’s empty gas station in the middle of the desert, or skip forward into the unknown future of mankind, and you can bet ENVY is taking it’s toll in souls.
About NOW! is the time to consider some radical postulations. Having been subject to the generations’ long psxchopathic (mispelling intended) Kabbalist nightmare of Royalty, Bloodlines, and Bullshit, I am deeply aware of the ‘program’ to program humanity.
What am I talking about? Where am I going with this?
Here it is humanity! “Take Your Idols and Shove Em!”

As I consider the pratfalls, prevarications, and pretensions of certain individuals claiming onerous adulation…I guffaw…in horrific awe. At their hubris. At their utter insaneness.
Yet, I notice, they receive adoration, stupendous monetary rewards, dadburn “get-out-of-jail-free” cards…THEY CAN DO NO WRONG in society’s eyes, though invariably, almost ALL of What They’re Up To is evil, against society’s mores, and for the most part sickening, self-interested psychopathy!

What gives?
Therefore, I realize I am stuck in some black hole of Psychotic Idol Culture where EVERYTHING is inverted. It sucks to be upside down for more than a minute or two…Imagine – ourselves, our parents, grandparents, and now our children – living in such an inverted world?!
Crap! You say?
I’m not even going to point out the examples of obscene Idol Worship that goes on. Everybody can name their own examples. If you can’t, you’re an amoeba. You are the Goyim they detest and strive to strip of all that is human.
Let’s IMAGINE that civilization totally rejected the implanted and ridiculous IDEA of IDOL Worship?!
Take Your World – Shake it Up – and Turn IT Upside Down!
THERE ARE NO kings, queens, bishops, knights, presidents, vice presidents, cabinets, ambAssadors, dignitaries, chiefs, military ranks, judges, law enforcement, CEO’s,
Put not your hope in popes or their dope, nor in entertainment and sports icons. Consider politicians as a deadly class of liars. Consider bankers and their institutions as people and places to keep your gold and silver assets “away” from. Consider credit usury as a debtor’s prison. Lump most economists together as confused know-nothings. 

When you think of things military, think of sanctioned murderers, working unknowingly for some sick agenda of an elite class probably funding both sides of the conflict. Think MIC as purveyors of death and destruction of your planet and kids’ futures. Don’t fawn in awe at the parades, the uniforms, the ribbons, the shiny military hardware, the faux “honor” in serving when it has been transmogrified into slash and burn blitzkriegs against innocent cultures and countries for profits. 

Remember the fallen as victims, not heroes. Count corrupt CEO’s and Wall Street companies as mafia-style extractors from the public good. View the gigantic multinational corporations as vampires and rogue eugenicists concerned with profits at all costs, with humanity as the blood bank slaves. I could go on and on…
Turn your thinking, your world view, around on its head. Clearly, most of humanity has had its head up its ass for a very long time. Put there purposely by the World Wrestling Federation of elite fakirs. 

We were tricked, and forced into this unnatural position by a guild of ghouls. Having gotten into this ass-licking position willingly or not, it is each of our duty as members of humanity, to wriggle free, stand up for ourselves, look around, and determine to never be counted out again!
My ire for this rant of a piece stems from a recent reading of Fritz Springmeier’s “13 Family Bloodlines” of the Illuminati on Vatic’s Blog…http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2011/12/astor-bloodline-part1-of-14-of-13.html
Some other info tidbits tied in with it were http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/04/bank-for-international-settlements-bis.html
Bank For International Settlements (BIS): How The Rothschilds Control And Dictate To The World .
http://thatsjustplumdumb.com/index.php/2010/03/bank-for-international-settlements-bis-how-the-rothschilds-control-and-dictate-to-the-world/ Bank For International Settlements (BIS): How The Rothschilds Control And Dictate To The World.http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/government/new_world_order/news.php?q=1338044414<a href=" Born To Rule: Bilderberg’s Torchbearers,
Illuminati Families – Fritz Springmeir – Series – Part I – Excerpts Intro,
The Astor Bloodline, Part 1 of 14 . Coupled with a working knowledge of
http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm#  http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/tyranny1.htm The Hidden Tyranny, stuff like http://www.smoking-mirrors.com/2008/02/911-is-litmus-test.html , places like http://www.jimcorr.com/ (this is a Dog Poet referral), 

