Zionist Washington Ensuring End of America

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Zionist Washington Ensuring End of America
June 7th, 2011
Posted by Mike Stathis, Veterans Today

“The great majority of the Senate of the United States…somewhere around 80 percent…are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants. This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made it difficult.” – Senator William J. Fullbright

Senator Fulbright goes on to add that “The Israelis object to an imposed settlement I don’t know what they mean by an imposed settlement. It’s quite obvious, without the all out support by the United States in money and weapons and so on the Israelis couldn’t do what they’ve been doing. So we bear a very great share of the responsibility for the continuation of this…of this state of warfare.”

Fulbright made these statements during CBS’s “Face the Nation” in 1973. Since that time, Israel’s control over Washington has grown tremendously, like a malignant cancer. This widespread control over Washington by Zionist Jews explains not only U.S. Middle East policy, but also U.S. domestic policy. Together, with their domination of the media, financial system, Washington, think tanks, the educational system and corporate America, Zionists are able to manipulate the minds of Americans, commit collosal fraud on Wall Street and use this money to buy off Washington which effectively functions to enrich this powerful group and position the U.S. as a puppet nation of Israel.

Here, I focus on the control of Washington by Zionist Jews using the Obama administration as an example. Although a similar level of control by Zionist Jews can be seen in previous administrations, one could argue that their power has never been greater, as evidenced by the current administration.

We begin midway in Obama’s first term. After facing intense pressure to axe his entire economic team due to their strong ties to Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, Obama’s advisers basically opened the exit doors for Larry Summers’ departure.

In late 2010, during his reported search for a replacement, Obama narrowed down his choices to replace Zionist Jew and Wall Street insider, Larry Summers as the next Director of the National Economic Council. Let’s take a look at Obama’s leading candidates.

First, we have Richard Levine, currently serving as Yale’s president, a position he has held since 1993. Levine has spent most of his life in academics. As an academic economist, Levine offered very little real business sense to the table. But he offered to keep this very influential position in the hands of Zionist control.

Next, Obama selected Gene Sperling, a Washington insider as a lead candidate. Sperling previously served as deputy director of the National Economic Council headed by the infamous Wall Street insider Robert Rubin under Clinton’s first term. Along with Summers and Alan Greenspan, Rubin successfully managed to have the critically important Glass-Steagal Act repealled. Perhaps the most significant component of this depression era law required a clear seperation between commercial and investment banks so that consumers would be indulated from speculative investments made by Wall Street banks.

Consequently, shortly after Glass-Steagal was repealled via the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, commercial banks were pumping up dotcoms onto naive investors. The implosion of the dotcom bubble would be only the beginning of what was to come. A few years later, banks were engaged in trillions of dollars of mortgage fraud. Under the advice of Summers and other Wall Street Zionist Jews, Obama’s Wall Street reform did not reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act.

In Clinton’s second term Sperling served as Treasury Secretary and director of National Economic Council. Thus, Sperling has experience under the regime that removed the most critical portion of the Glass-Steagall Act, spearheaded by Robert Ruben, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan and Phil Gramm. Thus, this positioned him as a leading candidate to replace his colleague.

In addition, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and current advisor to Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner, Sperling offers the kind of leadership to ensure criminal activity by Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the elite scum.

Obama’s final candidate for NEC Director was Roger Altman, another Washington insider and Wall Street scavenger. Altman is the founder and head of Evercore Partners. Most recently, Evercore advised General Motors in its bankruptcy reorganization plan, charging a total of nearly $70 million; funds that came from tax payers. Many experts have called these fees absurd. But what does it matter? It wasn’t GM’s money to hand out. It was yours.

In addition to his experience as a Wall Street insider, Altman was previously the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Carter, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, an executive at Lehman Brothers, and Vice Chairman of the Blackstone Group, making him a career politician and indisputable Wall Street vulture.

Adding to his candidacy for the top economic advisory position in America’s fascist regime under complete Zionist control, Altman boasts membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and his attendance at the Bilderberg Group.

As you can imagine, by restricting his choices to Wall Street and Washington insiders, all of which just so happened to be Zionist Jews, Obama’s choice would represent yet another lose-lose situation for the American people.

Can you guess who Obama (reportedly) chose to replace Summers?

