Check Out The Kind Of Sickos We Are Dealing With--NSA Official Beats His 3 Year Old Adopted Son To Death! And they want to Run the planet? Hah

Vatic Note:   This is exactly what happens when we, the people, send a message that crime, corruption, assassinations are ok to do.   The highest levels of industry such as banking and our foreign infiltrated fascist controlled government are daily breaking the law, stealing, drug running, money laundering and pedophiling hundreds of thousands of children and suffer zero consequences for their harming others  in this country and society.

So what did we expect from NSA officials who willingly violate the governing document of this country and they fully well know it, by spying on Americans and anyone else they or Israel decides needs to be spied upon. They violate their oath of office and should be prosecuted for doing so.  We did a blog proving that all info obtained by NSA is then fed to a foreign country that has a record of attacking Americans and killing them, (USS Liberty, USS Cole, 9-11, all ring a bell?)  and that country is Israel and then we find out that Israel is doing their own spying on us and others, through AN NSA FACILITY LOCATED IN JERUSALEM. Since when did Israel get to dictate what NSA does or where they are located?  Now what did we expect?

Children, have no rights, and are expendable because they are safe.  They don't own guns and they are too small to fight back.  These cowards know that and its the only reason they do something like that.  Its "we, the people" who need to protect ALL CHILDREN IN OUR NATION, they are our future and our most precious natural resource that are not replaceable.  If we do not then we have lost our civilization and have reverted to animal barbarians and are no better than those criminals doing all of this.  This man should never see the light of day.

We should be calling our Senators and congressmen and start ragging on them about ALL OF THE WRONG DOING BEING DONE IN THIS COUNTRY.  That way, when time comes, and if they do nothing, then we have no doubt they are as guilty as the foreign agents in our government.  All Dual Israeli citizens should be kicked out of all key positions of policy making, and military and intel, and only given jobs that are not a threat to our national interests.  Its that simple. 

We should do nothing until he has a trial.   In this country we give people the right to a fair trial with a jury of his peers.  Once that is done and IF THE VERDICT IS GUILTY, then we call our congressmen and senators and start seriously beating them up.... its election time and they need close races to bogus up the election. 

Check Out The Kind Of Sickos We Are Dealing With--NSA Official Beats His 3 Year Old Adopted Son To Death! And they want to Run the planet? Hah
by Watchman,  Rumormill News Reading Room
February 27, 2014

Remember all the war vets that the .gov called mentally ill? Well, I guess it don't happen if you work for them....only if they are homeless... 

This retarded POS should have the life beaten out of him with a logging chain... 


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