Madonna’s SuperBowl X-tra affair, the recent Bilderberg gig in the U.S., the militarization of America and canceling of Constitutionally-guaranteed Rights by pen strokers, etc., etc. Pretty much everything I intake every day has led right to this Point of Rant.
Moving along now…
Yes. Strip them All of their idolatry, of your power-infusing fawning.
Forget you are living on a Prison Planet. Fuck THAT!
Why are there Wardens? And YOU are the “Ward of the State”? Where is Your Heart?!
You are not a Subject. A citizen. You ARE the Creators of your reality, should you choose the responsibility for yourselves.
I’m trying to imagine a world where ALL of the public servants are just THAT! Servants to the public.
I’m imagining that those in positions of responsibility, of legislative power, of representing the “Will of the People” AND their Best Interests — are individuals of regal bearing, offering strength of character, and bound by conscience to Help Mankind!
I’m imagining nobody gives a RIP about money, power, and control. But, rather rewards creativity, sensitivity, moral courage, and an ability to “think outside the box”. New inventions don’t come out of a box. Radically new improvements in any field come about by “radically new approaches”, not by stoicism and status quo.
This “Cult of Personality” craze is killing the World!
ALL of the NAMES IN THE NEWS are created fictions foisted upon the populace to fool them into thinking “they” might make it into The Club. Just sit back, and look at What They Do, How They Live, and How They Will Die. Its not such a pretty picture when you consider the cost. Yeah. The COST!
We are not given to anything, unless we give our power away.
I’m imagining that Humanity demanded and received complete transparency from those individuals entrusted with any form of demonstrative power. 

If anybody needs the Power to evaluate the performance, words, and deeds of their “Power Brokers”, it is Society who should hold the reins on these wild horses.
Can you imagine how OUR WORLD might run, might function, if WE THE PEOPLE actually KNEW what was going on at the top levels? NO! It is impossible to imagine. We are that far from that target. Unbelievable.
Take this song “Joy to the World” and consider if YOU were the King of the World!
We SEE the Kings and Queens of the World destroying, killing, usurping, and using humanity as fodder for their own selfish aims. There ain’t NO LOVE THERE!

The vinyl spins round and round like the world. SPIN, SPIN, SPIN it goes telling US we must idolize and bow in adoration to that which is subjugating and killing us on every level.
Insert in the meaning of this tune, “ If I was the King of this World… I’d terrorize, I’d force, every man, woman, and child – to kiss my ass and kiss there’s goodbye”. Yep. That’s the picture I get.
Ain’t no JOY in that! Can’t you see? You’ve been tricked by the Sons of a Gun!
Mankind wasn’t put here to serve EVIL! NO, WE were put here to take care of this wondrous Creation, to LIVE in the fullest sense of the word.
Its time to break down the castle walls, to topple the ivory towers, to hold the Kings & Queens accountable to the rules we must abide by. No one is above the law. WE can see the slope we are sliding down into Totalitarianism. 

And we’re letting the truly sick and depraved create the rules and impose their draconian laws, while we sink into the mire they have shat. I’m not going to go There! Hell is being constructed on earth itself by demons and their servants.
The “Cult of Personality” must be cast aside as a gross deception upon civilization.
This “System” of debauchery and control must be thrust through with the Sword of Truth! LOOK! And you can see their fallibility. LOOK! And you will realize mankind’s complicity in digging their own grave. 

LOOK! And you will see the Elites pissing on your potential as human beings. STAND UP AND LOOK! And you will see that ONLY YOU can do something about it. Every individual who says “NO!” to their schemes will be creating the future YOU DESERVE!
Truth and Justice are the Natural RIGHTS of every individual. Unless WE open OUR eyes, raise OUR voices and OUR fists in DEFIANCE to this Evil WE will receive their impudent and arrogant dictates.
Look around you…and acknowledge humanity as Your Family. The World and your environment as YOUR birthright. Laugh in Their Faces! Despise their deeds and shine the light of day on their duplicitous treasons. We are living in a world turned upside down. 

