Corporate Immortality?


By: Jim Kirwan
Date: 2011-08-08

'The “Act of 1871” provides a separate Government over the District of Columbia, by congressional decree, with no constitutional authority for their actions. This legislation created a Corporate State that actually controls the United States, and governs the Constitutional version of our formerly Democratic Republic. With these things in mind, traditional political events take on an entirely other dimension.
In 1886 the Supreme Court followed-up on just Freeing American Corporations from individual responsibility for their actions, (with no personal responsibility for any corporate action). This criminally-contrived corporate-status formed the basis for our two-tiered system of both law and life,” since that day in 1871 when we lost the freedoms we thought our Revolution had granted to us all.'

With these levels of illegal-political immortality they set this stolen country on the path that is rapidly coming to its final crossroads with the rest of the human race. The private-corporations have succeeded almost beyond their wildest expectations: Largely because almost all these illicit activities by the “Supreme Court” have remained unnoticed. But this capture of our land, our rights and our people has now come face-to-face with the ending that the Corporations and their owners designed for us almost from the beginning. Here is the whole story that begins with events in 1862. (1)

Apparently not a great many people have watched this hour and 44 minute video, as the presentation is not nearly as clear as it might have been – but the facts are in there; hiding amid the purposefully chaotic-legalese of Corporate-speak for any intrepid investigators to unravel.

In brief what this video documents is the establishment of the privatized Corporate State that has its home in a ten-square mile area of Washington D.C. – but which exercises control over every “Citizen of the United States’ through an entire series of paper ties that bind us in the immensely heavy chains of slavery, even though those chains still remain almost unnoticed. 

What CHAINS you might ask? Every time you acquire something that the corporation privately (and SECRETLY) controls, you inadvertently sign on to being the corporate property of this corporation that is called the United States Incorporated. This applies to driver’s licenses, Passport Applications, voter-registration, Social Security, Military Registration, or Jury Duty. To anything that requires you to admit in writing that your are a “Citizen of the United States” (Or in reality to being the solely owned Property of USI).

Congratulations! I’d bet that you did not know that your life has not been your own, if you have participated in any of the things that require your admission that you are indeed a Citizen of the United States It’s a massive fraud of course, but that’s just part of the lethal corporate double-speak! This is what is being used to enslave most Americans or at least those that have become unwitting-victims without any practical knowledge of this fact—in any practical way.

This is WHY cuts in all the social safety nets and governments programs can be done with such ease. The congress is acting for the Corporation that owns us, and “Everybody Knows” that no corporation ever needs the permission of its employees to do whatever-the-hell they decide is best for them! 

Watch the video in the footnote and discover “Who Actually Owns Us” because you might be surprised to learn that we are individually the private property of the Crown. Not the English Monarch but a Vatican Secret Society that is descended from the Knights Templar. It’s a fascinating tale, but one that every American needs to familiarize themselves with because THIS is what is coming to end our way of life. 

The new SUPER-CONGRESS is just the beginning of our new lives as slaves in service to this illegal ‘crown-of thorns’ This too is just a small detail that is being created to end any real differences between USI and USA as this ‘IMMORTAL corporation moves in for the kill! (2)
Jim Kirwan


The Season of Treason - a 1 hr 44 min video
Super-Congress? Text & Video

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