After receiving criticism that numerous staff members and advisers to Obama were Wall Street insiders, you can imagine that Altman did not stand much of a chance, especially due to his controversial involvement and fees charged for GM’s restructuring.

As it turned out, Gene Speling was named as the replacement for Summers a few months ago.

Perhaps if Obama opened his platform to non-Jewish candidates, he might be able to receive some guidance that actually benefits working-class Americans instead of corporate oligarchs and Wall Street scum. But this is not possible due to the tremendous power held by AIPAC and some 300 Israeli lobbies, all of which have bought off Washington. Similar to all other politicians, if Obama does not abide by AIPAC’s demands he will face the harsh consequences of the most powerful lobby in the U.S. This is a fate no politician would wish on his worst enemy. AIPAC, through its powerful ties to Jewish wealth and power and the Jewish media, can easily defeat any politician it targets by sending millions to its opponents and smearing them in the media.

Nearly one year ago, Jewish economist Peter Orszag abruptly resigned as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. Previously, Orszag served several economic positions under Clinton, then Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Immediately upon leaving the White House, Orszag joined the Council on Foreign Relations as a distinguished visiting fellow.

Recently, he joined Citigroup’s Senior Strategic Advisory Group, where his estimated compensation is expected to be around $3 million annually despite the fact that he has no real experience in this area. Orszag follows the long tradition of departing office via the revolving door between Washington and corporate America.

How can Americans ever expect to have any confidence in Washington when they are rewarded with fortunes by those they are supposed to police when they leave office? The examples of this activity are endless.  

So who did Obama replace Orszag with? Take a guess.

Jacob Lew, a Zionist Jew. Lew previously served as Special Assistant to the President under Clinton, several positions in the OMB including Director under Clinton.

Prior to being selected as the new head of the OMB, Lew served as the Deputy Secretary of State and Management of Resources under Obama. Like so many of Obama’s Zionist Jewish Cabinet, Lew is a Wall Street insider, having served as the COO of Citigroup’s Alternative investments unit in 2006. Something smells fishy here.

What that means is that Lew quite possibly (alternative investments may or may not include exotic derivatives such as those that helped implode Citigroup) had a role in the destruction of the bank, costing tax payers billions of dollars.

What about the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)? Care to guess who heads this important economic position?

The Director of the CBO is Douglas W. Elmendorf, another Jew.

If it seems like virtually every top economic position in Washington is headed by a Jewish individual that’s because it is. With no more than 2% of the U.S. population, Jews are overrepresented by anywhere from 10 to to 50 times in key industries and top positions from within the federal government, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank, to the media, Hollywood, corporate America and the legal system.

But that’s certainly not all. We see similar levels of overrepresentation in some of America’s top universities. That’s what you call some major networking not even rivaled by the most corrupt dictatorships.

In fact, if you happen to know anyone who has attended America’s academic powerhouse, the Ivy League universities, they can confirm that each of these schools are as Kosher as you can get. I can’t speak for each one, but when I was at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN), I was puzzled as to why classes were cancelled for all Jewish holidays. As the largest of the Ivy League universities, you don’t have to look far to see Jewish students at UPENN. They are all over the place.

Overrepresentation in the nation’s finest universities certainly does not end with the Ivy League. You will see a similar level of dominance at some of the top private schools, especially within the northeastern US. Without a doubt, Jews tend to be very intelligent and well educated. My only question is how well-educated would they be if they didn’t have an inside corridor to the nation’s top universities.

It seems that everywhere you look in the U.S., we see Jewish domination. We see it in the media, including Hollywood, talent agencies, PR firms, the publishing industry, and the Internet. We see it in the financial industry, including Wall Street, the venture capital industry, commercial banks and the Federal Reserve banking system. Most think tanks are also dominated by Jews, although here we see a smaller percentage of Zionists. We also see Jewish domination of corporate America.

It does not end there. I invite you to survey the largest, most powerful law firms and you will see evidence of Jewish domination as well. Finally, the “big” judges and federal prosecutors are are disporportionately represented by Jews. Think about the kind of power and control you can wield using this network to influence domestic and foreign policy. It’s truly astonishing.

