Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates

Vatic Note:   This supports what we have been saying from the beginning,  we are occupied by a foreign nation, Israel, with a cadre of dual Israeli citizens controlling the government in various depts such as defence, state dept, intel agencies,   and finally congress.    Now they have made massive inroads along the same way they did here.  The khazars are experts  in "war by deception" using others as lackeys for the accountability portion of their actions.  Israel has killed more Americans than all the muslim countries put together using terrorist attacks, the USS Liberty ,  the USS Cole,  9-11,  and various assassinations domestically under Cheney's domestic assassination squad that is operating illegally within the United States.  This is what Australian citizens can expect if they continue down this path.  They will end up like us if they are not already too late.   It appears from their elected leaders it might be too late, so they can watch what happens to us and see what is ahead for them and maybe have more time to prepare to deal with it and them.  All these treason blogs go together, each from a different perspective.   If you truly want to see evidence of who did 9-11, please visit this blog

Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates
Uploaded by alawson911 on Nov 20, 2010

It cannot be said, too often or too loudly: The interests of a Nation's own Citizens must come first. The 9/11 cover-up is falling apart at the seams, and politicians should be made accountable, either for their ignorance about issues that affect their nation, or because they have been protecting the official story, knowing that is is false.

Summary: Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia's publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. This video redresses the balance, and makes it clear that Australia's prime minister is either ignorant, beyond belief, or she is putting the interests of nuclear, Apartheid Israel ahead of Australia's.   Watch this video, it will make you sick.  I feel sorry for the Aussies with treasonous leaders like we have, going against their own citizens. .


The unedited sound file of the Kevin Bracken Jon Faine conversation can be found on this Internet page:

My thanks to YouTube7hevo1d for the Dollar Drain animation — http://www.youtube.com/7hevo1d

My thanks to Debbie Menon, my trustworthy distributor; StevenM818 who gave me the heads up on the new NIST Freedom of Information revelations about the explosions. Sonja Karkar, Nick Irving and Debbie, again, for their always welcome advice, and to Nate Flach who always comes up with the goods when I need a video clip or some advice about them.

Clips from the following videos are included with the producers' kind permission:

WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

The maker of this video, David Chandler is a Physics Teacher and more information on his work can be found at

David is also affiliated to: International Center for 9/11 Studies, Scientists for 9/11 Truth, and AE911Truth
9_11 Experiments_The Great Thermate Debate by Jonathan Cole, a professional engineer whose other work is also worth a look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d5iIoCiI8g

UA175 - the last 12 seconds by achimspok


I have been unable to get a reply from this excellent researcher, so if you see this: Thank you for explaining this so clearly, and I hope you don't mind me using the short excerpt.

The Murray Street Engine: Please refer to the following very well-researched article.

Google Street View: Those interested in checking out the location from which the "Twin Smokestacks" video was shot, should start off by typing in "Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ, United States" in Google Maps. Zoom in close keeping Interstate 78 in view, on the left (west), and find Brunswick Street. You'll see the smokestacks just to its right. Zoom in and move the view north and find 3rd Street and there is the roof where the cameraman stood; it is beside a vacant lot. 3rd Street passes under I78, and you can use the Street View function, from the elevated highway, to find the shots I've used in this video.

Please don't ask me how to use Street View, it takes me forever to remember, each time I return to it, but exposedeceivers has kindly supplied a link to the view featured in the video:


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American Action Report said...

It's outstanding. Over a month ago, I came to the conclusion that we already have all the facts we need to bring criminal charges against the 911 perps and make it a key issue in the 2012 presidential election; but what we don't have is a comprehensive narrative that will create the much-needed tipping point.
To sway 80% or more of the American electorate, that narrative would have to be multisensory (such as a video) and fit the SUCCESs model used by many advertisers. That model is "Simple (making the core issue clear), Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, Emotional, and Stories."
For 911, the narrative couldn't possibly be less than an hour long and probably more like two hours long.
The video you've made available to us is the best presentation of 911's core issues I've ever seen, and it fits the rest of the SUCCESs model.
I don't think that just one person could create a 911 tipping point video before this September. Maybe some of Vatic's readers would like to give it a try.