Not by US. But by a minority of psychopaths. What is a Leader to be, but a servant of humanity. WE see through their transparent “wrappers” of humanitarianism grossly labeled, as they wage wars, kill millions, and poison us through soft kill methods.
TSA, HLS, WOT, 9/11, WACO, Patriot Act (WTF!), NDAA (WTF!) and on and on backwards and forwards…
I’m sick of it. Aren’t you?    (VN:  YES!!!!  I AM)
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Anonymous said...

this sounds much like the "us vs. them" paradigm that has caused so much difficulty thru out history. i don't see the elite much different from us, the only difference is circumstance. were it not for an accident of birth, you or I could find ourselves in the bush or clinton family tree, spouting off all the drivel we find repulsive now. we are not so different them and us. or are you going to convince me that *we* would never do *those things* if we were in their skin? ....we would do it in a more humane manner? doubtful. unlikely. improbable. Precisely because of the "flaw" that we all have, some call it the sin nature. We are a flawed species, which manifests itself in a variety of ways, as we are seeing.

Vatic Master said...

So, you are suggesting, "WHAT"? That we ignore it? I noticed your comparison did not include the fact that there is a major big difference between us.

Its actually a critically big difference. Yes, we are all flawed and some of us peons at this level would certainly due whatever psychopathic act needed to be done to garner and gain power and wealth.

However, we do not have control of the resources that it takes, so that makes us "trying" to do that a lot less dangerous to the nation, our people and to the globe.

That difference is what we are seeing happening in our country right now. The control of our resources by the khazars who are worse than us historically, and bankers who are mostly khazars and the illum families that are black hearted, inbred, devil worshippers, and that is another big difference.

You have not been paying attention if you are seeing us as similar when in fact, they are far more advanced in the mentally ill category and insanity running truly deeper than snow in a blizzard.

THEY HAVE THE RESOURCES AND POWER TO TO TURN THEIR INSANE THOUGHTS INTO OUR REALITY. Further, they have no moral core to contain their insanity, while Christians do, even thought they are fully aware of their own sinful nature, they battle it constantly and that is the only reason societies work well together.

Its the only way they can work well together and why God gave us these rules of societal and criminal interaction restrictions. Whether you believe in God or not, the rules have worked and consciences and guilt have been the enforcing elements that the insane ones lack. Think about it for a few minutes and you see the truth of it.

Its because of those differences that they are so very very dangerous. Ask the victims of the USS Liberty, 9-11, uss cole, wellstone and JFK and JFK Jr.

Anonymous said...

are you saying that if your last name ended in -stein, you would not seek to gain at another's expense? you would do it differently because you "recognize the humanity of all", and because you have a conscience you could *never* do what the khazars are doing to us? i think we are all given a conscience at birth. the difference between them and us is that their conscience has been "traumatized" out of them, this does not lessen or decrease the responsibility for their actions, but it may help to explain how and why the abyss of differences. i believe they are conditioned, just as we would be if we grew up in that kind of tawdry existence, to see others as less than we are. they have the resources because we have been manipulated to give it up. they didn't just come in and take it, they have seduced us into giving it up for "our benefit", if we refuse to learn from our own history, why blame the vulture for taking up the slack? vultures exist, we can either be carrion, or we can learn from the last time this happened. if we do not connect the dots, don't blame the artist. yes, they may have the power to turn their thoughts into our reality, but hey, its not like this is the first time this happened....are we going to ALLOW their thoughts to become ours? we have a choice, you know. it is not written in stone that this MUST happen. we are being used by others. why does the one who is used get a free pass? no responsibility, no thought required, no action needed, and at the end, you get to be the victim who is misunderstood. the one who gets used has a responsibility to AVOID being used again. its like the prostitute who keeps coming down with an STD. either use protection, stop being a slut, or stop coming to the VD clinic every other week. and yes, i AM comparing the usa to a disease ridden prostitute. poor little orphan annie, just needs someone to understand, keeps getting into trouble all over the neighborhood...just can't help herself. until you realize that the poor put upon little orphan ain't quite the innocent, always running to Master for kibbles and bits. in this case, that would be israel. so you see, the poor put upon usa "nobody-understands-our-unique-brand-of-democracy" has a responsibility to live up to its own ideals, which has not yet happened. and after vietnam, central america, and many other parts of the "neighborhood" have felt the sting of our unique brand of democracy to the point where i don't feel at all sorry for little orphan annie. its time the brat grew up and lived life on life's terms.