As you might imagine, with this level of control over the U.S., Israel receives about as much financial aid from the U.S. than the rest of the world combined. In essence, U.S. tax payers are funding the ethnic cleansing of Israel and the illegal construction of new settlements. Ironically, while millions of Americans have lost their homes due to the collapse caused by Zionist-controlled Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, Israeli homeownership is being subsidized in the West Bank with U.S. tax dollars. This is completely intolerable.

But a good part of U.S. aid to Israel is shuttled back to AIPAC, enabling it to purchase even the most reluctant politicians. Thus, your tax dollars are being spent buying off Washington in order to support Jewish appointments and to pass laws favorable to Israel.

And of course we cannot forget about Wall Street because this is the primary source that feeds the Zionist mafia. Wall Street is able to buy off Washington, ensuring that it is able to continue ripping off investors. And we all know who most of the big Wall Street players are.

Everywhere you turn in the U.S. you will see Jewish individuals (predominantly Zionists) in top positions. This is by no coincidence. It’s due to the tight network of power and money utilized by the Zionist Jewish mafia.

And we cannot forget about the Kosher tax on food items, which brings in an estimated $10 to $15 billion dollars worldwide each year to Jewish Rabbis. Amazingly, with more than 47 million Americans on food stamps, this unfair tax has never been questioned by anyone in Washington or the Zionist-controlled media. You can imagine what kind of uproar the Jewish-run ACLU and ADL would stage if Catholics or Protestants came up with a scam of their own that raised the cost of food (and even some non-food) items to be paid for by the entire population. In that scenario, at least a significant percentage of Americans are Catholic or Protestant. The Kosher tax, which offers no health benefits whatsoever, must be paid for by 98% of the non-Jewish population to satisfy the religious requirements of the Jewish population. Yet, we never even hear public debate about the Kosher tax because we all know who controls the media, and we all know who controls public policy issues.

By now, you should have no doubt whatsoever that the media, Hollywood, the financial system are controlled by Zionist Jews.

Let’s have a look at more of Obama’s Jewish appointments so you can see that Washington too is controlled by Zionist Jews.


David Axelrod – Special Adviser to the President; Axelrod, a Zionist Jew served as Obama’s political
strategist. He is also very well connected in the business and political area, as well as within the big Jewish money in Chicago such as the large Pritzker family of billionaires.

The pharmaceutical lobbyist group PhRMA shuttled millions of dollars to two non-profit entities formed under the direction of Senate Finance Committee and healthcare industry sell-out Max Baucus. Axelrod’s former firm, AKPD, was selected to produce and place ads in a $24 million campaign. David Axelrod resigned as Obama’s advisor on January 28, 2011.

Jared Bernstein – Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President. Bernstein comes from the Jewish-led right-wing think tank, the Economic Policy Institute. Although the EPI claims it is non-partisan, the facts arguably reveal a different story. The EPI has been known for its research into the economic impacts of free trade. However, ever since Bernstein moved to the White House, the EPI has stayed clear of the subject. In fact, the EPI now fights for Obama’s regulatory measures which make U.S. manufacturers even less competitive, ensuring that corporate America can justify further job exportation.

Rahm Emanuel – White House Chief of Staff; son of a Zionist terrorist; dual-citizen of Israel and America. Yet, when it came time for serving his nation, Emanuel didn’t join the U.S. military during the Gulf War. He served in served in Israel’s military. Similar to most U.S.-Israeli dual citizens, it’s clear that Emanuel’s top loyalty is with Israel. I consider such a mentality to present a threat to U.S. national security.

Prior to entering Washington, Emanuel utilized Jewish Mafioso networking to secure a lucrative job at an investment bank, although he had no prior experience in business or finance. But that didn’t matter because he was Jewish. And if you are Jewish and you work on Wall Street, you will make a huge sum of money. Emanuel lived up to this reputation, pulling in over $15 million in less than 3 years at the firm.

While serving in Congress, Emanuel was the top House recipient of donations from Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity fund, banks, and the overall financial industry during the 2008 election cycle, all while the financial crisis was collapsing. It looks like Wall Street knows where its money is best-spent.

