2010 Predictions from ..... Beyond (A retrospective view)


REMEMBER, ALL THESE UP FOR TODAY ARE CONNECTED TO OUR OTHER WORLD WE STRUGGLE WITH EVERY DAY. They are definitely not separate, rather our solutions lie in this realm we are covering and that is why I call it VATIC'S CHRISTMAS GIFT TO OUR READERS. This project is amazing. While we deal every day with the horrors and evil occuring on this planet, magic is going on outside the realm of the political, the satanical, rather its mysteries and magic of the universe are becoming unveiled and seriously reconsidered from all our old ideas of our universe. We have divided this into sections from the "Big picture" The universe and its role in our reality to the next which is the Sun and planets, then the earth, water and air, and finally our DNA, consciousness and spirituality down to the quantum level which reflects and is exactly like the Universe, ironically. The biggest to the smallest. It starts tonight with this one plus our regulars we normally do. Tomorrow it will be all these issues. Once done you will be able to see WHY THE DARK SIDE DOES WHAT IT DOES AND WHY SINCE THEY HAVE KNOWN THESE THINGS FOR THOUSAND OF YEARS. (THIS IS THE SECOND TIME TODAY THAT THEY MESSED ONLY WITH MY MERRY CHRISTMAS COMMENT, SO REREAD THIS and try to figure out what they are afraid of that was in here.  I have an idea, but no proof.   I will put my idea of what in green. 

Vatic Note: I received this video on 1/2/2010 and held it to see how accurate it would be after the year was over. Well, the time is now. We are dedicating Christmas to presenting the new paradigm entering into our field of existance and its marvelous. We are using this blog to lead us into our series on Christmas day, so join us after your festivities to receive our Christmas gift to you.  I did not realize it but when we created our first strategy on the People to People initiative, we put out there what you are going to hear on this video.  This is a LOOK AT WHAT ACTUALLY OCCURRED IN RETROSPECTION and we can see it all happened as predicted.  This is truly exciting.  Its not over yet either.  More is coming. 

Given that Christmas Eve is the beginning of the holiday, we are starting our journey of discovery down this rabbit hole, tonight with this first blog about predictions made in 2009 about 2010 and you will be surprised at how prophetic it was as we end 2010. 

The entire day, Dec 25th, will be with blogs to do with consciousness, energy, mayan Calendar and 2012 predictions. Its important as it gives a real serious explanation for so much going on in the planet as we speak. Europes cold spell. etc.... The bogus false flag to clear us out of the gulf, and Haiti, 7,000 soldiers in central America, etc. You will begin to see that the evil ones know all this and are in preparation for it. Arctic Circle seed bank, I couldn't figure out why the Arctic, but after watching all these, I know why now, and they have no idea if they will survive it either.

(Art work by P. Rydz)

Everything on this video has come true and we will be showing that to you with this series. We ask you visit us on Christmas when you have some free time or after christmas for that matter and check it out so you can see where we are going and leave the depression, fear, and hopelessness behind as its in the "OLD PARADIGM" and we will be leaving those of hate and fear of the old paradigm behind. We are pioneers on a journey of discovery from within that will manifest itself without. Welcome home. We will be doing even more pre New Years day and on New Years day. Remember we are in unknown territory now with all the earth changes, celestial changes and and energy changes, so be prepared for the ride of your life. We live in interesting and exciting times.

2010 Predictions from ..... Beyond
auradotca ,  Provided to Vatic Master by Jo L. of  Pagosa Springs, Co.  thank you, Jo. 
December 26, 2009

A sneak-preview of life's coming attractions for the "mighty" year of 2010. Courtesy of our friends from the Unknown.   All quotes are from the December 2009 edition of "The Sedona Journal".
The track is called, "Amazing" and the band is "One Eskimo".


While you are here, please see this video which is a MERRY CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM ONE OF OUR VIEWERS, MS KITTY...... please enjoy this beautiful Christmas gift.  Thank you Ms kitty.


These below go with the video with the 2010 predictions that all came true for some if not all of us. 
Comprehensive Credits + Links

The Sedona Journal

One Eskimo

AND check out, "KANDI"


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Weaver said...

I came... I saw... I was enlightened...
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for us all, to a bright future...

Anonymous said...

i saw this last year... very enlightening because its true. dec. 25th will be an exciting day. thank you Vatic Project for the beautiful and meaningful gifts.

peace & godspeed

Vatic said...

Thank you Weaver, if what you say is true, then this has been a success already and we just put it up at 5 today, so I thank you for that gift.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful prosperous New Year to you and yours.

Vatic said...

No, Bucketslogg, thank YOU!!!! I swear, we have the best blog viewers in the universe. LOL Of course, I am prejudice. lol

Blue Rose said...

Here is another Christmas gift for you and your readers: the Beauty of Mathematics. It is very curious that it does resemble the half-finished pyramid:


mskitty said...

Percy, you just gave ME a wonderful Christmas surprise by including the Christmas Cannon link in your blog. No one's ever done that before, and it made me feel good.



Vatic said...

Ms Kitty, believe me, the gift was to us in providing such beautiful music at such an appropriate time of year. I thank YOU most graciously for that gift to our devoted readers.

I wish you Blessings and great joy in this season and in the New Year.

Blue Rose - I thank you as well for the link and will view it once I am done finishing up todays blogs since there are going to be way more than normal. LOL We have tackled quite a rabbit hole here and its been an amazing journey traveling down this road.

I simply had no idea. I am now enlightened as well.