SPECIAL REPORT: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds

Vatic Note: When recruiting your sheriff bring evidence the International bankers are behind the "attempted" overthrow of our government and that our government has been infiltrated by foreign interests and that is why we are in the bind we are in. If you need to, bring evidence of the drug connections between the Bush mafia and the bankers money laundering. Also do the same with Child Protective Services and the pedophilia problem globally that is emerging. Lots to give them from our own site along with many others. Do something and offer them the concept that they can deputize all gun owners in the county and cover themselves and to protect the right to bear arms. Have the sheriff also deputize the militia and that then expands everyones ability to support each other. If you have any other ideas, please share.  Notice how united we are becoming in that we are not fighting each other, rather focused for our specific reasons on those actually doing this to us.  Thank you America for doing that. This below is something we can do.  Bring the booklet to your Sheriff in your county and tell him his country needs him now more than ever before in the history of our nation.  If he does not respond, do a recall and elect one that will. 

SPECIAL REPORT: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds
Posted by Gary Franchi, RTR
Posted November 20, 2011

Americans are pushing back all over the country. It's very clear that a revolution is in full swing. Tea Parties have been organizing to fight the bailouts and taxation. Occupy Movements have be springing up to fight against Wall St corruption at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Americans are pulling their cash out of Big Banks and supporting local Credit unions, as we move into a heated election season where it looks like it's anyone's game. In today's exclusive special report Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham

County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back

against an over reaching Federal Government, a movement that needs your support.


There are a few things you can do to support the County Sheriff Project: 1st. Visit their website at http://CountySheriffProject.org and make a financial contribution 2nd. Simply share this video to your social networks and email lists. 3rd. Give your local Sheriff a copy of Sheriff Mack's book "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" available at http://SheriffMack.com, and tell them about the County Sheriff Project. Website: http://CountySheriffProject.org Facebook: http://on.fb.me/County-Sheriff-Project

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