Tim Geithner – Treasury Secretary and formerly President of the New York Fed (which is by far the most
powerful and influential branch of the Fed). But you shouldn’t assume Geithner is competant just because he holds a high office. Most individuals in the U.S. in positions of power got there because they have done the right things for the wrong people. This applies to the private sector as much as in the public. Geithner was one of the key architects of the Bear Stearns giveaway to JP Morgan, as well as TARP. Like most of Obama’s appointees, Geithner has been a complete disaster and has been a total failure at every position he has served.

Many Americans want to see Geithner replaced due to his close ties to the Federal Reserve Bank. However, you can bet that if Geithner were to leave, another Jew (most likely Zionist) would be selected according to the demands of AIPAC, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Mary Schapiro – Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission; Schapiro was Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority since 2007. As a reward for her role in negligence resulting in the global economic collapse, Schapiro was appointed to head the SEC by Obama. Despite the PR campaign rolled out by the SEC ever since it was revealled that the SEC ignored convincing evidence that Bernie Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme, I can assure you there will be no change from this criminal organization

Schapiro is no more than a career politician, having served in every Presidential administration since Reagan. But she is also a former executive for Duke Energy and Kraft Foods, introducing additional conflict of interest. As an exercise, you might want to examine the Board of Directors of each of these companies and count how many members are Jewish.

If you’ve often wondered why it is that Wall Street and commercial banks get away with so much fraud, you might want to ask yourself why it is that Jews are so often appointed the role of regulating Wall Street and the banks. You don’t think that the powerful Jewish networking and comradery plays a role in this?

The case of Bernie Madoff serves as a recent example. We can also examine the fate of junk bond king and insider trading crook from the Savings and Loan scandal, Michael Milken. In addition to his fellow Jewish friends in the SEC, Milken had the help of other Jewish colleagues in the Department of Justice. Perhaps this is why he only spend a couple of years in club fed, and reentered the free world with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Below is a list of SEC chairmen and commissioners during the time period that Milken committed securities fraud and was investigated thereafter. Surprise, surprise, virtually every top SEC official during that period is Jewish. Notably, Mary Shapiro was an SEC commissioner at the time of Milken’s investigation. Is everything beginning to make sense now?

Take a look at the SEC chairmen and commissioners during and shortly after the S&L crisis. As you can see, almost every single one was Jewish, probably Zionists.

John Shad (R), Chairman 5/6/81 6/18/87
Bevis Longstreth (D) 7/29/81 1/13/84
James C. Treadway, Jr. (R) 9/13/82 4/17/85
Charles C. Cox (R) 12/2/83 9/30/89
Charles L. Marinaccio (D) 5/24/84 7/10/85
Aulana L. Peters (D) 6/11/84 7/8/88
Joseph A. Grundfest (D) 10/28/85 1/18/90
Edward H. Fleischman (R) 1/6/86 3/31/92
David S. Ruder (R), Chairman 8/7/87 9/30/89
Mary L. Schapiro (I) 12/5/88 10/13/94
Richard C. Breeden (R), Chairman 10/11/89 5/7/93
Philip R. Lochner, Jr. (R) 3/12/90 6/23/91
Richard Y. Roberts (R), (D) when appointed 10/1/90 7/15/95
J. Carter Beese, Jr. (R) 3/10/92 11/14/94
Arthur Levitt (D), Chairman 7/27/93 2/9/01

Anyone who knows a bit of history is aware of the long stretch of Ponzi schemes, insider trading activities, penny stock pump and dump scams, and other forms of white collar crime dominated by Jews. If you are unaware of this association, I suggest you research it for yourself. You can bet there are many more Bernie Madoffs out there. And remember, Madoff turned himself in. The Zionist-controlled Secruities and Exchange Commission (SEC) not only did not uncover his Ponzi scheme, officials ignored years of repeated formal complaints by Henry Markopolous.

After committing countless acts of blatant securities fraud, resulting in the collapse of the global economy, not one single Wall Street executive has been criminally indicted. Even civil charges have not been brought by the SEC. Goldman Sachs was fined a mere $500 million as ordered by Obama’s handlers in order to diffuse the pressure that he faced since Goldman robbed taxpayers of up to $30 billion.

Why not put some Gentiles in charge of the SEC and let’s see the results.

Below is a complete list of SEC Chairmen and Commissioners. As you can see, a very large number have been Jewish.
Read the names and rest of the story Here! 

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